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Zantonny (EUW)
: Do I beat it?
hahah, what a patiance to wait so long :D
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: Hi Plat, I'm Zen, this could happen due to dubious MMR from either You, or the Silver. Sometimes this happens.
Hes mmr is gold3, mine plat4, i understand when we que, we are placed with similar mmr`s everyone, maybe thats why, i just thought they wont place silver with plat even hes mmr is bit higher, iguess then not, noticed kid of stuff first time :) Thanks for reply though
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launch3r (EUNE)
: ok atleast i know im not alone like that. will start a game now, and reply if its working or not
Eitutis (EUNE)
: I can confirm, can no longer start a game, I can login but whenever I try to start game I get black screen and says Failed to connect..
ok atleast i know im not alone like that. will start a game now, and reply if its working or not
launch3r (EUNE)
: internet working, black screen on loading
i`m asking to delete this game for my team i tried to connect atleast 15times, its riots sided bug, so please make actions
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: They're aware. That's why there's a message up about it.
oh lol, didnt saw that :D
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launch3r (EUNE)
: Impossible long queue time
found a game, 27min waiting
Anraton (EUW)
: well .. i expect you know how the queue system works in general? (i expect you didn't queue as support?) and (sorry only a theretical point here) i expect that there is a division limit of .. about 5 from top player to lowest player per team... you not only have to find 10 people to get the game running but they have to be "close enough together" to be a valid match.
Well yesterday i played 3games with already ranked friend, and game was found in seconds, i guess then there is not so many unranked people looking for game. But he told me that if i will play with him i could end up with hes rank group(bronze 3) and i should try to play my last 7 games alone so i can maybe get higher rank. I dont really care about geting higher then bronze because im just a begginer :)
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Jabbaz Jr (EUW)
: Really long queue time for match..
I`m looking inf forums about the same thing. Just got 30lvl and trying to fnd ranked for about 45min now, nothing...


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