Fang (EUNE)
: I'll try a little later to see if it's more smooth there. :P Your other videos are fine though, it's just that one that appears a little edgy / rough!
thanks but it's not my video,it's my friend's :P
Fang (EUNE)
: Is it just super laggy because I'm using a bad computer, or is that just the way it is? Song is good, idea was good with the lyrics. It just feels like some of the clips were played with 10 FPS. ** It's the zoom transitioning in particular
i think that's your computer to blame,it appears to be a little big laggy at some points,but definately not 10 fps and not super laggy,try watching it from your phone to figure out whether it's the computer,the video, or you are just used to really high quality videos :p
Skere (EUW)
: Uberdanger is disgusting, please don't mention that guy, he is not very accepted in the community
am really sorry if the title upsets you,but i clearly meant his editing,not him as person or as a youtuber.Clearly his editing which in my opinion is really good
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