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: BA Skins ?
: First yum I gameplay
thats why there is an irelia image!
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: It isn’t riots fault... it’s a reset what do you think that means. The system is designed to stabilise your MMR over a long period so that you get where you need to be... with the reset you need to work to get your MMR back where it needs to. So if you are gaining less lp than you loose that’s because your MMR is too low, and as you play that will change. I haven’t changed anything, just elaborated on a point,
: Because they’ve done a reset, so everyone’s MMR has been changed and it will take a few days for the MMR to settle where it should be... so people will get weird lp gains while the MMR settles So I do know, you’ve just completely ignored the change riot just implemented
"It’s fixing MMR, if you still don’t get much lp that means your MMR is still too low. That ain’t riot’s fault, it’s how the system is meant to work" thats nice that you completely changed what you just said on your first comment.
: Doesn’t mean that it is a problem... remember the reason for the reset was because MMR was messed up, placements put the MMR too high placing people where they don’t belong then they overcompensated and made MMR too low. So even with the soft reset people aren’t gonna be where they are supposed to and MMR needs some time to properly calibrate... hence these lp gains. It’s not unusual or bad... especially considering during the actual issue you’d loose 20 and gain 9... 20 and 15 is just normal MMR
if you dont know dont talk. riot nerfed the mmr really badly to take people that do not need to be there faster. and it isnt fixed,
: > [{quoted}](name=letsfeedtogether,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=W0m5Irv7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-22T10:29:56.166+0000) > > actually it is. a lot of people have the same problem youtubers 2. Are youtubers not people? Shieeeeeeeeeeeeet
i didnt say that. its just that is easier to see what youtubers experience for proof.
: It’s fixing MMR, if you still don’t get much lp that means your MMR is still too low. That ain’t riot’s fault, it’s how the system is meant to work
actually it is. a lot of people have the same problem youtubers 2.
: That seems weird Can we get some updates whether this got resolved or not and what the conclusion was?
well. it actually happened. they said they will take the rp and give the skin .-.
: That seems weird Can we get some updates whether this got resolved or not and what the conclusion was?
they told me it was a human error i wish they will just tell me "we will give you the skin for the rp but its like 0.0001% chance xd but i can hope
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi letsfeedtogether, The end date was 20th March at 8am UTC, not 22nd :-( Can you advise which ticket you were told 22nd on? rip. i just got some rp to get the kayle skins 2 *-* edit : i got a reply from a support agent on a ticket i opened. 2 bad wont have the skins oh well /; Another edit : i changed the post after getting another reply
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: Why can't i place control wards in both bushes? (midlane)
you can only have 1 control ward at ones. do not buy them if youre behind (in laning faze). if you do they will just take it and will be ahead in 105 gold (you used 75 and they got 30) do not put control wards in these bushes. there are better spots. like the pixle bush it will help your jungler and your self a lot. there are a lot of places.
: New skin for Veigar
anti-guardian Veigar is something i wanna see
Lari (EUNE)
: U forgot to change this Riot
its always like that. it will be changed soon
Ceta (EUW)
: im still in game guess what is happening lol
idk. youre feeding?
Ceta (EUW)
: wow riot
FearFactor (EUNE)
: Brand Skin
no one knows. but next patch
CeFi99 (EUNE)
: How to use Rek'sai ult??
how is her ult useless? plz learn about a champ before you play it.
: Being high Rank doesn't make you a god.
youre right, there's a dia 4-2 streamer that always make low elo players feel like they're useless and stupid. (when he's on a smurf) i find it stupid. he isnt even high elo
: bad team
The only common denominator is you
: Did climbing out of low elo get harder or something
not for me. not at all. its so easy now
: Is Ezreal AP mid still viable for ranked matches?
he never was. i find it a really bad pick for mid lane.
Your Otter (EUNE)
: I have been told at Riot Support that we can open a ticket and try to manually refund some stuff that expired during the issue. Although, you should take a screenshot of things you have in there, in case they want proof. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} **EDIT: Open the ticket after the issue gets fixed.**
Eambo (EUW)
: Unfortunately due to the issue involved, we will require platform downtime to resolve. As you can imagine, taking the game down for a relatively small issue (compared to the overall game experience) isn't something we want to do, so this issue will most likely be fixed either next week during our hardware maintenance window if we are performing downtime, or with the next patch.
what do you mean next week?? everybody got it 3 days ago and we get it a week later? its like transfers all over again a lot of people will have the think they want to refund gone by then.
Your Otter (EUNE)
: Refund tokens
: and when is the early sale gonna come out?
: High Noon Lucian
No. the border is a one time offer
: It has been 3 years since Vel'Koz got a skin.
Kravixxen (EUNE)
: Ivern's bush ability and Daisy
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NeιR (EUW)
: Prestige Firecracker Vayne + Firecracker Vayne Border
: Shut down was always a part of the game. and winning lane through farm has the same effect as killing your opponent multiple times. I don't see the problem? Doesn't matter how you earned your gold, you got fed with skill. and now you are a shut down. seems normal to me.
Shut down cuz you know how to CS wasent.
in10city (EUNE)
: Looking for duo AD
2 bad i am silver x i need to play more but i never get to it
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: About Ashe's and Lux's skins
100% cosmic ashe, the best skin with pink chroma. amazing. the lux skin buy maybe star guardian (pajama is better for lux tbh)
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Just opened 4 Free Hextech Chests and got KDA Evelynn and a Gemstone :D i got all of this after winning the riot mort giveaway for 2000 rp. so i got all this skins for FREE i had a really good day xd 4 bags and 7 orbs was fun on every one of them i got 2 skins and in 1 gemstone xd
Nhirê (EUW)
: and yet i already got to diamond on a smurf... stop complaining and git gut
100% not an 8 years old kid right here.
Lari (EUNE)
: when is the rework of morgana live?
What do you mean live? Its not even on the pbe
deeduck (EUW)
: Karthus Ult, why should it be changed?
> [{quoted}](name=deeduck,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bVMVx7yi,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-08T22:08:26.967+0000) > > Karthus ult - unavoidable {{item:3157}} {{item:2419}} {{item:3814}} But for real. His ult didng make you mad until now didnt it? It does now just cuz he does a lot of damage. His ult is fine. Its the runes. He is here for a long time anf until DH had little to no play rate. So stop.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Whe is the new loading screen coming?
: Dude, you play BOT game FKING BOT GAMES. :D Idk if you missed the part where I said that you play bot games but you have 0 experience with the game. Of course, you should not be posting about game changes when the majority of these changes are centred around ranked.
did you ever think its not him main account?
: YOU LITERALLY PLAY BOT GAMES ARE YOU KIDDING ME. people that don't play ranked should never post on a "champions and gameplay" board. Jesus Christ If I was forced to play bot and ARAM games I would want to blow my own brains out. Please don't ever talk about balance changes on the boards you literally don't even play the game.
"people that don't play ranked should never post on a "champions and gameplay" board." why? you know most players do not even play ranked right
: Patch hasn't even landed and people are already complaining about it... Also, assassins are supposed to be able to 100-0 squishy targets. It's their job. It's also why ADCs get paired up with supports.
its like every new champ
TexeyySRB (EUNE)
: why riot :(
bro, i had 0/20 in my game and you're mad about 0/5?
: She won't lose to everyone, silly. She still has her stealth except towers now hit her. She also gets tons of healing from Ravenous Hunter + Gunblade. Prior to this she was a braindead champ who was VERY safe to play atop her mobility. Now she's still an amazing pick minus those toxic elements which often made her unplayable to begin with.
she cannot win lane AT ALL now. and she dosent scale really good. for real no good time in the game
if you want to use a R.I.P champ they will lose to EVERY one in EVERY game? even {{champion:427}} mid? sure
: Do you call this hit? lol, ok let me ask you an example, if i come to u in real life and hit u near your head from the left side, will ur right side feel pain more than left side ? if yes then ok it hit.
i do. cuz look at the hit box
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