: Will there ever be a system for reporting inside the lobby
It's more the part where the troll gets away with no punishment that i'm annoyed about. I'm not so mad about the -3LP or the 30min wait. I'm just asking why it's not implemented and if it ever will be.
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markos1970 (EUNE)
Imo beasthunter is bad bcs its a 750 skin and between them its primetime you just get more animations and a voice over which makes it soo worth it
: I have my Lunar Revel shop opened right now, i live in Slovenia and play on the EUNE server. It's 17:35 at the moment http://prntscr.com/9vzpv2
Okay well is it just me or is that link a phishing link? O.o{{summoner:21}}


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