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Lleajy (EUW)
: Dodging only make you lose lp and promo games. Being demoted from sV is extremely hard. I know one guy that managed to do so though.
Playing with ekko bot, teemo jg and garen support makes you lose games. Better dodge sometimes.
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Fajerk (EUW)
: You are apparently misunderstanding how things works but I'm not going to argue.
Nope, I'm only sticking to Riot rules, and how they want me to play this game. But apparently it seems they don't care about their own rules and ban people for being fake reported. I mean their own employees are toxic, and they should lead by example. Take a look on the thread about Riot employee flaming Tyler1.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Maybe if you did not write poem about muting someone but actually muted them, well you might be doing better. Also have you considered you maybe talk a bit too much about nothing?
Muting someone is considered as a last option. Riot clearly said it when introducing mute button. Chat is a useful tool that can help you in games, and lot of your toxic teammates can actually make a good strategy in chat or tell you important stuff in chat. I only mute people when they cross the line and don't say anything smart. That's the way Riot Games intended the button to be used as, and that's what their rules are pointing at. I was clearly taunted by the toxic player, and that is considered bannable. Clearly said in the Summoners code, but I doubt any of you read it. :)
Ìxeas (EUW)
: First of all, why did you have a full conversation in a fast paced game? Second of all, yeah, it was quite toxic in some moments.
Was it far below the community standards as my ticket is saying? :) I get "STFU" in 80% of my games on EUNE. I get "%%%" in 40% of the games on EUNE. I get "kurwa cyka blyat" and other shit in 40% of the games on EUNE. Saying that on NA would get you banned, but here it seems nobody cares, because the community is so salty.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: >lol y u feed: HHAHAHAH JEBEM TI MATER PO SRED BPIZDE CUPAVE Maybe for saying that you <censorship> his mother? I can't understand the rest part, but I guess it was also toxic. If you're victim, mute him and then report after the games ends. If you are also flaming, then you're on the same boat as him.
Yes it means that but why would I laugh then? It's clearly not directed to any of them. It's cussing in Serbian, yes, but it can mean a lot of things, it can be even considered as a joke. Man these logs should have a timestamp or show what other people are saying lol
: Honestly, if you get frustrated by someone, just mute the problematic person and play along. Otherwise it's really frustrating when people ping all over the map and tell you what to do. Personally I wouldn't have reported you for this, but I would have muted you for sure. In my eyes, leadership and teamwork is NOT micromanaging your random teammates and make them play they way you would like them to. I don't think it's about being right or wrong, it's rather about how you communicate it and this way I'm pretty sure you would rather alienate your teammates.
You're right for the most part, only I think that chat is a very useful tool since we don't have voice chat. Therefor I avoid muting someone because they might actually say something smart which can win us the game. Muting someone is considered as last option when they already stepped over the line too much and don't type anything helpful.
: The whole chat trail is pritty dishonerable m8, please try to imagine your the other person that receives these comments. If you wan't to help your team8tes try to approach them in a different way not headon. Let me give you an example. -------------------------- You thought your mid laner was "feeding". Instead of using the word feeding (witch is very negative) use different words and try to comfort your teamm8. Here is an example: lol y u feed: ITS STILL NOT 120 lol y u feed: THATS THE POINT lol y u feed: USE IT MORE OFTEN lol y u feed: STOP FEED MID lol y u feed: NEITHER AM I lol y u feed: NO IM GETTING OUTPLAYED lol y u feed: IM NOT FEEDING There are a couple of things wrong with this part. First of all your typing in caps. Second your putting yourself above the other player by saying i am better then you so i know better. What you could have done is assess the situation. Figure out what needs to be done to help your laner. As an example ask jungler to focus on mid and ignore your lane for a while. Ward mid, roam mid etc. You chat could have looked someting like this. **Mid dies again** lol y u feed: Mid your laner is getting pritty strong. Play save m8, let jungler help you out lol y u feed: Jungler could you focus a bit on the mid lane? **Mid dies again** lol y u feed: Mid you laner is getting pritty storng , play save m8 lol y u feed: Try to get some vision in the bush on the river. Pink the left side, ill pink the right Saying that someone feeds is not going to improve there play magically. Offering solutions without insulting the other is way way more effective. And you wont lose the teamspirit. If someone dies allot he/she is not feeling comfortable, if you flame at them you will get a defensive attitude back. Its very simple bit not many players realize it. Note: This is something thats not only applicable in games, but in real life as well.
Next time please read the whole log. My midlaner wasn't feeding, she was accusing me for feeding and spamming "BOT FEED BOT FEED BOT STOP FEED", and I've replied to her "MID STOP FEED" as a joke because she was 4/0 at the time. I clearly said her and Zed were chasing kills through jungle and not taking objectives, therefor throwing us the game. I told her I took 2 towers and she didn't take one to point out that my death count, which was higher than her, doesn't matter as long as I take the objective. Also I've told her that I'm not feeding, I'm getting outplayed because they are better than me. Started typing in caps cause they spammed chat and wouldn't listen. 120 cd was the comment on Thresh responding that his hook is not on 8 seconds cooldown rather on 12. I get what you're saying, but I did NOT do that. I clearly avoided being toxic and accusing my team for everything, which is what the "fed" Lux did the whole game, later the toxic Lux reported me and I got the punishment for being the victim.
: Listen. I used to try and argue like you. I have 9 banned accounts. Trust me its not worth it, youll never win. Its their game, they make the rules and you cant change them. Just stop typing paragraphs, its wasting your own time, and stop telling people how to play and what to do and to "spam the hook" whatever the %%%% that means and just focus on self improvement. If someone flames you it doesnt give you allowance to flame them back. If that was the case, I wouldnt have 9 perm banned accounts. Want to listen? Good, hope you improve Dont want to listen? Good luck arguing with Riot and the community on why you arent a toxic player.
I'm not even trying to argue with them anymore. This is the last time I'm doing this. I mean they enforce and tell us that we should communicate and cooperate and when you do it, bam you're toxic and telling others what to do. But then again you have a %%%%ing honor option for GREAT LEADERSHIP??? They are going around their own rules and by doing this they make the community even more toxic than it already is. I mean what game has an automated punishment system? Why not check into reports by yourself? Pay people to do it? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: "lol y u feed: stfu pls lol y u feed: youre tilting me lol y u feed: dont talk lol y u feed: muted" "lol y u feed: HIT THE %%%%ING TOWER lol y u feed: OMFG lol y u feed: NOW DIE lol y u feed: JESUS %%%%ING CHRIST lol y u feed: HIT THE TOWER" Pretty fair ban my dude; and take it from me, don't flame back at someone who is flaming you. Mute them and play the game; Don't think that the "But he flamed me first" excuse gets you scott free. In your previous comment you asked how it was fair; you were full caps flaming someone. need I say more? And yes people who says that "your mother is a whore and you should hang" they are toxic and will get their punishment soon enough. And sorry to burst your bubble; you're not doing it right; You may think you are, but sorry, you're flaming.
The first quote is the only thing that got me the punishment I think. You can clearly see I informed the person that it's affecting me, I'm getting tilted. The 2nd quote makes no sense. I mean I get you, you couldn't know in what situation I've typed that. I was telling them to hit the tower and suicide themselves so they don't give the kill to the enemy (cause they were low). I mean you gotta write full caps when nobody is listening to you. EDIT: Basically if someone flames you and you get affected by it, you're the victim. No, you're toxic. What if I wasn't very clearly minded and when someone on the internet tells me to kill myself I do it because I'm already depressed? Riot needs to understand who is a victim and who is just toxic. By the way, taunting others is also bannable, so why am I getting punished?
Smerk (EUW)
: You can contact support if you want, but punishment is fair, so you will only waste your time.
I will waste my time playing this game for a minute longer. If their plan is to chase away all players they are doing it right. How was my punishment fair? Tell me more. I'm interested how this community thinks. Cause apparently it's ok when someone says to me that my mother is a whore and i should hang myself, but its inappropriate for me to respond to him with "stfu" on that.{{champion:63}}
: Riot member threatening tyler1/flaming him/wishing death on him.
LEAD BY EXAMPLE RIOT! GOOD JOB! And I get a 10 game chat restriction for typing "how am i toxic"
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: Play on the EU West server maybe? The EUNE server has lag, everyone knows that, if you are farther away from there than from EUW, then I think it's normal.
Why does the EUNE server exist then even? Should we all play on Korea, EUW and NA?
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