13lackkk (EUW)
: Last year and a few hours ago on EUNE people had to wait over 1 hour.... i dunno if this is gonna even work did you quit the game or still in champ select??
Im still in champ select, we're hoping they will fix it soon enough...
13lackkk (EUW)
Having the same issue with clash... Please fix !!!
: Riot, please?
I totally agree with you.. I like playing Janna and I think she needs more skins {{champion:17}}
Barty (EUNE)
: Badges/Honor crests - the forgotten achievement
Totally agree... {{champion:17}}
: Samsung White Rengar Skin
Talon Samsung White skin looks like Assassins Creed :D
I agree :D Her new passive is the best, and her Q is nice {{champion:22}} !!!!!!!
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: What champions would you completely remove?
{{champion:53}} {{champion:17}} 100% They are annoying...
lukawarior (EUNE)
: Best CC champion ?
Thank you for answers ! I just wanted to know who is the best and which should i buy...
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