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: Hi. First of all, one thing that is important to understand is that different supports and different builds are used in organised pro play than in solo queue. Generally in pro play, tanky supports like Alistar and Braum are favoured for the crowd control that they bring to teamfights. Also, there are in general less kills in pro games, so levelling is slower and therefore scaling champions will take more time to become relevant. There are several other reasons as well, this is just to give you an idea. Righteous Glory for instance is a team oriented item designed to help chase down and engage on the enemy team. It can work in solo queue, but you do need your team near you and it is more often the case that your solo queue team will be in different parts of the map. Redemption is interesting because it is an Aoe heal that is a core item on many enchanter supports. I wouldnt describe Braum as an enchanter, but in this case the item does work on him because he benefits from the 200 health, health regen and cdr. The mana regen is also nice on him. Locket is like the redemption for tank supports. The active, which shields nearby teammates, increases with your bonus health and tank supports naturally build other health items. Knights vow is an item you build to protect your adc, because it takes some of the damage dealt to them and deals it to you instead. Zekes convergence boosts the damage output of your adc temporarily after you've ulted, if you are close enough in range of your adc. I recommend looking at guides on champions that you want to play, such as those on probuilds. At first, just copy them and try to understand why the items are picked while you play. Some items are good most of the time because of their stats and cost effectiveness, while others may be better in certain situations depending on e.g. How well you use their actives. Some items are better in combination with certain runes, so maybe try a few variations of builds and compare.
Thanks for Your answer.
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Fajerk (EUW)
: Because they need tanks. As it stands now, while there are many carry champions for different roles, you will want at least 2 tanks in your team. Baron is pretty much GG objective, and without having tanks to tank it, enemy could contest it even if they fall behind a lot (read 5k - 10k gold). Beside of that they often provide engage. And majority of pro games go about laning phase>>take outer turrets>>take some inner tower>>bait baron to engage tf>>get baron GG. Also with more "anti-tank" toplaners and more carry junglers, it is harder to play tanks top/jungle. Mid has also very limited options for tank. So it often ends up to the support to play tank. Beside of that, there are certain specific champion combos that are in meta. For example, Ashe, Tahm provides you a lot of global pressure because of their ultimates, while Tahm also covers major Ashe weakness which is her mobility. Or Alistar Kai'Sa is really good because Alistar can set up Kai'Sa passive, while Kai'Sa is broken adc on it's own. A top of that, tank supports are way less vulnerable than enchanters or mages. It team in pro picks Nami or Soraka, you will have lane control, but you can also bet enemy jungler will show up bot multiple times. And it is pretty hard to play "win lane" champion if it goes 0/3 because of ganks. Now I would expect to see more play-making supports at worlds, like Thresh and Pyke, however tank supports are also often solid answer against them.
Thanks for taking time to explain things.
: Mostly cause of the meta. You want a supp that can both protect as well as engage, and braum and ali do very well in that regard. And tahm's w is just a super powerful skill at the competitive level. It's basically impossible to kill a late game adc as long as he has a tahm with w up protecting him.
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