: I always queue for support but still in general i have to wait 2-3 mins before getting a game ;( has always been like this for me
Haven't played in EU W recently, but iirc there also I have very less queue times(same name, same role).
Yes. Few champions have lot of bugs and the client itself seems to be giving lot of errors and disconnection. Wonder if they ever give back LP for such cases.
: Ranked ques time longgggggggg????
Idk, it depends on roles a lot and since I give supp primary, I hardly had queue times over 20 seconds. Even today I guess I got my game in 5-10 seconds.
: Dodge now counts as loss? Wtf?
**Dodging in any promotional series will count as a loss. The series will end if it is the determining loss.** https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751844-Queue-Dodging I guess it was always like this for promos.
: A message to Silver.
Me see supp player write post. Me upvote post.
: What is a good winrate for your main champion?
Idk, imo 50-55% is good, but the more games you play it should get higher especially if you're one tricking. I think Zyra is my main and I have around 46% win rate on her. p.s: I dont get why players downvote your posts {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Tips to save your LP during champion select
Nice. Looking for more tips{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
icarusso (EUW)
: can somebody explain me what is happening right now with flex queue at euw?
Flex is just trollish solo queue and play it only when you're pre of 2,3,5
: What is the absolutely best support of the game?
: Match making is not fair anymore since the new system
Problem here is not the matchmaking(it is a problem indeed,but not for this case), but Solo Queue and Flex queue having separate MMR. The ranks you see in op.gg-Live Game is always the Solo queue ranks and for flex queue rank you need to check it individually on all profiles; _You have a separate MMR in each queue, so you can climb in one queue without it affecting others._ https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752954-Matchmaking-Guide Because Flex is usually played with premades of 2-5, with chill out attitude players don't bother much about it; I have seen even Diamond 3-4 ranked players solo q having low silver rank in flex and because the MMR isn't transferred (how to do it is a problem too) this makes many games in flex unfair.
Aryin (EUW)
: Isnt that unfair? I can be a diamond 1 in solo, and silver in flex, when i go play flex i shouldnt ecounter silver players, because the skill gap is enourmous. But ok, thanks for the info
Yes, not only it is unfair it is totally not fun to be in a matchup like that. Problem is how to solve it. Direct rating/rank transfer? Soft reset of one rating to other? Which queue should be chosen as base? Can both queues have end of season rewards?
Aryin (EUW)
: Matchmaking in Ranked Flex games
Yes, MMR for each queue is different. It is made like this so that players can play and climb in different queues without affecting their rank in other queues. imo, Solo/Duo is bit more competitive and Flex is for playing(chilling) with friends. _You have a separate MMR in each queue, so you can climb in one queue without it affecting others._ https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752954-Matchmaking-Guide
: When Riot wants me to get demoted
It is problem with matchmaking: being more inclined towards giving faster games and less towards fairer games. Especially for supp I think queues are very short and for a team reliant role fairer games are far better. Matchmaking is done based on MMR and sometimes g4 can be playing against b1, as long as their MMR and team average MMR are nearby. Just play the game and if possible play with ADC or jg as duo.
: There's no way to create system that will work the way you want. And saying "They should be able to figure it out" is just ignorance. So you are one of those people that don't understand that artist have nothing to do with programers. Not to mention skins are only way they get money to pay for a lot of things.
Some metrics like kill participation or damage to champs and objectives can be added, but it will make everyone to game the play. And a player who performs badly according to the metrics, can actually make a game changing move and even though his play was the turning point of the game which lead to the victory, he will punished under this system.
: like i beg help me i will go nuts if i dont get some advice please guys for the sake of my sanity
I am not a good player myself, but let me add my points: I see that you're playing adc and a good thing to do is duo with support or a jungler. While playing, write only these things "gj, ward here, gank soon, mb,gg" and never flame; use pings a lot and this is good if you're playing solo. Basic and the most important thing is that you can't win all games and you can't get good team mates all games; there will be afk/trolls/feeders and this affects the entire team. Stop bothering with them and just play the game; imo, writing a lot takes valuable time which could be used effectively for farming/tracking opponents/planning for an objective,.... For champions, while I agree that Twitch, Vayne, Draven are all good and have great carry potential-I will suggest you to take easy to play champions-Jinx, Ashe, Miss fortune,Caitlyn, Sivir,..and with good cs score, you can concentrate on objectives more (turret, drake in first 10-15 mins+cs/kill advantage) and try for rift herald. Many players in silver/bronze just ignore it and it is really useful to get extra gold. I hardly see you pushing for a turret or a drake from your profile and you seem to be always going for the kills/farming. Because you've damage, you should always try to look for opportunities. Also, while your late game is good-your early game seems to be weak; maybe you're dying to ganks or trying to go for a kill when twitch's early game is weaker. As a supp main, my simple advice is to learn wave management and dont push blindly; though it is hard for adc to carry games in low elo, but if you co-operate with your team, instead of flaming/fighting with them-they will help you and you can carry. Gl and hf.
: Show more Respect for Support role
While I agree that sometimes players disrespect support (one who can literally see map every 2-3 seconds) players' pings (atleast it happens to me a lot) and doesn't help with warding/clearing wards, automatic honor kind of stuff is just bad idea. Support's role is to do everything they can to help the team (don't ask how I shield adc with Zyra :P ) and I have many games where adcs literally flame me for their mistakes early game, then honor me at the end-because they know that I don't ks, I protect them(atleast with pings) and sometimes I die in their place. General mindset is to honor the player(s) who makes a game changing move, which mostly happens to be kills (getting a double to penta) and sometimes happens to be the life-saving moves or asking for baron.
xAG Rewd (EUW)
: Teammates shouldn't be able to ban another teammates
I think the general rule is to have 1 or 2 roles with 2-3 Champs for each role and I agree it can be frustrating when team mate bans the champion one wants to play, but if it was not intentional players should just move to the next champ pick or if they don't want to play simply dodge. Instead, many of these players go troll and spoil the game. I play supp and sometimes I actually ban ADC or other lane champion if I find that my team mate has a poor cs, kDa, win rate on that champ. If they have like 1 or 2 games on the champ, it simply means that they're trying a new champ and like many I don't like that. Second thing is sometimes I simply ban champs like morde if my team isn't picking and banning.
: Ping spikes and ping value is higher than usual by 100
: As an adc, how do you handle team-mates that have fallen behind ?
I play support and from my experience, it is irritating when my ADC gets ahead and solo laners feed, because as soon as the fed opponent comes in range they just kill ADC and then me. So, from this, I will say that as an adc who is ahead, the safety and positioning is important as soon as the laning ends. Even if opponents are not fed, solo laners are usually 1 or 2 levels ahead unless ADC is super fed and can kill ADC easily. By safety i mean, never going alone and pushing blindly, never checking bushes, never over-staying -especially when there is no vision, building according to opponents and not always building recommended items. Major problem i face in my elo is, ADC player always solo pushing , when I am in base or controlling vision around objective, only to die and then waste time in flaming me, why I wasn't not with them. Farm is important for ADC, but they should always stick with team and play for objectives. By positioning, I mean, never being the front line or never fighting in melee range. I often find ADC players playing like they're going to 100-0 a nasus and stand directly next to him to receive his Q. This also means that the team isn't forming a front line, but that is mistake of other roles (including mage supp like me). _Tldr_: you either die early dealing no damage or live long enough to kill most, if not all of the opponents.
Asura (EUNE)
: Play full AP supports if you want a faster climb. Win the lane with damage, and then transition basically into a mid lane mage. I feel like learning Vel'Koz support might be the best option for you. He is extremely scary in the right hands, and can carry games pretty hard. You can try this guy's runes and builds: https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=Boger I played with and against him twice yesterday, and he seemed pretty good. Also, don't be afraid to take farm after the laning phase.
Thanks; yes, Velkoz seems really safe and does lots of damage. Learning him and how to use E especially.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: there are 3 champions in your champion pool that you shouldn't play if you want to climb that includes your zyra play her in normals if you just like playing her but she isn't helping you climb and based on stats nobody can help you climbing with support is the hardest thing in low elos and gets easier the higher you go since utility becomes more and more valued over damage a 3s root from neeko doesn't help when your adc doesn't know that you rooted the target for 3s but you killing their adc alone or pulling them in your adcs face so that he can't even try to not press his buttons towards him is more valued ie hook champions and mages are pretty good play naut/lux/morg and forget about the others
I was Morgana main , playing lux often and learning naut now. I like Zyra as she can root multiple opponents with E and she can actually do the damage herself; Neeko is same too-but yes, their lack of shield actually doesn't work well adcs who don't play safe and gets caught often. I started with Morgana because of her Black shield, but with passive adcs without bindings she does really less damage and this lets opponents to poke a lot.
Jayzzz007 (EUW)
: Hey! I started playing just recently, so was looking for such videos too. Two channels I discovered and found useful so far: https://www.youtube.com/user/foxdropLoL (mostly videos for Junglers but also some other tips) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVE502m2LAo4TVMNiQwsBTQ (I thought laning mistakes series are pretty nice) Btw, LEC recently started making video guides from pro players, those are worth checking as well imo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BV39I1NyWaQ&t=222s Hope it helps you!
: What happened to getting an elo for every single role?
It looks like good idea, but I think easy to abuse. Seems they implemented in Na and Kr, but then dropped it due to players abusing the loopholes in it.
: So yeah about ranked being unballanced?
Flex you can play as premades of 2,3,5 and it doesn't always match premade teams with premade teams. While it is an advantage for the premades as they can co-op well and disadvantages for team with no pre, this can't be avoided; if not the queue times will be longer and well as always getting a game faster is more important.
: ***
Wait| don't you actually see this? _FullMonsterGarou: get cancer man u got 2000 damage done by now on enemy_
: Dynamic extra LP in ranked games.
It is easy to manipulate and wont work because players will all try to game the plays.
: another discussion about "ez"
: I would like everyone to stop saying EZ
: You can only see your rank (e.g. bronze 1), but not MMR (just a number, e.g. 1715). Matchmaking is based on MMR and not your rank. There is no way to know what your MMR is, and OP's i assume is around silver, and those iron players are smurfs, and gold players are bought/previously boosted players (you can not drop from gold to silver, no matter how many games you lose). You should not pay attention to rank at all, since it 100% does **NOT** represent skill, or what players a person is matched with.
While I agree with iron smurfs and gold boosted players/accounts being bought, players who don't smurf or boost or buy accounts are the majority imo and for them rank is a good visible metric of their skill. Matchmaking is bad because it considers team average MMR and it can clearly lead to situations like gold 4 vs silver 4 on one role and bronze 1 vs silver 1 on another role; this becomes extremely problematic if both this occurs in bot lane. Rank can't represent skill 100%, but it can represent like 60%; because it is a cumulative result of games played, the is a clear skill difference between normal players even in same dividing, different tiers.
: The most important rule in League.
Most important rule is you ban {{champion:157}} :) Not because of fear of opponent picking him, but the fear of team mate picking him. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Congratulations on making it into Silver. I could just say everything under Diamond 1 is hot garbage and while I wouldn't be wrong I want to give a fair comparison of each rank from my personal experience smurfing in each up to Diamond 3. **Iron - Bronze**: No notable difference apart from Iron players are generally just new players levelling up for the first time being placed into Iron at the end of their placements, whereas people who have been stuck in Bronze for multiple seasons generally have an underlying issue with their gameplay. **Bronze - Silver**: I'd say Bronze 4 - Silver 4 are the same, once you get to Silver 3 - Silver 1 people will start improving on basic things like cs, mechanics and item paths. I think Silver players have the worst attitude though and will generally flame everyone on their team as soon as the score gets to 0 - 3 in the first 5 mins. It's actually quite difficult to climb in this elo even for a smurf, just because the environment is so negative and there are many trolls, inters and AFK'ers. **Silver - Gold**: Silver 3 - Gold 4 are the same again, with Gold 4 hosting a lot of boosted Silver and Bronze players for those sweet end-of-season rewards. Gold 3 - Gold 1 players are once again improving on the basics as well as getting better at understanding champion kits and what they do, in order to outplay an opponent. People start to look at the minimap much more and ward better during the early game but still get caught throughout the mid game. There are still people who will flame you for 'KS' and get really salty, generally those people are the ones who are hardstuck. Macro play is still non-existent outside laning phase and once you get past 20 mins every game is decided by a coinflip. Despite this Gold players have the best attitude while playing of any elo below D1. They play to win and are usually supportive of their teammates, and acknowledge their mistakes. Smurfing in this elo is a very enjoyable experience for me and the quality of games is much better than that of Platinum. **Gold - Platinum**: I would say Gold 1 - Platinum 4 actually have small differences, since most people who can get through Platinum promos the first time can do it again. However, if you are Gold 1 and you have the right mindset, getting to Platinum is just a matter of grinding out games. Platinum players generally have pretty inflated ego's since they know they are starting to get really good mechanically, which holds them back from climbing as they tend to overlook their mistakes and won't improve. Platinum 4 - 1 are basically all the same and there is very little difference between divisions in this elo. Once again, if you are Platinum 4 and haven't been hardstuck then getting to Diamond 4 is nothing but a grind. **Platinum - Diamond**: Diamond 4 has the worst reputation among the fourth divisions just because of the amount of boosted players. I would argue Platinum 1 actually has better players than Diamond 4. In Platinum people's mechanical skills are starting to taper off and games are decided by which team misplays their macro, basically a Silver game but people are much better at their champions. Whereas in Diamond 3+ the macro is there throughout the whole game, and once a team gets a lead they will win more often than not, unlike in lower elos where comebacks happen all the time no matter the lead. Platinum players understand early-game macro well such as rotations and back timings but transitioning from mid-late game is still difficult. I think once this is understood alongside solid mechanics Diamond 3+ is achievable. I hope this gives you some insight on what to expect during your climb.
Nice. I don't think it is an attitude problem with silver players; those who are new( like me ) try to adapt, while those who are in silver for many seasons find it difficult to change.
: gaining 18 lp at a win
How much you lose? Imo, your LP gain/loss is calculated based on your MMR rating and average ratings of the two teams. If your lose less and gain more, your MMR is increasing and it may take time because you've lot of ranked games. If you keep winning a lot, the LP gain will increase.
: What do you think about Veigar E?
{{item:3140}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3222}} {{summoner:1}} {{item:3111}} And {{champion:25}} can all really make veigar's game bad.
Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: You %%%%ing matchmaking and system disgusts me
Matchmaking is probably aimed at only giving games faster and less concerned about fairer games; secondly you will get bad players when you're in promos or near it because it is the way to force players to play more games than just letting good players climb. Third, they should just have a better matching system which may take longer time, but should motivate and help players who perform good for their role.
: Ranked matchmaking is severely unbalanced
It is because matchmaking is based on MMR-matchmaking rating and it increases/decreases with win/loss. Ranks, although I agree don't represent skill to some extent, actually is a good visible metric for skill. This unfair matchings happen because matchmaking is probably more concerned with giving a faster game and less/not at all concerned about fairer games. This not only makes climbing very slow, but also makes games demotivating and not fun at all. There should be two options-current system for faster games, better matchmaking system for fairer games.
Skenoj (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=maayonmaayan,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=oAAx9TVt,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-07-07T15:42:44.870+0000) > > I am not a good player myself, but let me add some points: > * I don't see you or your team taking herald; you can even solo it when opponents are away and it is a must take objective. > > * You seem to die more times early and I guess it is either due to early ganks or too much aggressive play. Try to atleast stop the opponent top laner getting fed. > > * Use your tp to help bot lane, especially when opponent didn't have tp. Even if you don't get kills, you can get drake. > > * Play easy to play champs and focus more on macro; split push, group, have good vision control and play for objectives. > > * Imo you're buying boots late. > > Top lane can solo carry games in low elo and that's why you should be always even or ahead of your opponent. In my view, your cs is better, and if you play little safer early game, you can get a good cs lead and then you can get kills+objectives in mid-late game. yea im getting gank all the time my jungle gank like 2 times in 20min in a game, so i cant really be that good top and cant really push it without 2/3 items
Either play with a duo who plays jg or just play with mindset of you have no jungler and you have to play 1v2 if you push without tracking the opponent jungler. Also get better at freezing the wave in a sweet spot(preferrably closer to your turret) when you don't have ward and info on opponent jg, so that even with a surprise gank-you can escape easily.
: teammates
Often you can find players from the discord server. Commonly from games you play and rarely from boards.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Man you are very unusual case. It seems you are smart, and you are really trying, so I will stop insisting on my ideas, and instead I will do what you ask me. Support specific advise...about items... Lets pick your Zyra. Summoners are Flash and ignite, you are doing it right. Skill order, Q W E, max Q, max E, again you are ok. First of all... {{item:3020}} is a must. No mercs, no ninja. Maybe mobility... I pick it 1 in 20 matches. Reason for this is that magic penetration gives zyra damage. There is not a single item, that will be of better use, than this. Build it every game. Second build: {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3165}} Do not build hourglass, hextech, defensive, utility or any other stuff you usually build. I cannot give you order, you need to see what works best for you. This will come as shock to your playstyle. I see that you run with 70-80 armor and magic resist... With this you will be much squishier but 10 times more effective. You will be able to take fewer hits before you die. You will have to adapt to this. Try this, stick to your most played champion, and we will talk again later.
Nice. Ya, ik it is bit bad to go for zhonyas but only when I go in(like a tank supp) and take all aggro I can get my team to get the kills; also I ward alone, even if I use oracle, abilities it is sometimes difficult without zhonya. Maybe I should change the build and aim at damage and not survivability.
: When I think about tanky supports, I think about these: {{champion:12}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:44}} Also, you can use {{champion:78}} if you're good with her I hope this helps {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
{{champion:412}} can be tanky too; hard to learn and master, probably best overall supp.
: Why are all games so luck based?
Initial levels are like this and because all are new, they don't know the lanes and roles. I too was like that at start, pick a random champion, go to a lane I like and just throw abilities on any opponent that i see. keep playing and level up and ya, draft pick is better because you get to give your lane preferences. usually you will get it and it will be 1v1-but be careful of the jungle role ganking your lane and sometimes other laners ganking your lane; gank-surprise attack on you from your non-lane opponent.
: "lowest" is a bit of an exaggeration, but IIRC Riot did indeed tweak it a bit to the lower queue time side a few years ago since players didn't like getting 10+ minute queue times at times. The problem with 2 options would be that it would semi-split it into 2 smaller pools and that would mean slower matching for both pools. On EUW, being one of the bigger servers, it might work, but on smaller ones it could be really bad...
I agree, it may be high for other roles, but for supp I get within few seconds and ya, queue times will increase overall if there are two sets of queue; if they had really put some weightage for fairer matchmaking this can be solved. It is hard especially for supp, because they are relying on team. Problem with playing supp is even if one is good (for his/her elo), they can't win unless team is equal/better. Or They should duo with adc.
: > if they lose the following games they stay in iron ~~stay~~ --> get placed in iron Dude, that has nothing to do with the post, obviously you're not gonna find an iron player in gold, but new players are not iron, they count as unranked until they finish their placement games New players who haven't finished their placement, aka unranked players, are placed in low gold high silver matches, that's how it is, just check any gold player's op.gg and you'll see a ton of unranked players in their game, but if you check an iron player's op.gg you probably won't see too many unranked players That's just how it goes
I think due to inflated ratings, new unranked players get into low gold- high bronze elo always and highest rank a fresh account can get is around Silver 2. I think to get to iron elo as fresh account is difficult unless they lose like 10/10 placements.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Ok, lets start with some basic questions. Tell me how often your warding prevents ganks, and how often you are "surprised" when the enemy jungler mid laner comes? Tell me how many of 10 for example, you see. How many times your own jungler succeeds because you cleared their vision? Do you win trades early game against the enemy duo, and feel confident in lane, or you require help from your jungler? Is the enemy adc feeling confident, or he is usually under pressure? Tell me do you roam often early. What part of your kill contribution comes from helping the jungler or the mid laner? Do you take dragons. How many times the enemy jungler took the dragon because lack of vision. How many times the enemy time took the dragon because they overpowered you. And opposite - how many times your team managed to pull this? How much do you push early? How often you get the first turret? Do you get any turret plates early? Do you lose some? Do you stay in lane enough, or you recall frequently? Are you usually higher, lower or the same level as the opponent? If you provide vision, that prevents the ganks, to create safe environment. At the same time if you clear vision and give your jungler advantage in ganks. If you apply constant kill pressure on their carry, so he is under stress and cannot farm safe. If you control the early dragon kills. (and I say control, even just preventing the enemy from taking one is alot...) If you do not stay afk in lane, and roam to aid your other teammates. If your mechanics are ok in trading/all-ins... If you manage to force the enemy team back and take 1-2 plates... its huge lvl and gold advantage early... Those first 10-15 minutes of the game are very important. Are you doing all this? IF yes, we can move on on the next 10 minutes... If no you have a lot to think about.
I ward a lot, but it doesn't prevent ganks-because with or without ward, I try to play safe and ping for careful/danger/fallback when I expect a gank, even before the opponent jg comes in vision of ward-but adc players (80+%) push blindly, neglecting pings. Because I don't have to farm, I seem to get little extra time to watch map and usually least surprised about jg/mid/top lane coming to bot. Problem is again the same, I track, I ping/write in chat-but adcs don't; I try to save them when they don't fall back-but in place of single kill, sometimes it becomes double. I buy more control wards to clear vision/deny vision to opponents and this has almost guarantees a kill when a gank happens from my jg; though it may happen without the 75G spent, I buy it anyway. Winning trades is vague topic because-some players just take no poke champions (vayne, twitch) and don't trade back/punish opponents if they come to aa range. Even if I play naut and if I can't trade full damage back, I make sure to trade some damage back after they poke and this means opponent adc+supp can simply walk straight up to target my adc-while I do what I can, as supp my damage isn't always enough to send them away.Because of no poke and no lane pressure from adc, it ends up asking help from jg mostly. Opponents feels confident that as long as they go for my adc, they can always get a better trade. I try to roam for bot side crab and then to mid (usually when I am level 3-4 and have the biscuit for mana). Problem is as soon I leave the lane, I ping a lot for not to push and guess what my adc pushes blindly 1v2. I don't take drakes, but generally create pressure for it and always try to keep it warded. Rarely opponents take drake due to lack of vision, but they take it due to overpowering: gank bot, kill adc and with no counter gank-they literally do drake while I am watching; out of like 100 times 2-3 times I stole drake and 4-5 times killed the jungler trying to solo the drake(first drake) and rest of the times I could just spectate. First turret is rarely taken or given by me; on average I make sure we get and give 2-3 plates and I push based on where my and opponent jungler is. I am in lane mostly and on average I am same level as opponents, if not higher level. I provide vision-but it doesn't prevent ganks; even knowing that they're in vision, because adc is not backing they go all in. That is why I keep writing in other posts that adc players literally stand still and auto attack minions and don't even see ping/map. While I constantly apply pressure on the carry, it isn't kill pressure because even with pings my adc doesn't follow my engage or doesn't punish them for coming into our attack ranges. This makes it like, poke/get positive trade 2-3 times and all in on adc-for a kill or spells-even if I am doing damage(say with zyra or brand), I can't kill them if my adc doesn't contribute any poke/trade. I do all this and I check many stats regarding my play on client stats and sites like mobalytics, but one thing I can't improve after my fall from Silver 1 is Comeback _( Measures your ability to consistently play well from behind and make comebacks. We define a comeback as a game where you are behind a certain threshold of gold up to 15 min.) _ <2% and Throw (_ Measures how often you throw games when you are significantly ahead. We define you being ahead of your lane opponent as a set threshold of gold up to 15 minutes in the game._) >90% from the Consistency part. This is why I have been writing regularly on boards about unfair matchings because, whether I do my role good or not, unless there is a good team it doesn't really matter. This is why I am asking for support specific advice, like the upgrade to t3 spellthief item mistake, which can atleast let me be useful in other places and have a better impact: since I already have high vision score and players don't need so much vision in silver, having extra damage(950G worth) is better. Also, when I duo with adc or the 20-% of random adcs who understands does complicated words : "back" or "dont push" or "wait for me" means, most of these answers becomes better and we literally win the lane, take atleast 4 turret plates with few kills, take first two drakes with ease; some games with duo we played and won 3-4 fights of 2v4 (jg+mid/top ganking bot lane) while hardly giving 1 or 2 kills for repeated ganks/camping.
JustClone (EUNE)
: As I tried to explain it few times already... There is huge difference between having a rank, and maintaining a rank... Your partner can be silver 1 currently, and at process of getting higher rank that he can sustain. You are silver 1 currently, and I want to quote here: >"Yes, I do that too. But because I play a lot, I play solo without them and ruin my lp :)" This is both proof that you cannot sustain the rank you have, and the answer to one of your questions, and quote again: >"according to your stupid assumption who is boosting who?" And my advise still remains. Do not search for better partner, so you can climb higher. (as you have been doing with your duo partners, and as many others suggested, for example AzureThunderbird) But focus on gaining game knowledge and make your own mechanics better. This is the right way to play ranked. For the last time. Having a rank, and be able to maintain a rank for long period are completely different things. You should aim for the later, if you consider yourself competent player... I am playing solo support, I know what I am talking...
_This is both proof that you cannot sustain the rank you have_ I lose lp because * ADC who isn't duo runs down feeding, even if I am pinging not to push or facecheck a bush. * ADC who isn't duo doesn't understand basics; like there are few who actually ping me not to do relic shield quest and don't know it gives them gold. * ADC who isn't duo literally don't cooperate. * ADC who isn't duo neglects any ping from me-engage, disengage or danger (ganks). Like i say, unlike other roles support is dependent on team and how a support climbs depends on how good a team is; it is foolish to say stuff like some other role boosts support. It you play solo supp and know what you're talking, give support specific advice; like "don't buy t3 item-it is inefficient" or "don't play x champ-they don't have utility". If you don't know such things, first understand the game, know what is what and then reply.
: Trial Games - before ranked!!!
Players see someone playing a champ good in game or stream or yt videos and want to try it directly in ranked; though this can be frustrating as they maybe performing poorly the same can be said for players who have 50+k mastery points and literally are just bad. Though mastery points isn't good enough filter, the player's ranked win ratio+number of games played+average kda+average kp....can be used as filter. https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/vNyw5NBE-how-about-having-a-team-pre-requisite-condition-for-queuing
: Riot should increase the level of being eligible to play ranked because there are literal beginners
https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/vNyw5NBE-how-about-having-a-team-pre-requisite-condition-for-queuing Because MMR based matchmaking is giving unfair games, there should be an option for players to have some conditions for teammates.
: I'm sure there's hidden skill system in mmr riot keeps quiet about...
_Everyone’s MMR starts at the same point when playing a queue for the first time. It goes up when you win, and goes down when you lose_. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752954-Matchmaking-Guide Maybe read it when you get time.
: Is this how ranked games are supposed to be?
Matchmaking is done with aim of lowest queue time and not to give fair games. This means, unfair matchings are mostly common and then speculate that it is due to mmr. Players who feed are not doing it intentionally, but because matchmaking puts them in an unfair match in which they don't even know what to do. There should be two options-one current system with faster queue time and other system for fairer games, with better matchmaking.
Adama (EUW)
: So many people that dodge queues.
I don't usually dodge, but when I do it is because many players' op.gg profiles takes times to update. I always get very low queue time, but I don't dodge with intention of eating others time.
: Can we put an end to botlane meta allready
I think meta is different in different elo and for majority of players who are in and around silver, botlane is weaker now.
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