: Cho gath is too strong
Tbh Cho + Gargoyle hasn't been considered a problem until E was changed. Champion is busted in general, not this specific interaction.
: Prepare to Test: Draft Pick Normals
Please make the champion select quotes hearable by everyone again, or, at the very least, make it an option, so if I don't want to hear other champion's pick quotes, I don't have to.
: Lucian currently 0-11 in EU LCS
Oh, after 2 years people again think that Lucian is weak and useless. Wonder who will be one of the best adc's in upcoming months...
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: So, i saw that Azir nerf on PBE... Let's talk about this
Riot said that they are testing the extreme nerfs first, they will probably tone them down a lot by the time they reach live. Azir is VERY annoying to play against - it's not like someone will miss him after he gets nerfed to the ground.
: I think cho'gath needs a nerf
Long cd's, Q is easy to avoid. Ultimate is very selfish, compared to a Malphite, Azir or Jarvan ultimates it doesn't have a lot of impact (unless you are full AP and near a squishy, which is hard to do considering Cho'Gath's ways of getting to the backline). I suppose you can counter Cho with Gnar or just send a tank top and make toplane a farmfest.
: We need a new item for the brutaliser to build into! After the black cleaver rework currently if you don't run smite there is only 1 item (ghostblade) that builds from the brutaliser. Hard to build a good armour pen build now.
Remember when at the beginning of season 3 Riot introduced seeker's armguard and then said something along the lines of : "In the future, we are going to create new items that build out of seeker's armguard". Two years of waiting, still nothing ^^ The main problem with adc itemization is critical strike chance. If BT was rushed instead of IE, ADC's would have no dmg. But even now, ADC's without aspd steroids need their second item to actually do damage (Caitlyn is the prime example here, she is kinda useless in midgame and relies on getting her shiv/pd asap). The only real alternative to IE -> crit item with aspd is botrk -> crit item with aspd or IE, which is sad. ADC's really need some love with the item changes/reworks.


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