ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: I had same issue in URF i didn't vote YES and it auto voted YES like i vote... I was like WTF IS GOING ON
Wow :/ but for Ranked is way more serious when that happenes.
RazerX (EUW)
: I have a million reasons why duo should remain in effect. But I won't mention all of them so instead I will just name three: 1. It's fun to play with friends 2. You can optimally work together instead of just blundering through the game solo 3. You have at least two people that don't trash talk eachother
Why dont you go play flex then? if you wanna play with friends simple as that.
Infernape (EUW)
: If you have an AFK you're more than likely going to lose the game. While yes, you may have games where you win 4v5, more often than not you lose. If 3 people want to leave a game that is heavily stacked against them, let them.
Ye but if its like that why they just dont do what i say if 1 player doesnt even say yes or no dont surrender if more games are winnable without 1 player thanks.
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Vegito101 (EUNE)
: Please remove duos from solo q and make it solo q
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: Simple answer,No why?,As riot said in a dev video or another way they are working on champions by making changes like reworks buffs and nerfs to make their general winrate towards 50% Graves currently has a wr of 50.42 kayn currently has a wr of 51.07 that said there wont be any nerfs coming to them in the near future.
51 is past 50 :) NERF! xD
: Neeko Ult + Zhonyas Nerf
: you wrote: now that you have armor in runes its clear that ad assassins are bad. You made it seem like that 5-10 armor you can get whipe assassins from the game like they are dealing no dmg to anyone anymore and thats why i made that sarcastic comment. The armor runes maybe affect them in the most little tiny way but dont say that this rune makes ad assassins garbage.
Ye but you forgot that in the start of season 8 in 2018 Riot gave hp and more than +10 armor to some champs already with hpr and hp bonuses i ve also seen them give +25 armor from the base armor they have and to add up that the less your armor is the faster the damage reduction scales so adding 5-10 more armor now AGAIN is really a big deal :) Since when you reach 100 armor which happenes in level 18 on every champ almost without anything for defence the damage of zed with Q would be halved by 50% also his R does 35% of all the damage that he dealt in 3 secs lol plus the armor is way lower damage in total its horribly bad also dont talk to me about building lethality i already do that cause 67 lethality is only -39 armor yeah thanks Riot. I play zed all the time and these days he is a bit pissing me off with his low damage xD its not acceptable to hit all your q and do no damage vs 130 armor jinx or any other adc and the multiple shields they have.. I try with every keystone to do some damage jesus christ and im going 600 AD with 67 lethality and 35% armor pen (MAX LETHALITY ARMOR PEN POSSIBLE) and its eh eh only good if someone dosent build armor :( Also im not a bad zed player 57% winrate in 252 games 2:09 kda in s8 now its 38% well i have little games we will see how it will go. P.S Honestly Zed needs 1 buff.And next time come more studied here to write. :D
sLwOlive (EUW)
: why are bronze pieces of sht carried by even worse iron garbage CONSTANTELY?
: Bronze 4 placements rito
So what i had 10 wins in a row in provisionals and i was silver 1 in season 8 and riot gave me bronze 4 so what? DEAL WITH IT <3
: So I still play vs golds but I gain only 32 mmr. Legit broken system.
Only? lmao i gain 1 XD
Tarolock (EUNE)
: yup, thats the general opinion after dominating the game for 8 seasons then getting some nerfs... if they are so bad then why do every single game have at least 2 of them? and why do they have a dedicated player to save them just so they can go full damage without buying any defensive items?
Daokine (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=callmesteak,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mhjsUQL0,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-12-12T22:20:14.823+0000) > > Hi > > This is obviously a bug since the players you get matched with are much higher. Anyway can you prove that you are dia 2? Looking at your I just can&#x27;t believe it. Since this discussion is about gameplay and your argument is based on your experience in higher elos this is relevant and my downvote will stay until you provide proof. 82% winrate with Lucian in Plat3~ uh gosh what happened there, and I'm not even trying, since I dont waste 1k games till the mmr is equal to the showed rank in preseason where everybody is playing first time sh1t xd Every lose so far hard inting ppl or I just yolo'd (more likely yolo when meeting players like you, which are since about 4000rankeds in gold- low plat and ve 40-45% winrate on their mains, btw.: I play exactly 3 years ... think about it). Nooooo sh1t sherlock it's a "bug" damn srsly? Never would ve expected it! Riot is already aware about the problem, and there are tons of post that smurfs land in iron... you ... are ... just ... too late... Oh damn I got a downvote... o m g holy moly I break in tears now uh mu gud a random duwnvute pluse stup :<
Here is an upvote for ya XD
SixthKill (EUW)
: What are your thoughts on adc?
Not really adc is really broken if you know how to play properly i had 25 kills with jhin vs a tank on top and also Kog maw 19 kills so please stop crying about adc being weak everytrime i see the enemy adc with 20+ kills and you cant touch it as a zed with 58% winrate and 290 games :/
deezpeeps (EUNE)
: Adding ping check to the client
Hey there to check your ping before going into a game you can open cmd on your windows system press win+r on the keyboard this will bring up run then type cmd and press enter, or if you are using windows 10 type on the search cmd or command prompt then when that black box appears type this for the EUNE server ping -t that will ping the server without stopping and actually the ping is off by 3 ms to 4 lower in cmd so in cmd might show 82 for example while normally its 85-86 in game and if you want to stop that from showing the ping either close the command prompt window or press ctrl+c on the keyboard inside that window i hope i helped ^_^
BM Electro (EUNE)
: Then honestly you are doing something wrong because everyone agrees dmg is too high currently in the and tanks aren't strong at all. P.S If you expect to combo a Malphite no rune will help you it's impossible.
Have you seen LL stylish talk with Riot blaustoise about Zeds state? yeah go look that video too as well also ask faker his opinion about zed he will say the same things i say here about zed also ll stylish thanks.
BM Electro (EUNE)
: Then honestly you are doing something wrong because everyone agrees dmg is too high currently in the and tanks aren't strong at all. P.S If you expect to combo a Malphite no rune will help you it's impossible.
Like what? trying to kill the adc is wrong?and he just q me and demolish my hp and i cant even...
BM Electro (EUNE)
: If you are playing Zed and can't kill Malphite that means the game is in an OK state now if you CAN kill Malphite easily as Zed then that means the game is not OK. You wanna kill Malphite or any other tank pretty easy ? take Conqueror A rune designed to make tanks cry.
Roflmao im using conqueror already XDDD
: Lag Spikes this patch?
Have you checked the firewall? or are you in a VDSL connection? if so switch to a gaming mode with your isp so you can no longer get ping spikes its called fasth path and its free and instant reduces -20 ms on games and keeps them without spikes i changed mine to interleaved just to test and it was doing the same thing im using a VDSL connection as well and now that is back to fast path no spikes at all anymore hope that helps. :)
Ehsanelite (EUNE)
: I ban neeko just because i love her accent when she say
I will grow i will...NEEKO! AWW <3 i love that champ so much xD
: I´m about to quit lol..
Im fine thanks for asking buddy i hope you are happy with your decision ^_^
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: League has always been like that. Safe bet in soloQ ? practice a champ that does not rely heavily on team mates doing things right and enjoy soloing the games. Like the other day I was playing {{champion:24}} against {{champion:36}} . We had {{champion:203}} jungle who asked me to help with blue...well obviously I did even tho I tried to explain to her kindred needs sustain from red and should start the fact Mundo is friggin nightmare early and jax needs to get what happens? I go back to lane, meet mr mundo who dings lvl 2 almost instantly when I get my first cs, pushes the advantage and tower dives me lvl 4 because he had the lane earlier. After that I just tilted and played with w/e attitude and mundo freefarmed all game..we ended up winning because kindred farmed enemy support and got really fed but for me, the game was GG right from the start due to a such a tiny "mistake". If I picked some other early juggernaut like darius or garen it would've been fine, so my mistake regardless.
: You search for fun and get overstressed about LP and statistics... if you dont see fun here why then still playing? I dont play rankeds because i enjoy in other modes and they are stress relief, rankeds are all about statistics and serious stuff. If you dont like it then quit, maybe its not for you. What did you expect from us to advice you?
Damn :/ Ok thank you buddy was helpful :)
: Nobody cares about you, if you want to stop play LoL do it nobody will stop you!
Thats not a nice way to answer me tho..
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