mc4life (EUNE)
: Why people play Jhin soo much?
Appears that you dont understand what i mean. I get it why he is fun and popular, soo are all the other champs, but he just doesnt work good for winning games, why do people keep playing him then? Haven't seen jhin carry for months now, actually i think it was even urf game O.o
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: I think is one of the few adc viable right now.Thats why.Most adc are useless at the moment.And because soon {{item:3095}} will be nerfed {{champion:202}} {{champion:51}} will once more fall.And we start to see mages bot more often. But for now until the nerf he is pretty ok.His passive movement speed is very good to kite too.
Worthness of adc depend on players skill level, adc is hardest role to master, but as well as strongest one. Mage meta may come only in hell elo, in middle-low elo adcs are dominant specie.
Kashiro (EUNE)
: For me Jhin shines with a good or at least decent team cover. He does enormous damage, has slow-ward and a snare that requires only a damage from any champion (which is even better on any CC your enemy lands). IMO he falls off in damage only if a fight allows you to fully use your attack speed. Every attack of Jhin seems to count and ADC's (in my games at least) seem to lost their meaning given that most other champions burst them in 2 seconds tops. Props for making only 4 points :]{{champion:202}}
Everyone shines with good team. Adcs are bursted if they are bad players and dont know to position according to all variables (team iq, is there a fed assasin...) pd/dd are more than enough to be able to 1v1 assasin, if ur playing against some creature like kench wits end will do the job. And his e isnt ward, it reveals ppl that stand on it, not wide area. There is enormous diffrence between wards and traps :p
Sefiroz (EUW)
: The duration from PDs movement speed is well within his aa-speed, and all his movement works great with energized items! The movement speed and attack speed from other items are important as well since the increased AD from his passive seem to be applied after item AD(could be wrong though, but that's what it feels like with his high numbers), and that his movement speed on crits scales on attack speed as well which I feel is one of his key points; To move around and re-position himself at all times during combat, i.e. to always plan ahead.
PD does proc perfectly on him, but that means you gotta attack at all times which isnt possible as you have to dodge skillshots. During the time you arent doing really any amount of damage, while other adcs like kalista, vayne, tristana, kaisa and those have dodges/reposition abilities and can kite very well with fast aa animations. Im not saying that jhin is precisely bad, but that everyone else is better rn.
: Doesn't work... Still shows up even after changing my password. Mayby its just a client bug?
Try downloading hextech repair tool, if it doesnt help keep the tool log and send ticket to riot with it attached next to explaining the problem at: Then be patient and you should get answer till next year. just kidding, they answer after 4h-1d
Sefiroz (EUW)
: He gets lots of movement speed and reaches burst damage that few other marksmen do I suppose. I'm also unsure what you mean with the CR items since he himself usually thrives on them a bit more than most marksmen.
He sure does scale his damage from these items, but he doesnt abuse it like kai'sa, ashe, especially twitch, and all other champs. His best build is 4 Ie tbh, he doesnt abuse the on-hit effects like shiv, pd, hurricane, same as add on items like rageblade or anything else. He's got his power level and it doesnt escalate with skill too much. He seems like a weaker cait tbh.
: Well like you said, he has unique mechanics. But the other reason is skill expression. When you make a kill as Jhin, you honestly feel like you planned for it. That's cause you had to plan for it. Other ADC champions need attack speed and damage to be insane killers, but with Jhin, every auto attack you make, you need it to count. You want to make sure your Q's kill every minion to deal the maximum amount of damage to the last target. His W is a long range skill shot that can stun opponents if they've taken damage from you or your allies. His E like a Teemo ult but actually fair, you kill an opponent it causes an explosion, managing to keep your opponent inside the mines range and killing them with it just has that satisfying feeling to it. And the ultimate, if you manage to land all 4 shots, you will feel good abouut your attempt. If you manage to kill an opponent with it, you will feel like a sniper. But if you manage to kill 4 people with that ultimate, you will feel like a sniper elite. Anybody can pick up and play Tristana, no challenge there. Anyone can learn to play Caitlyn cause she is that easy to use. Imagine a Caitlyn and Tristana fighting, the question is who has more damage and speed to win that fight. Not really all that interesting to be honest. But with Jhin, the question is, will Jhin outsmart his opponenent or will his opponent beat him with brute force. While Jhin may have low attack speed, he gets to instead deal more damage with his auto attacks and if youu give him attack speed items, he just turns that attack speed into attack damage instead. And any critical strike he has he will also get more attack damage for it.
His dmg per aa isnt that much more than others adcs, never saw it exceeding 1300dmg(full build and fed+hard wining). Outplaying with him isnt really worth it, as you will get taken down very easily. I know why is he fun, but he isnt right champ for climbing and very rarely works, even rarer carries. Items ARE the way adcs get their power, thats the reason why they have kits that they do. For instance twitch/kaisa/vayne/tristana have very good early game kit, same as late game item adaptive one, they are good if player is good and are very worth playing. With Jhin this isn't scenario, he doesnt get soo op even when very fed, his kit is pretty bad for teamfights: Q often hits minions more than champions, W root isnt very long and is pretty easy to dodge, E is stupidly easy to dodge and is used just as anti-gank measure since it slows down enemy jg trying to gank, and R just makes you very vulnerable and doesnt do much to tanks that soak it up.
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: Session expired?
I think that happens when someone logs into ur account while ur in game, try changing your password
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: But that isn't true? Cassio can't tank entire teams by herself, like most high dmg mages, in fact, high dmg mages are quite squishy to do that, the only mage that comes to mind with that ability is Vladimir, because he has passive which makes him tanky if he builds ap. It's extremely easy to destroy a mage like cassio if she instantly gets caught like 1v3 and gets cc'd, now imagine if she gets 1v5? And what do you mean you didn't say anything about tanks? I read your message couple of times, here: > You are unranked mate, in ur elo tanks dont exist. You clearly touched the theme of tanks in low elo and their absence (or that's what this message looks like). Where you didn't say anything about tanks? I answered looking at what you wrote, not what you think you said, you could reread your message before posting if you are aware I didn't understand it correctly.
Yes cassio can tank team by herself if played well, dont forget she has aoe stun as well and aoe 80% slow+grounding effect. Appears i didint say clear enough for you to get it. I mean cassio is TANKING entire team, she can be TANKING it. TANKING doesnt exist in ur elo, atl not same as in higher levels of play.
: Also, none of them are free food for morde. And we were talking about cassiopeia. You do know skarner q-aa-q combo clears most of the wave? If not, you should actually play him before talking. I also don't see any upvoted on any of your posts. There are also only 5 upvotes, while most threads, that are valid, get more than 10 upvotes. If the frontline/backline broke, which happens quite a lot in yoloq and in professional play, you have to readjust your positioning. If they came over some unwarded walls, then there wasn't adequate enough warding in the first place. And no, i don't blame it on you simply being bad. I just point out as much counterplay as I know of. In LATE GAME, where a HYPERCARRY LIKE JINX, RYZE AND CASSIOPEIA SHINE. You have to end the game BEFORE they reach that point. If you can't, then you made quite a bit of macro mistakes. Simple fact that both our posts have 1 upvote means only you and I are still going, while everybody stopped reading after initial posts by me and 2xDealer, Which both have 2 and 3 upvotes while your posts all have only 1 (At the moment of writing: 12:00 GMT+2 13.01.2020) By this arquement, we are correct, you are wrong.
They all are food for morde, you lack expirience. Skarner, again, has to come close enough to use aa and q, making it free e/q combo for morde. Im talking about the post, not my comments, im just explaining why r u wrong cuz im bored af. When front/back breaks enemies get engagement chance, thats how fights burst out. Only in dia3+ you will see good warding. Precisely you did point out that the first and only possibilty was me being bad. There are many late game champs but noone of them are soo broken. In team you should have champs for each part of game, thats how game works, you cant end game quickly just cuz 1 of them is lategame champ.
: {{champion:86}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:102}} (altho she is played jungle nowadays){{champion:72}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:8}} All have waveclear. thats a llt more than 3 champions. Also, if cassio is toplane, your best bet is jayce or renekton or another lanebully. Also when you play twitch and you complain about high heal and high damage, it makes me cringe so hard. i meant.... I have not seen a single time cassio has been a problem unless the enemy just straight up walks into him. Also you are mistaking item powerspikes with ability powerspikes. You need to account for both when dealing with cassiopeia. And if they chain cc you, chances are you were out of position to begin with. Hopwever I do agree that you need to time QSS properly to avoid CC, but even then, your best bet is positioning properly, when we stark talking about mid and lategame. Even moreso, thats when cassiopeia starts to scale properly and lategame is when cassiopeia shines. If she heals 500hp at lategame, then that's okay. She DOES NOT HEAL THAT MUCH EARLY GAME, and EVEN IN MIDGAME WITHOUT BEING FED.
All the champs you mentioned(expect 2) are melle and free food for morde. Also srsly? nasus/poppy/skarner fast wave clear? RLY? I dont comaplin about big dmg being inflicted on me, i know how to avoid being one shoted. Im complaining about massive damage on every champ, matterless of their deffense. If they chain cc me, there is also chance that frontline/backline broke, making me easy target. There is also chance enemy came over some unwarded walls. There is also a lot of other chanches, soo dont being from me simply being bad. In late game cassio starts getting a bit tanky items(from what i experienced) soo she very well is op in mid-game as well, which again, isnt hard to achieve. Simple fact that this post is upvoted explains you that you're only one who consideres broken things okay. They are NORMAL and STANDRAD for league, but not okay.
: 1) Not my main account as it's forum banned, Smartass. 2) I play this game on my main account. This one is just for communication and, if needed, venting by playing something stupid like shaco mid 3) No champion can heal 500HP through executioner unless they are sustain based champions(Vladimir/mundo). Sustain based champions can usually either be bursted down or dps'd down. Thats the job of adc. Your job is to make sure that your %%%%ing adc can do his job, be it killing the enemy carries/assasin or aiding your own carry in kiting. --- 4)Yes it's a must. Like you said, and I quote > JUST dodge her EVERY Q AND W and ur fine - yeeee im perfect, not human imma dodge it all and never get hit1. > Noone. Is. Perfect. So you buy a QSS. Why? incase you get hit by any CC, especially hard CC or long lasting CC, you buy QSS and upgrade it to mercurial later, so that you can actually function. Or you can pick cleanse. 5) Powerspikes-item comps are a lot to say considering you build same thing every game. Didn't your mother ever tell you to think before buying? Cassio needs her tear. You don't let her get the tear and she won't become a problem. You let her get the tear, you still have time to take care of her until she completes her first AP item, which is usually coinciding with her level 9 powerspike. Her level 6 slow allows you to still cast spells and auto attack. You can also flash if you haven't wasted it already. 5) Actually, putting you under turret gives you a lot of advantages as well. First your lane opponent is overextending. You as a jungler above everyone else should know how easy it is to gank overextended lanes. Second, if you know how to last hit, you can farm under the turret a lot easier while also poking enemy from the safe distance with spells. Especially when you are ranged. When you play someone like eve, you can utilize your passive. When you play someone like talon, a W-tiamat is enough to clear the whole god damn wave. For diana its W-passive-Q(if q is even needed). For Zed it's E-W-Q for entire wave, and tiamat for good measure if needed. For Morgana it's just W, for lux it's E-auto. And you can use that E to zone cassio away before he even gets to you. For vladimir it's Q-W- For sivir, it is Q-w. Pretty much any midlane or toplane champion has or can build some form of waveclear. If you don't built it, that's you being stubborn, not cassio being OP. Third, when enemy pushed you to turret, she usually has to stay and harras you or she roams, or she goes to base. A lane ward will help you decide which one it is and allows you to either push the wave hard making her lose all the CS advantage she would have gotten staying. If you have anyone that is even half competent as jungler she gets killed in a gank. If you don't, you can still safely clear the wave and she can only harrass you if you go for cs. But midlane champions can go for it once, maybe twice. They don't have the need to auto things all the time, even tho it is preferred. Hard lane bullying is a thing cause otherwise you would see Hypercarry and tank/support in every lane. It's a tactic to shut down enemy scalers, and it is designed into the game. However, cassio is not a lanebully. if you get lanebullied by cassio, you might as well need a dunce hat
1. If u really managed to get ban on forums i salute. 2. Sure. 3. Cassio heals 500hp frmo executioner, there's not can she or not, she does it. 4. If enemy has hard cc they DEFINITELY have some other cc to chain it up, also qss needs to be perfectly timed or you are gonna lose 0.5 - 1 sec which is enough to get hit by another cc spell. 5. Item powerspikes are not the items you buy, but the time when you buy them. Lest take for an example my main - twitch: 1st powerspike is optional, if i get bloodrazorz quickly i can melt top/mid for few mins. 2nd powerspike is when i get hurricane, with it i can gank bot. 3rd powerspike would be IE, considering the fact that fights start about when i finish hurricane, IE need to be rushed asap since wihtout it, i cant fight in TFs. Ie itself its expansive as much as 3400 gold, wasting 850 gold is maddnes since everyone would just get ahead of me and i would be late with all the future powerspikes and will be useless whole game thru. Also ye, i buy all the same items cuz i usually stomp hard in early-mid game and enemies arent too fed in late My core is bloodrazor/IE/Hurricane/Boots, if i stomp, as i usally do, i go pd+statik for 100 crit and just burst everyone. Then last 2 items can also be optional: mortal reminder for sustain champs, botrk/wit's end for tanks (especially damn rammus), death dance against asasins... Almost none toplane champs have fast wave clears, as such hard bullying is nightmare for them, its nice that you found 3 out of 147 of them that can farm under tower, but im not gonna play assasins on top, im gonna play tank that fits in with the team comp. Morgana and lux are diffrent stories and cant farm effiectnly under tower. Morg w takes few secs to kill the wave even with full ap build, for this time turret will take those juicy minions, atl 1-2 of them. Same goes for lux, turret will just kill some of them before she can aa. Again, both are supports/midlaners, not toplaners. I never called cassio lane bully, i called her overpowered mage. Completly opposite, in early game she is very deffansive champ, but scales fast into ungankable beast if played well. There is diffrence between lane bullying and hard lane bullying. Lane bullying would be something like cait+lux, strong pokes and that thing, an good engage is easy counter for it. However HARD lane bullying is a thing that you cant do anything about unless you and your jungler hard counter that champ.
: LP issue?
You MMR is lower, thats why u are getting 20 and not 30 LP
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: I'm sorry, but what's bad about sitting under tower? Especially since you are a toplaner, who's job is basically farming and waiting for midgame? And what's problematic about farming under tower - or freezing nearby, so tower doesn't shoot it? And saying you are losing precious gold from not getting kills is kinda ridiculous, kills happen if your opponent does dumb mistakes, ESPECIALLY if you are on top lane. And there are a lot of champions who can bully you under your tower, renekton, for example. Why isn't he op for all the reasons stated above? He can kill you early as well. But ok. > HITTING is not an option, while ur animation is playing he will e and kill you. Thats a very interesting thing to say, but which champ are we talking about? Because morde's E is so delayed, it's rather you have time to dodge while his E is playing than you getting caught, but it's all situational, it's not a hard ability to bait. But here is the real question: is he really that op as a champion? I'm running into him multiple times, he isn't anything special, he's kinda like darius, maybe strong but easily bursted in 2v1, no mobility, easy champ to kill while ganking.
In low elo nothing is strong since ppl dont know to play. I can explain you why is he op on a very detailed way, but you just wouldnt get it soo i wont bother. Hf.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: Saying I'm unranked on the first day of ranked season is the stupidest thing you could possibly say, you couldn't look at my previous season to say something? But nevermind, I don't understand why you're "proving" to me that I'm not dealing with tanks. I just pointed out she can kill squishies within 2-3 E's, for tanks she might need more, obviously. But i still don't understand your point because playing against tanks is supposed to be more difficult and require even more damage, which I stated above?
Yeah i see, 29 games in season9 - pretty much the same. I didint say anythings about tanks, i said cassio can tank entire teams by herself, which shouldnt be case for high dmg mages. Read the message carefully before smartassing.
: Do you need to always fight? no? If you keep always fighting....lmao you deserve to lose. It's not the champion being broken, it's you being greedy, narrowminded and not thinking when playing. Cassiopeias heal doesn't even heal 500HP without executioner until lategame(35+ minutes). Wait what? You do realize that QSS removes EVERY %%%%ING STUN, SNARE, SURPRESSSION AND OTHER HARD OR SOFT CC: It's a must have in every match you see a %%%%ing morgana or someone else with lot of cc. So is tenacity. if you don't build those, don't blame the champion, blame your own braincells.
You started playing in preason and already smartass? Firstly no champ shouild be able to heal 500hp per cast thru exectuioner expect vladimir(he should get nerf as well tho). 90% games arent gonna end before 35mins unless everyone is hardstomping enemies which never happens. Secondly: A MUST against morgana or hard cc????????????????????? 1. Learn to dodge abilities. 2. Learn powerspikes. 3. Learn items comps. 4. Start smartassing. And ofc you dont have to fight at all times, but playing under tower just puts you in a lot of disadvantages, thats why i main jg. Hard lane bulling shouldnt be a thing like morde can do it, there should always be place for outplays.
: {{champion:54}} ult {{champion:31}} R, W {{champion:105}} E {{champion:53}} Q shall i go on?
yeah there is 735 abilities more. blitz q is projectile.
: We can dream, the LP system has needed tweaks for a long time now The flat LP per win and loss doesn't work long term when you get stuck in ELO hell after 50 games When you start gaining 17 LP or less per win you may as well start a smurf account, you'll rank up twice as fast and be a higher elo in half the time it took you to grind the 50 games on your main
If we just complain it wont be changed, if we find a way and support it it will.
: +1.... rules can change but the idea is A+ maybe it can put an end to high toxicity also ... exp: if u get b- or less.. and win.. u take less points etc...
You already lose lp simply by losing, no need to lose even more if you played bad, this would be toxic from riot. but ye this would definitly reduce toxicity
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SuperJunk (EUW)
: morde passive does damage from max health, and E gives him passive penetration, tank or no, if he gets liandry+ryla he will melt you
He is gonna melt you anyways. With lia+ryla he will just stop caring who are you playing and what ur items are.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: I think you should just avoid him and mostly try to kite him, he's a jugger, so he's practically useless if he can't get to you. His ult certainly helps him with that so after 6 I guess sit under tower? But depends on your champ. As DragonessOfMagic said above, it's indeed a good idea to play hit and run, go in for a short trade and get out, but make sure to dodge his E.
Yeah, sit under tower while everytone else i getting gold from kills as well and not losing anything while you are losing precious gold frmo not getting kills and minions since ur under tower. Very fair. Morde is one of the champs that can kill top/jg in level 2, when he gets even 6 its even easier unless jg somehow can beat him which is almost impossible since he needs like half of item to do his shit in early. HITTING is not an option, while ur animation is playing he will e and kill you. You can just run to wall and wait for him to come, he surely isnt gonna use his e right off, but wil save it for easiest situation. Outplaying isnt just soo simple.
: I usually make sure to get mordes pull out, then hit full combo once and back off, or half combo if i'm burst heavy. You can win with VI against morde for crying out loud. Also, anything that slows morde or can hide from him during ult, works wonders. All you need to do during ult is to survive and avoid dieing. If you play an AD champion, i think QSS worked wonders. Haven't tested it out recently but it worked before
Explalined on upper message why qss isnt reliable for anyone but the guy laning vs morde(he can just survive, not kill him tho with qss) You have for 7 seconds to dodge his every ability and not let him come close to you, if you fail once - you pay a lot. Noone. Is. Perfect.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: Does not need items? What does that even mean? You want to say she is able to carry with her base mana pool? She's extremely item reliant, you have to rush tier asap and you also really need tons of ap, which also boosts healing. Best way to make her work - have 600-700 ap and delete squishies within 2-3 E's. I don't say she's not broken, she is very good but saying she can tank whole teams is an extreme overstatement.
You are unranked mate, in ur elo tanks dont exist. Get in gold-dia and you will see how strong she is.
: 1) Anyone with as much as 40% slow can survive mordes ultimate. QSS and it's upgrade Mercurial Scimitar can cancel his ult if pressed on time. If you have a snare/stun, congratz, you effectively made mordekaiser useless unless rest of your team is bunch of brainless monkeys and run straight at him. 2) LMAO. She heals shit. She can't tank the whole team if you haven't %%%%ing fed her to the brim or if you end the game before 35min mark(most champions reach full build by 40-45 minutes). Cassiopeia is LATEGAME monster, but early, she is useless. Dodge her Q, dodge her W and she can't do much against you. She is good in farming under the turret, but it also costs her mana so up until she gets tear/last chapter, she is very vunlerable to being pushed. after that, she still, usually, does not have enough to trade properly up until level 9. Thats when she becomes a lot more dangerous due to her main skill being max rank(players usually max q for mobility or e for damage). By that time however, you should have atleast 1 lane turret down, be it mid/bot or top. Usually most games i'm in, 2-3 turrets from both teams are down by the time cassio gets level 9.
If your team takes 2-3 tower before cassio gets lvl9 you are super lucky before all. She gets tear after 1st recall soo you cant shit her up in early. JUST dodge her EVERY Q AND W and ur fine - yeeee im perfect, not human imma dodge it all and never get hit. even tho im gonna hit her with everything soo many times and she will survive, even tho she gotta hit me once to kill me everything else is completly fiiine and balanced. And her E heals 500hp thru executioner :) If yiou didint know cassio r is also a slow soo post 6 you can hit pretty much every q/w and then fk up ppl with e. Qss bcoz of 1 champ? Qss isnt item that fits into everything - acutally its very punishable! First of all it has 90s cooldown, then if u already are going mercurial keep in mind that you are wasting 3400 gold and item slot. This causes you to not be able to take the "perfect full build" on your champ. On adcs it will cost you either crit/as, either more ad or any other survivability item(ga, onhits can acutally take mallet, etc...). Espeically if you are champ that is strong in mid-game you cant by any means go qss, you are losing 850 gold and wont have the items that require you to be midgame king you are. Dont overrate qss, its not soo simple. Morde r lasts 7 seconds, slow and snare wont just help you like that, you gotta first of all hit them, during the cast animation he can use E and fk u on 30 diffrent methods with rylai bonus. Thanks god he got nerfer this patch a bit.
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: Friendlist bug
For a long time now client says "in-game" - "away" when friend is out of game and online, sometimes to fix this u both have to restart client or you will run in some very weird interactions. And no, lot of ppl have this issue. Tbh im not sure how they even managed to fk up friend system like wtf how you do that?
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: In early game Cassio can't fight like at all, you can really all-in her because she will run out of mana trying to spam you with E's. And it's a bit hard to go for short burst, she usually just hits Q and makes you run towards your tower while she spams Es.
What about morde?
: 1) Morde deals MOST of his damage from landing the Q and his passive. Q can be dodged, passive...not so much but has a short range. You want to dodge his pull and q, then just proc the vitals and run away. Against morde you play hit and run, not all in. ANd fiora is extremly good at it, if in right hands. The reason you want to dodge mordes Q and Pull is because of his passive. it does not trigger until 3 attack or spells have landed. 2) Cassio also has stupidly short range. She needs mana because her abilities are spammy and thus cut through her own mana supply like a hot knife through butter. This also means, she won't have damage until she build AP, and has to rely on landing Q and W to give her some survivability. Long drawn out trades=cassio likes. Short burst=cassio doesn't like(that's until level 6. After that, turn your back to not get stunned when she is about to cast ult).
1. If fiora gets hit once by morde she will die, noone is perfect. It doesnt matter how much times she trades, she cant make morde be useless in late, no champ can. 2. Dont smartass about cassio, she is broken and heals too much, she can tank whole teams wihtout breaking a sweat and does not need items, just go spirit rush and you won the game if u know to play.
Shaebadu (EUW)
: ***
1st - im not kid. 2nd - im obviously better than you since im double ur divison. If u already flame let it make sense.
Shaebadu (EUW)
: ekko is fine. if you feed ekko he will one shoot people just like everyone else. if he doesnt get fed he will struggle against others. ekko is good at what he is heavy utlity oriented with mediocre damage.
Another silver... let me clarify you. NO CHAMP should be able to one shot ANYONE thru PHANTOM DANCER AND DEATH DANCE with 1 ABILITY. I understand to you main him, but be real a bit, his kit is overloaded for him to do dmg. Sorry if you cant see that, but you gotta if you wanna climb. Edit: Phantom dancer gives you like 300-400hp shield when you reach certain amount of hp(procs and stops the one shots) Death Dance converts 33% of the damage you take in bleed damage over 5 seconds, again preventing fast one shots. To do this you must do like 2600 dmg with 1 ability, i rarely see veigar do this...
Eîskâlt (EUW)
: Guess in my elo people actually know how to play morgana then Mr. toxic lvl 6 account {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
They know enough for that elo, in higher elo you gotta do much better then just aiming ur q at opponent. Also i'm not being toxic rly, just noted the elo diffrence. Kinda is toxic the fact that u called me "Mr. toxic lvl6 account" My acc isnt lvl 6. Same as this boards, i am on EUNE. Soo change ur to
: Because 90% of the community is gold and below who are absolutely oblivious of the games reality. Theres a reason why theres so many Rito shills on this forum aswell. Thats because these oblivious part of community doesnt know how the game really is like. They play in their own small community bubbles always hard stuck below gold season after season playing mostly normal games and never improving. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I know, im just trying to be nice LOL.
Morrhen (EUW)
: Welp, one can hope. I personally like Ekko. It's an unique and hard to master champion. But... it has to suck to be on receiving end of it. Considering he has slow, stun, shield, dash, short range teleport and ''second chance'' ultimate in case he messes up.
Also with full build his w shields for like 1.5k. Just DARE to come near him when he is engaging.
Eîskâlt (EUW)
: Okay so an ekko needs effectively 4 items to "one shot" an adc - jungle item, t2 boots to get in range, lichbane or at least a sheen and most likely a protobelt to gain free backline access versus a peel support e.g. - at this point he's like any other assasin - zed, kat, fizz, khazix, etc can one shot your adc at this point as well. Therefore build defensive items and look to peel for your adc. It's not hard to hit a close range q with morgana or even a long range when you control vision well. if that's too hard try leona, alistar, naut etc versus an ekko. There is enough counterplay so please just quit wining around. If he's turret diving your adc with half a jungle item there's something else off with the way your bot lane is playing laying phase - especially if he is behind.
First experience it before smartassing. leona wont work - he can ult before she stuns him alistart wont work -- its not long enough cc to kill 3k hp ekko with zhonya naut wont work -not long enough cc still, and its gotta be perfectly timed, naut r has some cast time while which ekko can ult out. Im not talking bout jg ekko, noone plays that, im talking bout midlane ekko which doesnt relay on early game slighest bit. Ekko isnt assasin and hes not played like one, he has his unique way of one shoting. zed, kat, fizz , khazix are assasins and require some skill: Zed - needs to hit pretty much everything and still might not kill adc thru PD, also is squishy and has no barrier/heal/shield/ momentum long range escape. Kata - easy to counter, while her dagger lands u have plenty of time to kill her. Fizz - Needs to hit r, and has no escape if he goes in. Kha - requires isolated target and must be in advantage entire game to be able to one shot adc later one. Pd counters him well too. Also i said that Ekko one shots with half item. With whole eko he can dive adc. Read carefully before smartassing Idk how it is in ur silver2 EUW elo, but in higher divisions ppl acutally know to play ekko and he is pretty damn broken.
: From Top to Sup
Supports wouldnt one shot then, and your team would have less dmg. and dmg wins the game
: Why I don't enjoy winning anymore.
I used to main old akali for about year and a half. Now im disgusted at her. Ppl say she sucked in teamfights, but with cdr/hextech/visage she could be very good engager and if played well, kill the adc. Tho this unabled her to one shot, still was fun. Now i one shot with anyone, i just build dmg. fk this
Morrhen (EUW)
: Ekko is not getting nerfed in patch 10.1 btw. So yeah... Ekko jungle is gonna wreak havoc.
Entire patch isn't leaked yet i think... Hope dies last.
: Too many, and not enough bans. Champs that are OP consists mainly of Tanks/mages and adc's I see youtube notification popup Click bait: "FREELO CHAMPIONS FOR RANKED" lists which always repeat the same champs over and over and over and over again every week. Enough already!
Belive it or not, 90% of community thinks amount of champs and bans is balanced and support relasing even more champs :) rest 10% acutally can see reality
Eîskâlt (EUW)
: If he gets to the point where he is oneshotting people ur own jungle either sucks or u did not counter him at all during the early and mid game. just pick Morgana into him with q+r = gg. Yes his ult cd is low, but u can still counter it. Same goes for a lot of assins late game with lvl 16 ult btw. If your team comb got no cc maybe just bann him since his pick rate is quite high atm. Especially when u don't want to play into him {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
As yolo said. I'd rather ban something that counters me in lane. Also I AM the jungler, i make that ekko go 0/3, 0/4 and show the ultimate hate, but after he gets half of ludens echo he will just start one shoting midlaner. When he acutally comepletes the 1st item he will start roaming bot with simple tactic: Dive tower - kill adc - ult back. Its easy to say "hit morg q", if you didnt know that champ has dash which can be used to dodge the same ability. He is also very fast when he procs passive(which isnt hard at all) making it even harder to hit him, your skill level must be isignificantly higher than his. Edit: NO CHAMP AT NO POINT SHOULD BE ABLE TO ONE SHOT WITH 1 SPELL THRU PD/DD
Ehhhh (EUW)
: [I take your measly 21 seconds, and raise a 9.6](
okay, still very strong
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Wolity (EUW)
: Im testing stuff on this account , my highest account is diamond 2 , i have a plat account as well. And 1 silver account. Currently leveling 1 more account that i will start fresh in s10. So im all over the ranks , and ive seen everything lol
Oh, im riot owner nice to meet you.
Wolity (EUW)
: Do you srsly think plat is some sort of high elo ? ... Plat is the last step of the low elo... People in plat are horrible tbh... So its normal to get people like that. In diamond 4 is even worse. All the way up to diamond 1 in which you gonna get matched with master+ then the real games become. In plat its some sort of training ground for high elo
Yes i know plat is low elo, but i see a lot of good players as well, precisely the onens that are not boosted. In euw is easier to climb soo you probably see only shits, but eune is harder. Euw G2 cant really talk bout plat 2-3. Especially not toxic one.
mc4life (EUNE)
: Boosting is serious problem.
Also please EUW players stay out of post cuz this is eune boards, you dont know how it is in eune plat...(no offense)
: I agree with that tons of players in Plat are boosted players. My last game I went against a Boosted Lee player who somehow got plat while being only 36. He was pure trash in the enemy team and got super tilted when I did a "?" in all chat after him suiciding into our team for no reason. I also meet a elo booster 5 games ago, who bluntly bragged about the money he earned on winning games. He said I broke his 20th winning streak and that I should be banned for disturbing an elo booster doing his work. I just reported him to the support and went on my day as a classic Gold 1 player.
: No. It's just not. The vast majority of ppl sucking in plat games are just having a bad game and/or are conceited morons who can't play from behind.
No, im not mad cuz they lost their lane, i just carry those shits. Im talking about literally trolling, i help them get kill and go push with them - after that they go take bot/top farm and flame constantly for tiniest things, often for nothing. Not to mention to they steal my jg every time they can of course.
Wolity (EUW)
: Its obvious that you dont know what boosting is lol , probably you saying some1 is inting when he misses a skillshot too?
What the fk you didint understand from "guy who trolls entire game cuz im pushing tower and giving him kills while saving him."? Precisely i'm jungler, since i acutally care about my teammates not dying i gank when they need help, as such, i save them lots of times. Beacuse i saved them, and as well gave them the kill on same enemy i saved them from, then i NORMALLY push with them since we have advantage LETTING THEM EVERY SINGLE CREEP, i usally play zac and as such i take demolisher for easier pushing. For saving them and helping in push i get trolling in return. When i say trolling i LITREALLY mean trolling. Flaming 24/7, provocating for every mistake or being worse from enemy (100 stead of 101 ganks, perfect opportunity for flame is when enemy team takes drake which we of course have no wards on). Then going on bot/top and taking their farm, if by chance enemy attack them they would just stand aside and dance. ofc they dont push. This happens WAY TOO FKING OFTEN. Someone disabled this much CANT climb to plat BY HIMSELF and is 100% boosted.
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