Kayn cant solo carry you got 3 assists meaning you were taking all the kills and forbbiding you team to get fed. If u wanna solo carry while taking all kills play twitch/irelia/vlad
Nhirè (EUW)
: Got my first 10 games chat restrist for saying go next
why are u buying accounts jarvan - You are accusing your teammate for being unskilled for your elo. guy has 16% win rate - IFS detect "win rate" as verbal abuse in some cases 18 lost games out of last 20 - same shit geez - expression of tilt and disappointment in teammates 0 vision score - accusing your teammates capability to ward classic bot huh - IFS sees this as you flaming teammates for being bad. classic 1/8 - probably cuz of this and dying 2v2 without enemy carry using spells - same like saying "ur bad" nautilus tank full hp running away first - pointing out mistakes english? - considered racistic, all languages are allowed. whats outrotaded - You perfectly well know what he wanted to say. my full ad team with no skills fcked me - need to say? it does hurt a bit - cherry on the last message being one shotted by a supp also hurts - practiclly attack ur teammte for feeding support howevr well, considering this j4 has one good game now, its probably his last - "one good game" IFS react
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Zulfa (EUNE)
: I mean I know how to play her, I'm a lvl7 lol. But in the end it's up to you, if you want add me, if nah all gucci. :D
I don't see a reason not to try ^^ Added. Also you use ts3/disc mby? (for voice if ya want)
Zulfa (EUNE)
: I play Lulu mostly in ranked but truth be told I'm only playing for plat4 because I don't have much time to play ranked anymore. Currently gold1. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Well you havent played her in ages and got 5 games in total, but sure, if you are good i'd give a shot :)
Rioter Comments
: Supposed hacker in my game
Don't belive, those that say "im hacking :)" are just kids trying to be cool/funny. What nunu was doing is advanced strategy called "jungle tracking", and seems like he was doing it to core. Point is to keep track of enemy jg spawn times, and keep his jg warded, constantly zoning around it and invading enemy jungler. Its bad to do as support since you are leaving your adc to 1v2 then, still can be done tho. There is only 1 hack that could allow this which i won't name, it used to display all jungle timers before, not sure is hack still alive and can reveal enemy one's too. But 1 thing is sure - it's insta-ban if you get caught using it.
: As jax you can only be killed with spells. As Ezreal you have no cd on Q and can one shoot towers.
Thats called op urf champ, not any tryhard ez cant oneshot towers.
mc4life (EUNE)
: Carriable?
Well its possible: got killed in invade cuz i wasnt watching, entire team spammed "Gj twitch reported", then i started blue, ganked bot they survive with like 20 hp both, i went recall immediatly. Then this: http://prntscr.com/pth87j (ofc i hypercarried most of time, literally doing 1v5's since noone engaged) edit: bot was 0/7 at 5min btw
: its simple allright ... simple example of a failed matchmaking ;) and simple proof of rank being a joke
Acutally my older brother is p1/d4 rn, games are pretty carriable there
: nvm ... i guess you gouged your eyes out gl man :) hf
Some things may seem unbeliveable just cuz they are crazy, they are acutally pretty simple, just think a bit :) gl2
: so ... read again ... - FROM GOLD 4 LAST SEASON TO PLAT 2 THIS SEASON (i all capped it so you can read it better perhaps you had trouble with small letters) or you know ... check the link i sent with it ...
Nop, readed it well. There is many ways to accomplish this, 1st he may have high wr at start, and remember how you need to lose few games before dropping div? Maybe he farmed some losses there. Its also possible to he played last season and got good placement for this one, or just begun this season and placed high. Many other possibilities.
: you dont actually need positive win ratio to climb ... there was a dude with 49% win ratio this season going up 6 divisions (from gold4 to plat 2) in the same season ... https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=DJ+Sona+SLO
Probably fresh account, at start you get 30 LP for win and lose like 13 for defeat
Kurotsu (EUW)
: You don't carry this, you lose like you're supposed to and keep playing to your best abilities in the next several games You need to win 51%+ of games to climb, you ARE going to lose half the time, that's how the game works.
Not talking bout climbing, my wr is 53% im fine with plat3. I just don't like loosing games which i IMO deserved to win. Soo you just lose this games and cant do much bout it? Well that sucks.
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: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
wRitTE a COMeNT in tHIs pOst To COnFIRm u coME FroM bOardS
Dagòn (EUNE)
: Why do junglers hate top lane so much?
As a Twitch player with start "Top after red" i can tell you that top is very easy to gank, at top there are mostly tanks with no real escape soo its very easy to gank them on countless ways. Tho even after i waste enemy summs and kill him, 30sec later my toplaner has died for 2nd time :)
: And here you are playing jax, kayne, ezreal. At least you aren't playing zed.
Yes i love going full ap jax and ONE-SHOTTING people while not being UNKILLABLE . Yes i love spamming ezreal ult and almost ONE-SHOTTING people while being EASILY ASSASINATED. I played kayn only once cuz i was bored, and still i was going full damage build with predator, didint even buy cleaver. Soo im missing your point.
DoWhyTe (EUNE)
: Skin Trading among players concept
Lmao no. Its not point to get only skins you want, why would you waste money then? Riot needs money to keep "working on game", and skins are just looks of champions that do not affect gameplay, but bring them needed money. Imagie you have all skin shards you want and no orange essence, what you do now? Maybe every hextech crate gives permanent skin?
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Oneshotting isn't really fun. How is it fun when either you or your opponent have 0 counterplay? How do you counterplay a Cho that presses R on you and deals 110% of your healthbar as True damage? When it's about who oneshots first, it's not fun at all. It's not fun if you oneshot your opponent, because what's the fun in killing someone if they didn't put up the fight, and it's not fun if you get oneshot, for obvious reasons.
Oneshotinh is fun to 95% people who play urf. You can say you dont find it fun, but you cant say its not fun since its not true. Chogath needs full hp build and high lvl to one shot you, he is easily countered by game duration, you can get to lvl30, and he really one shot you if you have 2500hp and have any type of escape. Ofc dont complain if you are playing mele champions with no slow. speed up or escape, cho gath will shit on them in normal games too. Winning a high skilled fight means you are better player. Urf is brainless, key smashing brawl where you do dmg and you dont know excatly how. Also playing tank isnt only thing that is included as skill. On urf you need to be good at positonating more than in normals, be map aware cuz you can easily get 5v1'd, dodge skillshots soo you dont get one shoted(its not all just press an enemy and he is dead).
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Of course I've played vs full tank URF mode not made for anything, we decide that ourselves Imagine someone's main is full tank leona for the past 5 years, even I would want to try that out in URF if it was my main. I get that it's unfun for you and stuff and you want to complain about it, (where else would you if not the boards? xD welcome!) but the standard league meta applies in URF too sometimes. (Mix of tank, DPS, AP, AD etc.)
Of course we are free to play whatever we want, didnt explicitly said its forbbiden :p Im not complaining really, just think this is very disgusting thing to do since its focused about denying others fun(not being able to oneshot which is 95% of urf gameplay). Boards is for sharing your opinion about something, soo i did :p Also i asked have you played vs full tank in urf, not in normals :p
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: I will not experience this, as since the very beginning many seasons ago I consider an URF as brainless mode for people liking to smash their buttons without any strategy and don't play it. But, if I would see someone building tank in URF, why not? Nothing disgusting, they are just having fun the way that they want. Not my business.
If you dont play and understand why ppl find urf fun, please stay out of post since you dont understand the feeling.
: Neuer Katarina Main name
Be badass: Katastrophe Flex: ShunpoToDeath, RolexDagger Be funny: MeSpinYouDead Definitly not: WannabeKata, KataThicc
: We need a 2nd confirmation when banning teammate-champs
Upvoted, tho bigger problem is when teammate bans your champ to tilt you cuz he things u suck(no im not yas/zed main).
kamptrollen (EUNE)
: Banned for typing kiss in danish
Flaming someone for being polish - racizm Flaming their mother - rly? teammates reported you for that, but IFS also saw you using word "dumb" and included that in ban. Try saying mb instead. Also one rioter once said me: "games that appeared in the reform card are not the only games that triggered the chat suspension, but rather they were just the drops that filled the cup. I know it might seem like nothing worthy of a chat restriction, but those are just the matches given as an example."
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Isn't anyone allowed to build what they want and have fun the way they want?
Never said they aren't, just building smth like this seems disgusting. Once you experience it you will get it.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I always took 'tryhard' as a compliment, it means you're playing smart or playing to win and there's never anything wrong with that.
Never said tryharding is bad, but on urf its kinda disgusting to do. Urf is mode made pretty much for funky things. Have you got to play vs full tank yet in urf?
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Well... From my experience URF is frustrating because you get 1shot. I only play URF with friends, so I haven't played much, but I understand people who go tank. You just can't have fun getting 1shot by everything, so you build tanky. Makes sense to me.
Thats why you one shot first. Also there isnt much champions that can literally one shot you. Soo far only capable i see are: Jax, Malph, Quinn, Kalista and cait if fed a lot, and all the assasins of course tho you can still counterplay them. Same as normal games, urf is frustrating if your enemies are better or tryharding. Going full tank isnt really fun, if you just soak damage and deal 0 while everyone else is having fun one-shoting eachother how can you enjoy the spirit of urf?
: Does playing normal games can actually make you a better player?
No and Yes. It doesn't matter if its normal, ranked, treeline flex, aram. All that matters is how much you learn from your mistakes. In normal games you get placed with completly random elo, you cant learn much from iron-silver players if you are gold+ since 95% of their moves are mistakes. In the other hand, in ranked games you get placed with people with same rank/mmr like you. Matterless of your rank, you make mistakes like your enemies, and if you are stuck(ik ur not just using as example) learning from mistakes of your and same elo players is main thing to help you improve. Why normal games dont help you improve? Imagine playing katarina in iron and gold/plat. In iron you will press r, enemies will either miss all stuns, not even use them, run away etc... And u will get a penta 30 times per game. In gold/plat you won't even get a chance to use your ultimate. Enemies will try to either engage on you and kil you before you can do it, or use every possible way to stop you - silence, missplace(anivia w draven/trundle e), knockups, stuns, pulls etc... If you stomp for some time in low elo and then go to high elo with same expectations, you will just int. Why normal games do help you improve? You can pull of same playstyle till silver-early gold, but not much further. Playing jax/trynda/olaf is free elo train if you know how to play them(which seriously isnt hard since they are okay with being stomped in laning phase). I see you are plat 1 now, gratz, but i dia you may have to change champs you play since you wont carry anymore. To be better player you just gotta work on your: 1. Most importantly map and gank awareness; 2. Warding skills(aim for 1 ward in every 1.5 minutes); 3. Smart calls - Fight or not, be the one who engage or not, when should you splitpush - or if you shouldnt should your teammates do it; 4. Chat - mby some players told you to ignore chat completly, but you cant play like that. You gotta cooperate with your team on normal way "ey jinx, can u come help us pls?" and not "jinx wtf u elephant why arent u here potato rep x9".Or if you want to scale/splitpush "Guys i need items and will splitpush a bit, try to avoid fights". Your teammates will count you in for fights if you dont tell em ur gonna splitpush, and after they lose fight they will just flame you. As jungler there are some special rules: 1. Ward awarness and importance of buying controls - Ward awarnes means being aware which bush is warded and from which side you should gank. In higher elo jungle tracking is very common. Jungle tracking means keeping enemy topline side jungle warded if you are toplaner, or botlane enemy jungle if you are adc/supp. Keep 2-3 controls at all times, when you are doing topside jungle clear, put a control ward in blue buff bush, if you are currently clearing botside jungle, put ward between red buff bush and the one 2 inches closer to your base(both could have wards). You can easily get invaded at any point of game if you dont do this, i lost countless games before learning it, and trust me, it really matters 2. Awareness of teammates - How will they respond to gank? If you see them waiting far away for you to cast ur stuns or something, dont gank, enemy will escape. If they are keeping a short distance at center of lane, go in. 3. Where from to gank? If enemy has pushed your teammates to their turret and is currently trying to do some dmg to it, it really doesnt matter do they have ward anywhere since they cant easily escape even if they see you(depends on skill). If enemy is at center of lane with your teammate, take longest and deepest route(ex. Go behaind enemy red buff to tribush at topside. Put a ward by the way ;)) If your teammate is at enemy tower and has no wards anywhere, be in bushes on their lane ready for countergank 4. Also warding bot is heck lot easier since you got controls and wards there. Especially remember: Warding is NOT just supports job. Chat is NOT useless. You CANT solo carry everywhere.
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zCyclone (EUW)
: Why this got upvotes ?
He's joking.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: URF TFT Mode
Urf is too awesome to be mixed with other modes
JustClone (EUNE)
: Okay, so you did put effort in research, you just failed to realize what the meaning of this is. >Rank literally doesnt matter at all. This is wrong. > he was plat last season This should ring a bell why he is in your game. Every season, I play ~15..ish games on this account: https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=bus+load+of+kids So I can get my ranked skin rewards... As you can see, even if I am placed initially at silver, because of the rank reset... My MMR allows me to face Platinum 4 guys in my games. And after 3-4 games, when I get to 100 LP, I get promoted to gold instantly. The reason for this is that my MMR, while being soft reset, is still significantly higher than the average of this elo... So the match making tries to place me at the correct game. In other words, placing me in Gold 1 average, with few platinums
Man i know how mmr works, i know why was he in my game, im saying it SHOULDNT be like that.
Rioter Comments
JustClone (EUNE)
: Man, are you capable of spending like 10 seconds to check this guy rank... Instead of trying to think and make conclusions that he is bronze. You will see that he is the same as you, and you are only insulting yourself with this.
Of course i checked his rank, he got into low gold2 since he was plat last season. I dont see any point in your reply instead of insulting me for not putting any effort. Rank literally doesnt matter at all. Simply cuz i saw how bad his plays are i can tell that he is not skilled enough to be plat in season9. Unrankeds should play with unrankeds, matterless of your placement rank, you will climb up to where u belong, noone should be carried to somewhere he cant play equally good. I never said this guy IS bronze, im saying to he is far below skilled for plat, and he shouldnt be putted in plat games.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Son, I do not how you are platinum and didn't yet realized this ... but here we go: **Unranked != Unskilled.** You can buy me a beer later.
As well it doesnt mean he deserves high elo, while playing with player that IS plat does. As i said by his gameplay he is bronze max. You will realize when you experience it.
: Depends on the player's previous season ranking and mmr. The 1st 5 matches you play in your placements, get you the most mmr. Now let's just say that this person was like plat 3-4 with high mmr, they would still play with you or even with higher ranked players. I was plat 3 in season 7 i think and i had a pretty high mmr and when i did my placements last season with 7-3, i got gold 4-5 with plat mmr. Same thing this year, all my placements were against/with plat/low diamond and some with gold 1.
I know why is it like this, im saying that it shouldnt be like that mf. When you get into plat you will realize why am i complaining.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Because of soft reset on MMR, it sometimes makes some unranked old players in games near their past ranks. I believe that Braum player was Plat in S8 and just started playing ranked this season, so his/her mmr is quite high. For unranked new players, it is usually around Silver 2 so they can be around gold4 to silver 4 games.
Explained why this shouldn't be thing in reply to Silent Note. Or to put it simple someone who didnt play rank for some time has no idea of meta, elo or how to play against players in that elo.
: kinda funny: unranked in plat, post upvoted. but same post: unranked in gold = downvoted to oblivion.
Unrankeds can play with divisions up to gold i think.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Checked your match history. That person was plat last season, so that makes sense. Also, imagine the following: someone finishes high diamond in season 8, and then plays his first season 9 ranked in October. According to your logic, that high diamond player would need to be placed against silvers, just because he's unranked this season. Someone being unranked doesn't mean that they have never played 10 ranked games. It only means that in this season they haven't played 10 ranked games. When Season 10 starts, do you think Faker should be placed in a silver game and go from there, just because he's still unranked upon season start?
He Barely plays rank, he plays bot games and normals. If he hasnt played ranked this seaso till october, sorry to bring it to you but he is NOT a plat player. Playing against plats in ranked and against irons in normals is big diffrence in elo, adaptance, skill requirement, and simply he has become worse player which can be noticed by the fact that he hasnt hitted single skillshot in entire game and wasted his ultimate multiple times. Imagine being plat in s9 now, and dont play league for 6 months. Would you still be as good as plat? No. Unrankeds should play with unrankeds, If you are plat player you will reach plat and stomp every placement game. With 30 LP gain and skill level you will climb to plat pretty fast.
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: Log off, go on main page, change your server location to EUNE with english as language, then click on E-SPORT, login on EUNE server and it should now work Also, you might want to go incognito, disable adblockers/trackers, change browser and reset cache, might help.
It's not us who should find a way to bypass this bug, but its them who should fix it. Ok good, we can use site with a bit of effort, but thats not how this should work. Also either i failed, but im more sure to its not working.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=mc4life,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5kE8f2zE,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-15T07:44:57.108+0000) > > Players will always be the same, focusing win, thats understandable. The problem is in the game, those people who like to try something new wont stand a chance against overpowered meta and at least 1-2 ppl will be favored by RNG(Random Number Generator(Randomness)) to get full assasin team and more less those people will always win. > Honestly didnt play this mode for like 4-5 days now, it srsly isnt interesting if every game is same. drop rates need to be fixed, thing is, most assassins can be obtained early kha'zix,rengar,pike,zed and evelynn and 2 of them later usually akali and katarina, they are also more expensive, but you only need 4. its safer to go with brawlers than glacials though, but i guess stun trumps hp tanks. lets see and compare, not a 100% accurate just the way i percieved it. https://progameguides.com/teamfight-tactics/teamfight-tactics-tft-champions-list/ assasins early = 5 kha'zix, rengar, pike, zed and evelynn 2.95% chance to get assassin blademasters early = 2 fiona and shen 1.18% chance to get blademaster brawlers early = 4 rek'sai, volibear, warwick and blitz 2.36% chance to get brawler elementalist early = 2 kennen and lissandra 1.16% chance to get elementalist guardians early = 0 0% nope gunslingers early = 3 tristana, lucian and graves 1.77% chance to get gunslinger knights early = 3 garen, mordekaiser and darius 1.77% chance to get knight rangers early = 3 ashe, varus and vayne 1.77% chnce to get ranger shapeshifters early = 3 elise, nidalee and shyvana 1.77% chance to get shapeshifter sorcerers early = 4 ahri, kassasdin, veigar and lulu 2.36% chance to get sorcerer demons early = 3 elise, evelynn and varus 1.77% chance to get demon dragons early = 1 shyvana 0.59% chance to get dragon exiles early = 0 0% nope glacials early = 3 ashe, lissandra and volibear 1.77% chance to get glacial imperials early = 1 darius 0.59% chance to get imperial nobles early = 4 fiona, lucian, garen and vayne 2.36% chance to get noble ninjas early = 3 kennen, zed and shen 1.77% chance to get ninja phantoms early = 1 mordekaiser 0.59% chance to get phantom pirates early = 2 pike and graves 1.18% chance to get pirate robots early = 1 0.59% chance to get robot voids early = 3 kha'zix, rek'sai and kassadin 1.77% chance to get void wilds early = 4 ahri, nidalee, rengar and warwick 2.36% chance to get wild yordles early = 4 kennen, lulu, tristana and veigar 2.36% chance to get yordle 59 champions you can get early, common i mean, not rare. 59/23 = 2.5% chance in getting the champions X 5 = 12.83% in total to get 5 of the same champions. khazix = 2.95% + 1.77% = 4.72% chance to get khazix assasin/void = 9.04% average chance to drop rengar = 2.95% + 2.36% = 5.31% chance to get rengar assassin/wild = 9.44% average chance to drop pike = 2.95% + 1.18% = 4.13% chance to get pike assasin/pirate = 8.26% average chance to drop zed = 2.95% + +1.77% = 4.72% chance to get zed assassin/ninja = 8.26% average chance to drop evelynn = 2.95% + 1.77% = 4.72% chance to get evelynn assassin/demon = 8.65% average chance to drop 8 fiona = 1.18% + 2.36% = 3.54% chance to get fiona blademaster/noble = 7.23% average chance to drop shen = 1.18% + 1.77% = 2.95% chance to get shen blademaster/ninja = 6.79% average chance to drop rek'sai = 2.36% + 1.77% = 4.13% chance to get rek'sai brawler/void = 8.30% average chance to drop volibear = 2.36% + 1.77% = 4.13% chance to get volibear brawler/glacial = 7.52% average chance to drop warwick = 2.36% + 2.36% = 4.72% chance to get warwick brawler/wild = 8.70% average chance to drop blitz = 2.36% + 0.59% = 2.95% chance to get blitz brawler/robot = 6.93% average chance to drop kennen = 1.18% + 1.77% = 2.95% chance to get kennen elementalist/ninja/yordle = 10.62% average chance to drop lissandra = 1.18% + 1.77% = 2.95% chance to get lisandra elementalist/glacial = 6.49% average chance to drop tristana = 1.77% + 2.36% = 4.13% chance to get tristana gunslinger/yordle = 7.87% average chance to drop lucian = 1.77% + 2.36% = 4.13% chance to get lucian gunslinger/noble = 7.72% average chance to drop graves = 1.77% + 1.18% = 2.95% chance to get graves gunslinger/pirate = 7.28% average chance to drop garen = 1.77% + 2.36% = 4.13% chance to get garen knight/noble = 6.93% average chance to drop mordekaiser = 1.77% + 0.59% = 2.36% chance to get mordekaiser knight/phantom = 5.31% average chance to drop darius = 1.77% + 0.59% = 2.36% chance to get darius knight/imperial = 5.31% average chance to drop ashe = 1.77% + 1.77% = 3.54% chance to get ashe ranger/glacial = 7.28% average chance to drop varus = 1.77% + 1.77% = 3.54% chance to get varus ranger/demon = 7.67% average chance to drop vayne = 1.77% + 2.36% = 4.13% chance to get vayne ranger/noble = 7.72% average chance to drop elise = 1.77% + 1.77% = 3.54% chance to get elise shapeshifter/demon = 7.28% average chance to drop nidalee= 1.77% + 2.36% = 4.13% chance to get nidalee shapesifter/wild = 8.07% average chance to drop shyvana = 1.77% + 0.59 = 2.36% chance to get syvana shapeshifter/dragon = 5.71% average chance to drop ahri = 2.36% + 2.36% = 4.72% chance to get ahri sorcerer/wild = 9.07% average chance to drop kassadin = 2.36% + 1.77% = 4.13% chance to get kassadin sorcerer/void = 8.67% average chance to drop veigar = 2.36% + 2.36% = 4.72% to get veigar sorcerer/yordle = 8.48% average chance to drop lulu = 2.36% + 2.36% = 4.72% to get lulu sorcerer/yordle = 8.48% average chance to drop assassins average = 4.72% blademasters average = 3.25% brawlers average = 3.98% elementalist average = 2.95% gunslinger average = 3.74% knight average = 2.95% ranger average = 3.74% shapeshifters average = 3.35% sorcerers average = 4.35% demons average = 3.93% dragons average = 2.36% glacials average = 3.54% imperials average = 2.36% nobles average = 3.98% ninjas average = 3.54% phantom average = 2.36% pirates average = 3.54% robot average = 2.95% voids average = 4.32% wilds average = 4.72% yordles average = 4.13%
Excatly, like champs like kayle pretty much suck while champs like ww+nida, garen, darius are op, kayle costs 5, these others 1. Even lulu is better than kayle, waaaay better. Dont know excat numbers, but lets say like, there is 10 champs of each class, soo 2 of each should cost 1, 2 of each 2, 2 of each 3, 2 of each 4, and 2 of each 5. People who like lets say shapeshifters have to wait 2nd-3rd round to get the shapeshifters, while ppl who like assains can get em all at start. You are pretty much forced to focus on the strong ones that are easy obtainable or you're a goner.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: it's actually rare since assassins need a lot of bf swords and luck with early 2stars if you are playing on 1stars after the 2nd carousel and not getting bf swords you have to bank on a lucking out with akali 2star before you lose the game AND THEN you have to pray to god that you don't get unlucky with the unit stack and your carry doesn't have a tile to hit from
You do abnormal damage anyways, enemy doesn't have enough time to kill you, hello, 150-250% crit dmg?
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: it's been a while ive seen assassins win games mostly demons sorcs nobles win games blademasters too if someone gets a stacked graves gunslinger combo assassins suffer way too much unless they have akali or zed stacked and those champs require a lot of luck to get good stacks
8 ppl in one match, not soo rare
: > [{quoted}](name=Smerk,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5kE8f2zE,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-07-14T11:06:32.553+0000) > > Yeah, up to the point when you meet Draven with RFC build {{item:3046}} as well :)
For the love of god don't give him ideas xd
Smerk (EUW)
: Is it a problem with a mode or with players then? You can't change people, they will always tend to stick to one or two things. And because of that you also won't get your desired effect by making changes to the game.
Players will always be the same, focusing win, thats understandable. The problem is in the game, those people who like to try something new wont stand a chance against overpowered meta and at least 1-2 ppl will be favored by RNG(Random Number Generator(Randomness)) to get full assasin team and more less those people will always win. Honestly didnt play this mode for like 4-5 days now, it srsly isnt interesting if every game is same.
Wr4ptor (EUW)
: Pay for ranked?
Better if banned players have to spend money to play rank
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