: TFT is not a fun game mode, it's a different game. Fun game modes revolve around lol gameplay, playing "match the pairs dominoes" with lol item names that are highly misused btw (let's put a tear on gnar so he ults faster) is everything but not league of legends. Riot gave that up in order to catch some dota autochess/heartstone players with this cliche of a game. They removed nexus blitz for this btw. We'll be getting ARURF prolly in the 10 year celebration patch, but that's about it, it's not rotating anywhere, it's on a yearly or twice a year basis. RGM is dead.
I know TFT is not, but in the oroginal post I meant that it's a new thing and they want us to get on with it rather than giving us Game Modes as well.
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TVB Dolph (EUW)
: Match History Not Working
Same here but on EUNE. If anybody knows how to fix it I would appreciate it.


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