meero9875 (EUNE)
: Cant install lol
Sometimes even for like 30 mins. Altough the computer has some potato cpu. Also when running it uses like 0% of the cpu
Rioter Comments
: (PROOF) Riot grading system is broken (pics included)!
I Went 14/3/6 On Veigar With 140 Farm And The Grade Was A--. A-????. Well Then I Went 18/2/11 with 53 Farm And Got S+. I Mean I Think I Should Atleast Get An S- On The First Game I Mentioned
: Another Ezreal nerf RIOT? Why?
Oh Shut Up Ur Just Some Ezreal Main. He's Basicly A Long Range, FAirly High Damage, Low Skill, Lane Bully Who Barely Uses Mana.


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