: dude i already played 2 games with kayle ( ranked ) and she got 1\10\3 , why i should play with these players? dont say brain-huni-riven because in this elo ( iron - bronze - silver ) no one wants to learn the champion first , just play it in ranked with 0 - 1000 points so for that i dont want to play with FIRST TIME CHAMPION in ranked
I play only rankeds too And im gm. Yes they dont ha ve brain but it means its easy to carry
: a good suggestion ... about ranked\new champions
We dont hate players who play new champions. If you have brain every champ is viable. For example huni cant play riven at all, no mechanics etc. But has a brain and know what to do, focus on rankeds and dont feed, complain about teammates. Want to climb ? Youre suppossed to 1v9 !!!
TechMajin (EUW)
: Question regarding exp boosts
As a guy said before me, its not the same thing, its 2 different things to choose from. Ofc better is choose days and spam games. Those questions are gonna kill me


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