: Best Champions to climb up
fiddlesticks support noone sees it coming
: Why don't u make boots a seventh item or remove them completely!
not sure if troll or not{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Is really Riot ok with me ruining the game for 4 people when autofill me supp?
step 1 pick veigar step 2 buy{{item:3303}} step 3 poke the enemy out of lane step 4 build {{item:3027}} {{item:3083}} step 5 either go full tank or start building ap step 6 ??? step 7 gain lp most importand is to try to not steal to many minions and dont care about people saying ks you are veigar you get the kills
: Needs help with full tank runes ?
get conditioning and overgrowth in the resolve tree and grasp of the undying
: Same Old Question: Is there too much damage in the game?
they should either lower the damage or if they like big numbers give everyone a bigger health pool
: I think I found my 3v3 pocketpick... What's your pocketpick?
i dont play 3v3 very often but when i do i play mordekaiser
: How does on deal with a Fed Nasus?
: Is there any champion as fun as Zoe?
iG Rakan (EUW)
: Who will win? Giant Spiked OHKO Turtle of death vs. One ambitious minion
: Towers dont feel like towers
agreed you can 100-0 a nexus tower in 4 sec as yoric
: The most diverse champion in the game
try teemo you can play him everywhere too
: Your ideal meta
tanks and juggernauts scaling into lategame
: Early "damage" support.
veigar with roa and warmogs be nearly unkilleble and deal a lot of damage
: Create a clear indicator for urgot ult
same with darius and garen
Oakhill (EUNE)
: Master Yi
yes yes yes i get it riot should buff yi
: Support with Execute
i play veigar support so i dont care if my execute kills the enemy the adc should be happy i let him get an assist
: On Mordekaiser is actually bugged and gives 6 AA instead of 3
lets add this too the mordekaiser bug list i think it is bug 197 at this point
: Favorite execute ability?
i love veigar R but it feels so satisvying to get a dubble or tripple kill from the otherside of the map as karthus teammates hover like it less
Infinitty (EUW)
: A new gold income item for supports (Idea)
I would like to see a support item that works in the jungle so I can help the jungler out more
: A gold income tier 1 & 2 rework
Maybe add an upgrade for coin so it works in the jungle so you can help the jungler out more
: Hail of blades has no sense in its current status
I think mordekaiser{{champion:82}} could use it to quickly proc all 3 hits of his q on a enemy champ
Rumkatten (EUW)
: A question for s7/s8 support mains, who was placed in bronze this season.
i did by by abusing precence of mind on taric to go from bronze 5 to bronze 2 after it got gutted i started playing janna lulu and the ocasional fiddlesticks and now i am silver 5
: I havr 24 boxes and 0 keys to open them with, have they stopped issuing keys, if so why do i still have all these boxes which i cannot open
i have 11 keys and no boxes want to trade?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Smerk (EUW)
: Around 10 minutes if my adc knows how targons works, just don't miss those cannons. And for tank suggestions. My personal favorite is Braum, but he's quite unique when it comes to tank supports. He's a fully defensive one and you will have to rely on your team even more than usual. But when your team knows how to play you can do wonders
IF the adc knows how targons works which in low elo is very rare i think that whenever the support buys targons the adc should get a popup message explaining how it works
Welland (EUNE)
: For christs sake, stop killing my cannon minions
Adc simply dont understand how relicshield works I got flamed a few times by my adc for "stealing" his cs when i was using it
: Ww did get nerfed, they bugfixed his q do you read patch notes? Her banrate is high because ppl dont know how to play against her, i havent lost a game vs irelia since she was released, i also played her for a bit and she doesnt seem too strong so. Better nerf adc and supports instead of nerfing bruisers who arent even a legitimate champion class to play atm.
do nerf adc but leave support alone if one of our items gets viable for anyone else it gets gutted but i agree that adc is to strong
: League voice enable for full team
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Give me a phat list of the champions who can 1 v 5
{{champion:11}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:24}}
: When will riot do anything about the trolls?
what is your problem with trundle? i think he is five as he is we could use a new troll champion maybe a shaman{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which champions besides Ryze (insert meme) would you like to see get visually reworked/upgraded?
lissandra{{champion:127}} needs a small scale rework especialy to her pasive but nuber 1 has to be morde{{champion:82}}
: Sightstone update = absolute trash and punishes people who get behind
i just wish riot would stop nerfing support every other patch
bococro96 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=meroboth,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=6744TqTj,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-04-05T17:07:00.360+0000) > > i was Climbing out of bronze with taric but after the runechanges to PoM and manaflow i feel like i run OOM to fast so it will take more time than planned and i wil be more reliable on my adc not to suck Okay i really dont know what is PoM and OOM. There is a huge difference between your and mine Taric build. Here is mine: {{item:3302}} > {{item:3097}}>{{item:3009}} >{{item:3401}} >{{item:3190}} >{{item:3801}} >{{item:3025}} >{{item:3800}} >{{item:3065}}
Pom is the rune presence of mind and OOm is out of mana and my build was based on that you get 15 sec of mana refund after a takedown from pom to keep my team healty
bococro96 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=TRD SixKiller,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=6744TqTj,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-05T16:21:39.311+0000) > > Hey guys, > > I have a problem. I play for a long time in brons (2) and the hold problem is: "trollers, feeders, no seriously players". My question on RIOT Is, if you guys want to check if players get reported for trolling or feeding. And ban them for 5 hours. If they reported for 5 times for the reasons what i say copple words here up to me. A ban for 5 hours. And then they can learn NOT TO FEED!!! > > Greetings (Dylan) TRD Sixkiller! Answers are possible ! If u see someone feeding u can start roaming to help them in their lane,sometimes the jungler cant gank ,so u gank for him instead. I see u are hardstuck in bronze for 3 season,but i was never hardstuck,one season i was bronze 5,one season i was sliver 5 and now im gold 5,and guess whats next? Proof: http://www.lolking.net/summoner/eune/37976647/bococro96#/profile If i could get out of bronze without a single premade u can too. Btw. the champion that got me out of bronze was Taric. https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-I2eCsL-8_WM/WahhQnjp9OI/AAAAAAABEwg/j90w0o0fqWgU1Nc58jZNZjDO6CKOPRh-wCLcBGAs/s1600/050ea44b907a1ceb.png LOL
i was Climbing out of bronze with taric but after the runechanges to PoM and manaflow i feel like i run OOM to fast so it will take more time than planned and i wil be more reliable on my adc not to suck
: Who is a good AP-Ranged support to start?
go janna or soraka if you still want to be a bit tanky you could try taric but he is melee
: [SUGGESTION] Gemstones into keys
i rather do keys into gemstones because i have 12 of those things (keys that is)
N1ghtOG (EUW)
: Can braindead shield supps get auto banned in ranked?
then what do you think about tarric he can heal his entire team with 1 button and it is on a very short cooldown
10sexes (EUW)
: Viktor in my opinion, has a bugged E and i would appreciate if his spell graphics could be larger by 1pixel on each side. Same modification for ashe ult and morg Q, 1 pixel each side larger to correlate between what we see and what is happening in the game.
with ashe ult and morgana Q you need way more than 1 pixel on each side to make it the same size as the hitbox
: Where can i find stats on champs?
: April fools event must be permanent!
the minion emotes should stay agreed
: 55ms, character sliding and spells/minions not showing when pressed
i had this to apperenly the cause was a update at my internetprovider
Lazarking7 (EUNE)
: What Champ to main in Season 8 ?
xaya and rakan arent that strong i regularly beat them with twitch or taric (mostly with taric)
: Changes to support items
i play taric so atleast i can diversivi my build using tank and enchanter items but i realy dont want my already low gold income to be even lower or i might have to steal my adc farl like i am some mage "support" who starts dorans ring
: Optimal Supports And Their Items/Playstyles?
{{champion:44}} i ~~main ~~ onetrick taric i max R-E-Q-W my usual build is {{item:3097}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3504}} or{{item:3109}} then the otherone and finnish with a armor/magic resist item of choice employ regular taric tactics and enjoy your Elo for runes i go resolve and precision aftershock-boneplating/demolish-conditioning-revitalise and presence of mind-legend tenacity
: How do Mordekaisers pizza feet taste like?
Sweaty cheese with pineapple and a hint of armor grease
Unsiqhted (EUW)
: How does one rank up as a support main?
I am climbing as a support main by getting my adc or jg fed and let them do the carrying
: How to 1v9 Hard Carry?What champions can carry a whole team?
Play yasuo or yi and get a taric sup enjoy winning 2v8
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: What do you think about Kai'Sa?
i forsee a lot of ults that result in getting cced and killed
: Step 1: Buy blitz and janna Step 2:???? Step 3: Youre gold, congratz.
: Tbh I would ban nunu aswell if he was say supp but I wouldn't ban if he was top because a nunu supp cannot offer anything to the adc so it is better to think about your own team mates aswell not whats fun for you. Ofc if you play him mid/top/jgl fine with me. I'm not saying that banning your own team mates champs is normal but sometimes it is for their good.
i mean i lock in nunu when my champ gets banned
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