: when will Singed make his comeback?!
Here is what i have gotten to know about singed from my higher ELO friends: because singed is a champ you play, not to make plays but to just be a threat split-pusher. Also this kind of play style might be hard to pull off in lower ELOs, Gold and down i assume, so people just generally avoids him as they dont know how to play him.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: Problems with chat in 6.7
my chat is also "disabled" on the pick and ban phase and on the post game page
: "Adopt a noob" - idea for LoL "charity" + social bonding opportunities
OMG! OMG! OMG! i actually found people who won't ask me to unninstal every other game, nor will you guys call me stupid rasist names, thanks guys, for proving that some of you exists. My faith in the league community have been restored And btw, i would very much like to be a silver 5 noob that can be the noob of the group :)
Sùpreme (EUNE)
: Does it really matter? Come on dude
it does matter because the difference between flat and scaling runes is actually quite significant, is differs from 12,06 MR on flat runes to 27 MR lv 18
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: Honestly, her best (Other than Mid), would have to be Support. It's the only other role she could really do anything in. She could harass ok, and stun the enemy, both offensively & defensively. The problems are, you wouldn't be using her kit to it's full potential, (It's built to blow a target up in one combo, not for sustained poke & trading), you wouldn't be able to build the required amount of AP, on a Support income, and you would struggle to balance your mana costs to harass. She's very much like a Zyra, except that Zyra has a CC ultimate, rather than an Ultimate based around getting the kill for yourself.
i have also regarded top syndra as a option, rush {{item:3070}} and then build some health + AP to survive like {{item:3151}} then you would be able to blow up the enemies, wouldn't that work??
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: Full attack speed bard
maybe include some cooldown for getting some peeps a bit faster?? (is the cooldown applies on the meeps)
: Call me old fashioned, but I don't like playing champions in ways that aren't intended
To say it that way, Riot have made guidelines for us, and you have the meta to use as other guidelines, but the intentions on how to utilise the champions are yours to meek for yourself
: Why not go just for {{item:3115}} on TF then? Maybe also {{item:3172}} on top of an AP full build... I think his AA damage still scales better with AP.
when i build, {{champion:4}} ADC, i usually go with {{item:3085}} as a follow up go with one damage item, like {{item:3072}} or {{item:3508}} to not have to spam the blue cards, furthermore i enjoy items as {{item:3046}} for even more attack speed (this is optional) and finish the build with {{item:3035}} and a {{item:3031}} (boots are also optional on {{champion:4}} ADC if you use his ult properly and maybe even go with {{summoner:6}} and {{summoner:4}} as summoner spells for even more mobility)
ALCA Hornet (EUNE)
: she needs a rework though or visual update.
yes indeed, she need a visual update but there is nothing wrong with her gameplay
ALCA Hornet (EUNE)
: I Just got Mystery Champ! Post yours :D
I main support and i got {{champion:117}} someone plz tell me it is not a dream, because i am looking forward to play her A LOT
: Got {{champion:432}} I guess i have to learn to play him :) And now we wait for that one guy that got {{champion:78}} ...There is always that one guy....
there is nothing wrong with {{champion:78}} , i main her myself and she is actually quite overpowered if you complete like 2-3 items and get to the late game


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