: You are complaining that you can't 1v5, need a proper positioning + you cry that you need a full combo to assassinate someone? This post blows my mind, literally.
Im not complaining im just saying that change has come so fast like 2 months ago kata was most op champ now she is usless they should nerf her step by step or smth and not like that
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: So rapist on ult makes you get ad based on the killed target's ad. Max q, put 2 points in E. It helps weavevlear. As static build, lethality. Most likely Duckblade of Duckthaar. I like lifesteal on him. If I need more burst, i pick BoTRK (rare skirms) or Ravenous Hydra (fast skirm, more split). If need semi tankyness, Death's dance. Build maw against ap. Ignore ad, you cannot counter it, just with tabi. Boots -> merc or tabi. Infinity edge is op sometimes. For runes, electroduck, sudden duck, ghost duck, ravenous duck. Triumph+Coup. Go ahead, make them quack.
Duckblade of Ducktharr and lifesteal ? XDDDD im dying
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