: All reports can do is trigger an automated check of the chatlogs. If those are clean, you have nothing to fear.
Or if somebody just die 20 times in 15 min. mid under tower.
: TFT items are not RNG ?
>The moment you entered in the game, >the items/gold from the mobs are >decided i guess You described RNG by seed here.
: How to instantly recognize people who haven't played league in the early days: "The game was balanced better before" *Laughs in LB with DFG*
*Laughs in Twitch with 6 {{item:3751}} *
Plus0NE (EUW)
: Its pretty broken, since you can have a carry champion being protected and stacking the whole time Guinsoos or Spear
: When nasus players miss canon
Or when he die in middle of Q attack animation.
mandÑ (EUW)
: Remove the stack function items on TFT
: Pretend like this never happened OH AND RELEASE NEW SKINS OMFGFGFGF
Are you aware that people who make skins have won't fix game? Is not like they are only people that actually do a good job. And Skins are only way they get money to pay for serwers and 2,500 employs.
Etarga3ut (EUW)
: You can also look it like this and please hear me out. Everyone needs a slap on the wrist sometimes. So if you play with someone that respects and fears you they will try harder. If people know that you are a pushover and that you will not flame ,people will stop respecting you and will not put some effort in the game. Look at tarzaned look at almost all the lcs pro players. I have found some evidence from back in the days. These players had the reputation of "ow shit if i don't bring my A game this person will flame and insult me so I better try"
"Oh no i'm so scared a random person gona sacrafice his acc to wish death upon me and my familly." At least there they don't write a book insted of playing.
God of Seas (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=mikrogane2305,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oAflKXHE,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-07-18T18:43:31.528+0000) > > Well theres one chellenger Panthon main that would like to have a talk with you. I'm actually interested to know who it is. I feel like its a juicy streamer and I'm missing on it.
Zockerede (EUW)
: Chat banned for this? xDDD LOL
>Zockerede: you gonna get banned Heh. [Here you can educate yourself more about reporting in lol. It's not that long.](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752884-Reporting-a-Player)
God of Seas (EUNE)
: Change my mind
Well theres one chellenger Panthon main that would like to have a talk with you.
Xelithras (EUW)
: Worst match making ive seen
I love when people don't see difference between getting stoped and feeding. Going with your logic you would get banned.
TheNewbie1 (EUNE)
: We stormin area 51 boys
Guard: Open fire. Raid Failed.
: ? blocks made TFT Item RNG even worse
Now you get some gold when you don't get item. Unlike befor you got nothing.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I keep collecting funny chat messages, just thought I'd share some of them
: What the hell riot :D do i hafto cry and wipe it off with the negatron cloaks?
: Getting S Rank
Well you are compare to other yasuo players on that role. And cause yasuo i easy and popular champion getting s on him require more than good
: Better jungler wins
: Imagine
Atleast Artist are doing their jobs great.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: first of all ,people who been permanent banned dosn't spend money again , you are false on that , even support staff claimed they have to lose from people who get permanent banned , now they have an option to avoid permanent bans , which means the chat server no purpouse to the game ,which in teory means then that everyone who got permanent banned for chat breaking rules then they should seted free , further more i would like to talk what else you say over there: There is a huge difference throught /muteall and what means a settings option to never been again forced to use /muteall , and most of people liked the chat disable option , and they been refused , i one asked for that 5 years ago before i reach permanent ban... Talking further permanent bans are regarding chat breaking rules , i can assure you that before permanent bans there was still people who been toxic ,but it was less accent on people toxicity ,which means that permanent bans themself are far of what you think ... , permanent bans been a measure and punishment to reduce people of further more use toxicity , not about punishing people cause they broke so hard rules... , there was hundreds of people flaming each day before permanent ban be a solution to chat behaviour , and thrust me , people reach hundreds of restrictions before the permanent ban system to be implemented... ,which means that they chased to stop toxicity not to necesary punish people.. I haven't used mute all because i wanted an option inside settings to don't even touch of chat at all , to not even require my attention and time to write /muteall ,which in time changed because i already faced the system punishments and learned to behave , which in teory i have learned without using /muteall which means i one spended time to take care about how i behave when others try to make me angry or nervous in some ways. What you claim Riot did with permanent bans ,and all them purpouse is far of what now they implemented inside options for chat , which is against what they tryed to achieve ... , all they claimed about permanent bans and purpouse of them beats head in head with the patch 9.14 as now permanent bans will no longer be a thingh because people will have option to don't use chat at all , which means less people banned , less people team work and talking into chat , less human interaction which translate =>>> a game where no one speak =>>> a game where no one will team work =>>>> a game of team with players who don't communicate at all .. Ask yourself when you will face a 0/9 jax top lossing vs mordekaiser ,and you will not be able to do nothing , to offer him advices because he have chat disabled , at least he have excuse for keeping grief and throw hard the game... , is a fictive exemple ,
No matter how much you will write it. Riot will never unban you.
Cause no one wants to wait 60min to get into lobby.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Riot and them greed for money
Ok. 1. People wanted this option for so long. It's just shows that Riot somewhat ""care"" about it's community. 2. When they permaban somebody they have way more to gain than to loose. If this person ever decide to play with new acc he gona need to buy all his skins secound time aka spend more money. 3. This option is added so people don't need to write /mute all every game. It's just a small increase of quality of life 4. People that are toxic most likely won't use that option. They enjoy flaming others for some reason. And there are already people that full mute all every game. >grief/troll and will have cover for that as they haven't read chat and advices they receive to fight against enemy They wouldn't listen if they want to do that. >I one suffer 2 times because of new implemented feature , because i will not be able to make strategies , Yes you still can. Not everyone gona use this option. Almost every player have all chat on. A small % of people would actually use it. Either cause they can't control themself or don't want see people wish them death by FIRE ANTS every game. >In teory all those changes means that every permanent banned account for flame should be removed No they shouldn't it's PERMANENT ban. > they had no equal chances to stand toxic behaviour They had. /mute all or unbind enter. This is just a quality of life improvement. >permanent ban is no longer a punishment as no one will reach that if they can disable chat. You could do that always. You didn't cause you enjoyed flaming others. >so that means that everyone who been past banned for chat behaviour should be back in game No cause it's a permaments ban. Riot try lifting permament bans 2 times it didn't go well. So they will never try this again. >and they broke them way more much before permanent ban appear Since season 1 you could earn ban from 100+ years. And in early days of leauge there was a permament chat ban. Guess what. It didn't work. People would just int or troll if they can't flame. So no more 100+ years of chat restrict. >which in teory dosn't mean that those people deserved then the permanent ban just cause the system was builded like that You accepted Term of Use. You broke it, you get banned. It always was like that. But in early days you had players deciding fate of player witch was slow and not as effective as bot. >I one passed throught multiple punishments to learn to behave and stay honorable , and now when i see this i consider it an insult >because i worked hard on my behaviour and put hundred of hours into that to stay chill and calm when others provoke me >:troll;grief;play extremly bad;when they toxic . Congratulations. But sadly you always could trun chat off. Now it's way easier. >While others will just disable chat and run of them duty of reforming , flaming for a while and then soon as they reach 14 days ban they >will just mute chat forever and keep play until punishment level reset and they will be able to do it again... , which in teory means ,toxic >players get extra chances to be toxic+troll+grief and to stay in a game which requires team work and communication when they aren't >capable to do that. In theory you could always do that. But sadly people can't control themself thinking that right way is flaming others
Mártir (EUW)
: Premades of 5 in TFT... So I can get 4 Smurfs, and ensure myself 4th Position at least? :-D
Now tell me how. Champions you get are random, Items you get are random, Opponents you face are random, So tell me how can you ensure that you won't loose faster?
: Riot's downvote bots
It should be in Games, Contests & Jokes
Pixelbits (EUW)
: A request for a full gameplay footage of a high elo ADC solo carrying a lower elo iron/bronze game
: Prośba o RP
1. Jest osobne polskie forum. 2. Napisz do Wsparcia nie na forum
Tincie (EUW)
: Did anyone REGION CHANGE recently?
Yes. It there's another acc with that same name you get "free" name change. Ofc is that other acc is not inactive long enough for name to become free.
Jazi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=RespectfuIRobbie,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kV3knKh4,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-12T18:07:02.324+0000) > > 250 cs Ok, now if I did get 250 cs would that get me an S grade or an S-?
Askarth (EUW)
: 150 mission points compensation not granted, there is a guy who has 2300 points in TFT
You know after you compleat that last mission you get another misions?
ipv (EUW)
: Guys victory is not the fun part for good players!
ipv (EUW)
: RIOT is giving honor checkpoints to good players despite their bad behaviour just so they dont quit!
: Some metrics like kill participation or damage to champs and objectives can be added, but it will make everyone to game the play. And a player who performs badly according to the metrics, can actually make a game changing move and even though his play was the turning point of the game which lead to the victory, he will punished under this system.
Those can be easy cheesed.
: Did you read what I wrote or you are judging by the title ? :)
Just making fun of title.
: When Riot wants me to get demoted
Sure people at Riot decided that they want to demote you. Just randomly one worker said to himself that he will for any f reason get you demoted.
: > [{quoted}](name=mikrogane2305,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=A0Ol9hhk,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-11T16:58:00.758+0000) > > No one wants to wait 30 min for game. > And Game became more popular. It's for sure not dying. If I was riot I would actually add options in the lobby on whether u wanna wait a lot or just get filled. I reckon this would save lots of my games rather than time.
If this option was available everyone would use it. Thats' why it's not there. Cause NO ONE WANTS WO WAIT 30+ MIN FOR GAME.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheToysTracker,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=A0Ol9hhk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-11T16:56:46.421+0000) > > You speak about the kids who flame? Do you have a proof that the game is dying? It's dead :) > [{quoted}](name=TheToysTracker,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=A0Ol9hhk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-11T16:56:46.421+0000) > > You speak about the kids who flame? Do you have a proof that the game is dying? Don't need a proof, cause I already know that most of my mates quitted it already since every season has started to become worse than the other.
How your friends quiting game means game is dying?
Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: Well, Riot killed Kha'Zix's invisibility on bushes too. They didn't care about him. They won't care if its Aatrox or even Varus losing his bow . Its league... %%%%ing trash company
People begged for nerf on Kha'zix R for long time.
: Counter to Mordekaiser
: finally 14day ban for being mad about my inting troll team
>Calloffalko: enjoy your ban ez this does put a smile on my face
No one wants to wait 30 min for game. And Game became more popular. It's for sure not dying.
Zephory (EUW)
: No, but there should be some limits. like gold can't meet with master or silver can't meet with diamond at the same game!!!!!
kalvskall (EUW)
: Yeah I have thought about this and Riot should be able to work out a system similar to this where this is fixed if they actually feel like doing it instead of releasing skins/events and making more money
There's no way to create system that will work the way you want. And saying "They should be able to figure it out" is just ignorance. So you are one of those people that don't understand that artist have nothing to do with programers. Not to mention skins are only way they get money to pay for a lot of things.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: i guess i just play in an elo that people know how to manage their mana
You said that every champion don't have mana issues and then you said that champions that have mana issues have tp.
xAG Rewd (EUW)
: Teammates shouldn't be able to ban another teammates
Oh Boy Time To Switch What We Want So My Teammate can't ban anything <3
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: mana hasn't been a problem in league since season 5 or something no champion ever runs out of mana the champions that tend to run out of mana get tp and circumvent that problem it's been long lasting philosophy of riot that they want champions to be able to cast their abilities the only role that is left mana hungry is adcs since if they had free access to all their spells all the time they would be extremely unhealthy in solo lanes
>no champion ever runs out of mana >he champions that tend to run out of mana get tp and circumvent that problem Well yes but actually no.
: kata is on a good spot, dont stand on the daggers and she does like zero dmg..
Can't She Dash to you place Dagger and Dash again?
Zephory (EUW)
: Seriously RIOT???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Are you saying that Riot pays Diamond players to smurf ?
Evidence (EUNE)
: there were many with idea similar like this,i like ur idea,but u have to get this and others who came before u to post as long as people buy their skins and play this game they willl neevr fix the current problem i ths game that got dragged 8+ years.
You know that would only incress number of kda players, and won't be healthy for game. People won't even try to win if they see their team struggle, they will just do everything to minimize loose of LP. And if somebody will get camped he won't even try to play on his lane. Just to don't loose more lp.
: Some feedback, gameplay improvement suggestions, qol suggestions, tips&tricks (TFT) :)
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: you can, it's just not legally allowed
And can lead to permanent ban.
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