: Except very few people can react in time to Rengar in average ping (30ish), because he's probably already killed you in that mild delay.
hey, supports can REALLY help this issue if rengar makes even the slightest mistake he wont 1 shot the adc even the slightest one
: Freddie Foxxx - Bumpy Knuckles Baby (HQ)
i think you might be in the wrong subboard
mortys123 (EUNE)
: get trist provlem solved ~ a rengar main
oh forgot to mention if you cant react in time or go alone to farm botside its not our fault we 1 shot you
yakakuzo (EUNE)
: Nerf this little cat rengar ffs!
get trist provlem solved ~ a rengar main
: Friendlist ?
same here
robero378 (EUNE)
: Unban
how do you play with 5 (6 man team with you on) or 6 (7 man team with you on)
: Championship Riven
who needs english right?
: Leaverbuster for disconnecting 1 game?
Hey, usually you get leave buster if you are REPORTED by your teamates, keep in mind
: examples of standard rune pages please
there are alot of ap and ad runepages example: AD armor pen runes 9x greater mark of armor pen 9x seal of armor 9x glyph of magic resist and 3 quints of ad Cdr runepage 9x mark of attack damage 9x seal of armor 9x glyph of magic resist 3x quints of cooldown reduction a.k.a cdr You can also get tank runepages,magic pen runepages it really fits on your playstyle and what you like playing as there are many sites and guides that have them listed so i suggest looking at them
RPG3000 (EUNE)
rengar needs a lot of time to master and he is not as easy to paly as you think, and he is getting reworked so playing him right know and trying to master him is unececary but gnar is really easy to play once you get used to his ult and he can escape when he does certain mistakes in lane he has a harass form and a mega form that can help him win trades, so yeah i will go on gnar for you
Damiel (EUW)
: Rylai's with Kennen's W and Amumu's W?
: Hey I was Silver 3 on my Western account I moved to Nordic East and I would love to help you out to move up divisions in ranked. PS I also need to get my rank up anyways :P. Ive mastered all positions but adc, so anything but adc is good for me. Preferably Mid or Top
cool, add me on this ign mortys123 when im up i will accept you
: Maybe they played normals before ranked. Did you think about it?
not really, normals are a different thing than ranked people react diferent, play diferent
: Still doesn't change anything..
and this http://screenshot.sh/oAFJUTkcJvGZU
: Still doesn't change anything..
does this? http://screenshot.sh/mMzhANmIkwYMK
: Before you think bad about unrankeds look at their last season division. I got matched with 3 unrankeds yesterday but they were plat 3 last season.
wont change it that would meant that they had 7 months or so to play, which will result in their skill deteriorating
: Ok? that doesn't go against what i'm saying though.
mjishi (EUW)
: My request to join the league alpha client has been pending for the last 6 montsh
: Get over the whole carrying thing. It's pathetic! Again you get matched with player of your own skill level.
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Caraméla (EUW)
: ur mmr might be higher than average so u get matched vs "good" players and with "bad" players to prove that u deserve the better mmr... im not sure how it works
: You don't! It's a team game and not a single player game. Stop thinking you can carry games... You get matched with player at and near your skill level, so think about that first.
having gold enemies while having gold allies is not easy to climb elo. having expirienced gold players facing lvl 30 who just got placed is not easy for me to carry they dont make as many mistakes as my teamates are and for me to get fed is really hard
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: Well, this is unfortunate. (Not my net)
Dont worry phreak spilled coffe on the eune server again
: Looking for Silv/Gold players to climb ranked this S6!
Hey,i am a jungler main aged 16 (im mature) i main rengar as a champion and i believe im really good at him, i almost never surrender because i understand that the enemy team can fuck up a baron and can put is back into the game but sometimes when i help people and theu dont engage / sleep i might get a bit angry about it
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: In Game Voice Chat (Gameplay Question)
Wouldn't miss my teamates rage :^)
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mortys123 (EUNE)
: just a question
Yo i got more proof now i won 7 games in a row lost 2 won 2 then i got those 4 "TEAMATES" on my fuckign team http://screenshot.sh/mMxUrFICxbHCC http://screenshot.sh/n9Jl34A6S4dmC
duckarp (EUNE)
: It happened to me many times, but I'm not sure if it's me or if it's really just rigged matchmaking :/
i asked a few friends it happened to them 2 as it seems
DumbFux (EUNE)
: well that just seems like a really dick move xD
add me on eune im gonna explain it to you ign mortys123
DumbFux (EUNE)
: Can't really think of a solution to this problem I encounter every day aswell
have you read the example i gave? its when you WIN a lot of games so in order for riot to "balance" you puts you with 4 bad players
duckarp (EUNE)
: Except OP is describing the opposite phenomenon when you are matched with worse and worse teammates every game.
^^^^^^^^^^^^ {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}}
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Davè (EUNE)
: Plat 4 atm LF friends for ranked/normals
yo,im b4 and i want to play with higher level players so i can improve ign mortys123
TheOnski (EUNE)
: Hi mortys123 im in bronze 4 and i would like to play ranked with you;) I can play mid adc jungle and support :)
Mepodis (EUW)
: LOL next joke pls xD Mine go splitpush on maokai etc lol
Mepodis (EUW)
: The thing is tho, my teammates are 4 mentally damaged uncarriable retards lol :/
mortys123 (EUNE)
: have you tried a new role or champion?
Riot has fucked her game up so that you cant carry 1v5 and people like me in bronze are stuck in this hellhole forever im fed up with this you should be gratefull your teamates are not 4 mentally uncarriable retards
Mepodis (EUW)
: Gold 1 now... Havnt won in 7 games now, I played bad in one of those 7 games. and tbh its neither fun or fair when the game rewards unskilledness imo...
Mepodis (EUW)
: Not like i didnt expect downvotes anyways. I mean after all the post was made by me. Doesnt help to mute all, that doesnt make them play better unfortunatly.... Apparently losing streaks last forever no matter how good you play.....
There are no losing streaks trust me, what div are you?>
Mepodis (EUW)
: This game, and more importantly, the people in this game makes me wanna kill myself.
Downvoted Reason:1)im in the same position as you as a bronze player i lose many ranked games and win little even if i try my best and im constantly getting flamed at /mute all is a good solution not the best one, as a former flame i assure you asking them if what they are doing is going to make you play better try it! Also no losing streak lasts forever !
Ventom (EUNE)
: Looking for players for team
IGN:mortys123 Division:Bronze 4 Main role:Jung/adc Something about you:Tons of damage
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Zagzagg (EUNE)
: nasus is a very very badly designed champ , he is so boring to play and to play against , he doesnt do anything other than q-ing minions for 30mins and thats all , he should be redesigned
{{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}} {{item:2010}}
: Nasus Hates quick games and loves long games where he can take his 500+ stacks and one shot but while he is farming its a free 4v5 for you so you can push drake then go for a bot/mid push sure nasus might be farming but he cant push a lane that fast in the early game
pushing top when he is still there is just a waste of time its hard to tower dive him
: general tips to beat nasus are as follows.. play someone who can shut him down early on {{champion:117}} {{champion:58}} generally someone with strong poke/early game power that doesnt rely on attack speed lane swap with bot lane nasus cant handle a 1v2 lane very well finally just generally close games out with early leads properly
lane swap with bot eh? then our top laner is gonna be 1v2 and its not gonna go well most of th times Closing out games in my elo is kinda hard since people dont listen poking him may work most of the time but in ~30 min is useless with his w
: Yeah.. but games usually last ~30 mins, so the point he becomes relevant is probably too late, and since he is so bad early, if you can't stop him or at least make tp plays to snowball the game maybe you don't deserve the win. Nasus early tp's are bad and late game he can be kited. I don't think he is op at all, veigar basically has the exact same stacking mechanics and I guarantee you don't feel he is op. I have a feeling you were stomped pretty bad and got butthurt :^)
Nasus early game isnt that bad he can deal tons of dmg with his e+q eith only 50-30 stacks
: Well depents the elo imo. Low elo : Yeah he is strong.People dont know how to use their snowball, rotate,tp etc. Decent ,high elo (i would say above plat 5 but maybe also gold) :He sucks sometimes. Nasus needs stacks right? Zone him ,gank him . Use tp at bot make bot lane snowball . Ok he will stack 50-60 more you get a tower. He keeps stacking at top ? Dont waste moving at map around . Objectives push mid ,top . In a 2 or 3vs1 senario nasus cant do nothing with more cc + one exhaust . I have played nami maybe more than 40 times vs nasus (ofc he was top) . I just exhaust him ,he deals no damage. Stun him he deal no damage. slow him he cant move to kill my adc . So for like 5-6 seconds he cant deal the damage he got. .A good nasus normally he wont carry alone. He is a threat for my jugler +top . But i can make him zero at teamfights. There are other champs that i find much more stronger(not broken) like (tank always) : {{champion:245}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:78}} not because they are really tanky and cant die so easy but they got utility that at teafights can own my whole team if they use it at the right moment.
I can see your points but as i moslty play jung in my elo even if my top laner has 3-0 he will still die to him.... and other lanes keep feeding when i gank* him
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