: Okay well is it just me or is that link a phishing link? O.o{{summoner:21}}
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Infernape (EUW)
: Well I just opened my client. I have the revel shop and I ended up getting the same skins from the snowdown event. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: I have my Lunar Revel shop opened right now, i live in Slovenia and play on the EUNE server. It's 17:35 at the moment http://prntscr.com/9vzpv2
: NCS takes too long...
NoCopyrightSound takes too long? Wtf?{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Evelynn AI Intro,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hiqX4622,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-01-27T07:49:35.193+0000) > > Just pick teemo as an intent. Or any other champ. And tell in chat what you would play :) It is actually a nice way to troll your opponent. I am actually considering doing this until they fix it.
Stell (EUNE)
: continuing my post with an example: I pick lucian as pick intent and i'm first pick. During banning phase last pick is support and we're like shit, i don't want to first pick lucian, let's swap. But when it's my turn to pick they can see that i have pick intented lucian. so then i take support champ and they can ninja lucian from me since they knew i'm about to play it.
this is biggest turd thing to complain about, and I can't see this "thing" you're talking about.
: Remove the display of pick intent for the enemy team
how the hell can you see enemies picks? I've played multiple games of draft (normal) and can't see enemies' "pick intents".
: Bug on Poppy's e
haven't seen this. What I've seen is that sometimes, when enemy visually hits wall or any terrain, they don't get stunned. Also I've noticed if enemy uses dash same time you E them, they can counter your E.
: Having last three picks to have a ban each makes no sence now
Stell (EUNE)
: So, 2015 Riot made 1.6 Billions in revenues
Gelse (EUW)
: new champion select flaws with premade bot duo-team
How did you even find a match? I tried solo to 5 man premade and only found match when we were 5. 4 and less players queue time went 10minutes and we/me gave up and went blind pick instead.
Cosmick (EUW)
: I'd take an enemy Tryndamere any day all day, over a Zed tbh!
most Zed's are so bad and are easy to deal with. At some point, Tryndamere will hit 100%(ish) crit and just right clicking on him, will make player deal tons of damage. AND if your team doesn't have constant long CC OR if Trynda's team is also exists, then you're going to have a bad time. I seriously think his ultimate duration should be lowered to 3 seconds, like Kayle ult was.
: My suggestion too play vs tryn for u {{summoner:3}} + {{champion:150}} -{{champion:1}} "All stuns" and {{champion:40}} or {{item:3009}} btw im pretty fine can handle tryn "even a deadly feeded one by {{champion:103}} "seems like a free kill" Also u can find some guids in youtube or smt.. Befoer Make complains.. THINK.. when u think how i can handle tryn u can win the game.. But if u RAGE OMG ITS OP >> Ur bronze for ever :P #{{item:1029}} + {{item:2003}}
only thing is, Tryndamere IS OP. The steroids and ult duration is way too much. But, you're just a silver player (no offense), so I don't expect you to realise different situations.
: I remember playing tryndamere recently. Not too good with him (hardly play him actually), and went fairly well vs GP (who _was_ good with GP). After GP went more actively to aid his team... I just kept pushing. Literally the whole game, avoiding fights as best as I can. Despite my team horrifically dying under the awesome might of {{champion:81}}(don't ask), I kept ramming their turrets and inhibitors till all 3 were dead. We won that game and the enemies even stated it was all due to constant objective pressure from {{champion:23}}. SPLIT PUSH!!!
Yeah, or suddenly in a teamfight trynda appears with 100% crit and goes Smack, Smack, Smack and your team's dead in 5 hits :D
Eveninn (EUW)
: Always when palying against Trynd, the main Thing is that he can ult while under heavy CC. Be it Kayle, Ekko, Zilean, you can catch them with a CC chain to avoid their ults. :s
Yes, and it lasts for 5 seconds. For ability, that gives you invulnerability, 5 second duration is way too long IMO, 2-3 seconds is enough.
Sefi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AHg1YEmd,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-01-27T06:02:23.049+0000) > > Always when palying against Trynd, the main Thing is that he can ult while under heavy CC. > > Be it Kayle, Ekko, Zilean, you can catch them with a CC chain to avoid their ults. :s He's easily dealt with as long as you dont run up his face AAing him like it gives you gold.
Bronze V sharing how "easy" it is to deal with a champion.
Sefi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AHg1YEmd,comment-id=000600000000,timestamp=2016-01-27T06:20:28.295+0000) > > But it gives me Gold. :< (Bandit OP) > > For me it's just annoying that he actully needs hard CC, unlike juggernauts and the likes where slows usually help. :s > > Not saying he is impossible to deal with, just a tad annoying. :< I'd say he is, but you dont really need hard CC, just don't engage him 1v1 and problem solved.
That's just stupid. Think before you comment. You think inside box and have no vision, guess that's why you're bronze V.
iHeyt (EUNE)
: To analyze it and help you. If you don't need it, no problem for me.
I don't need someone (specially like you, no offense) to "analyze" my games.
Brawler (EUW)
: The number one problem I see a lot of people make when trying to 1v1 Tryndamere is that they're doing it. His entire kit is built for splitpushing and dueling, so you want to avoid letting him do either of those things, because he is **super strong** at them. The second problem is that they use their CC off the bat. As mentioned by OP, he gains more AD as his health goes down, which means if you blow your CC and he goes for an all-in on you, he is fighting with his maximum AD and you're fighting without any CC, and he's just gonna wreck you, end of discussion. All in all, he's not actually that great of a champion unless your team is lacking coordination. In that scenario he'll just splitpush forever and be a massive pain. The best thing you can do is to communicate with your team, and try to take objectives and force 5v4's. If a teamfight does happen that he's there for, focus him till he ults, then disengage. Reengage when his ult's down and he's literally the most useless champion in the game. Again, the importance is to communicate with your team, as he will do some serious work to your backline if you don't disengage when you should.
Thing is, he isn't only good splitpusher, he can dominate in teamfights as well.
: first, jungle monsters give less experience and gold then normal cs(even with a jungler item) And if he takes the jungle , his jungler will loose gold and xp while top lane cs die without the xp/gold picked up. U can push top out , take turrets and be farmed. Then u wil roam or splitpush further. U cant always win but tryndamere is predictable and thaz way easy to counter.
i think you're stupid, you missed the point completely.
: if u spin towards a mini gnar -> he will jump back a bit and continue autoattacking while slowing u and speeding himself up in mega gnar transform he stuns u for 4 sec straigt and u deal no dmg early. u either make him go 0/3 in lane or make him loose a shit ton of farm -> resulting in him needing longer to scale -> u bring your team ahead and win
What if he jungles and just free farms? You can stop him there.
iHeyt (EUNE)
: Don't be offended but you are probably not experienced enough. Tryndamere is not picked in higher levels/elo. He is easly kited and his ultimate is barely usefull with such a huge custom of CC. Fiddlestick is enough to counter Trynda with his sick-long Fear. Tryndamere is at good place where he is, good slitpusher, If fed he is a monster indeed, but good teamcomp and strategy and you are good to go
I just played against Tryndamere as Fiddlesticks... I silenced him, feared him, drained his health to almost 0, he hit R and then two hit me moment fear wore off and continued to slaughter my teammates or escaped.
: He can be easily bullied by champions if they are played properly. {{champion:150}} usually beats him at top every time
Someone having a counter-pick champion really doesn't mean they're balanced though..
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: yeah i get that from time to time... its just people with low self esteem thats trying to save what little they have left ;) yesterday on malz i got something like that... i got ganked.. people got low, but the towerdive went well.. i died then their swain walks back through the lane.. not caring about the final minion alive.. that had the dot ticking.. dead minion = dot on swain... and swain went nuts over my noob champ :P
Malza is a noob champ....
: Don't call us bad players...
Fiora doesn't require skill, so what was that scrub talking?
: From plat 1 to gold 2 with 7-3. So I had a better rank, I performed better, and I ended lower than you. I don't really mind but it seems unfair, doesn't it?
SykosFool (EUW)
: Well I don't know how the system works, but from season 5 SILV4, placements 8w 2l, I got B3 Does this seem fine ?
Kollery (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cypherous,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=BWnxk1uA,comment-id=0005000000000002,timestamp=2016-01-25T23:50:29.591+0000) > > No, they were going to get placed there regardless of the 10 game bug, all that happened was their current rank was not displayed, this was now fixed, they were correctly placed yhea exept that I rised 2 divisions with 1 win.
Stell (EUNE)
: I guess it was the loud minority again..?
probably every boosted kid QQ he ended in bronze or silver again...
Kartagia (EUNE)
: New champion selection is good, but trolls are refusing to take role they are given
J Cole (EUW)
: players with disabilities
My friend has a "disability". I don't get this post... It has no logic behind it. Also, if you want to QQ about friend, at least share or imply to what the "disability" is. It's not like missing a toe is going to stop you from playing League better. Unless your friend has mental problems or problems with his arms, there's no reason why they shouldn't be able to play League.
Caharin (EUW)
: Riot opening Dynamic on EUNE, EUW get's it early tuesday at best.
the new queue is trash though... You wont find a game unless you go 5 man premade (talking about normal queue).
Eveninn (EUW)
: LoL Logic.
inb4 for new items Riot releases hats, helmets, gloves...
iHeyt (EUNE)
: They will prolly pay it back somehow, wait patiently, they won't give up on such big community
wouldn't be first time they ignored it..
Gatoraff (EUW)
: So much QQ I feel here... You got IP Boost. Inconsistent or not you guys got it. EUW? No IP Boost whatsoever and like 8h later Dynamic Q was online they turned it off. Please don't cry if you guys got atleast something...
Something that wasn't what was advertised and EUW gets the 400% boost, once Queue is back. What did EUNE get? - some games only 60% of normal IP gain - lost games at most cases giving more than won games - not 400% boost as it was supposed to be - "we're looking into it" message until boost time ended, without fix applied to the bonuses - New Queues disabled yeah, we got something, but this something was literally fucked up.
: Don't forget the big fat lie Riot Draggles gave us "Dynamic Queue is disabled in all regions world wide" When EUNE only has it disabled on ranked games but it's still going on normal ones.
it was disabled on normal games, enabled on ranked (i think it was enabled for ranked) but it was 100% disabled for normal.
Jonxx (EUNE)
: I've played on both servers a lot and that's what I've noticed. Both servers are equal in toxicity. The only thing EUW is better about, is chance of playing with famous streamers and possibly a bit better skilled master/challenger players, since more people compete in EUW it's simply bigger, but that's all. And keep in mind that Eune don't suffer from any network issues, pretty much ever.
EUNE laggs every night, just RIOT pretends it doesn't happen.
Bl3nd14 (EUW)
: EU West is cursed or haunted?
EUNE got "boost" that was all fucked up... Yes some games gave you more IP than usually, but others just made u gain less IP than usually. First win of the day game with 5 man party - 150 IP a won game {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} IP gains for me during this time with 5 man teams were from 100IP - 1600 IP/game and 1600 happened ONCE in 3 days. Not to mention it was "300%" "boost" not advertised 450% and that advertised amount was also wrong, because EU only was supposed to get 400%.
moonborn (EUW)
: well i think we all have to agree that graves needs to be toned down a little. it's a question of time. he actually reminds me of {{champion:133}} before she got toned down a few weeks back.
Quinn still needs nerf on ultimate and Q... The smoke screen effect HAS TO BE removed.
Synergy (EUW)
: Match History - Rating erarned
For me it'd be fun, if I could see my match history at all.
Rioter Comments
: they should buff the slow on his W to about 90% on all ranks and it should last for 3 more seconds after leaving the smoke screen. And mid lane is for casters, so, obviously buff his Q and R damage.
the smoke screen should follow you around like Quinn's Q...
: Yes her q is strong but let's be honst, what else does she have? Her w -> meh ok her e is decent her ult in a fight .... -> lol
you must be stupid if you think so...
kurnubego (EUNE)
: So you got rekt by a good quinn. Ok. Good to know.
This time I did, but even if I stomp them, their Q is just retarded... There's no other way of putting it... It removes all vision from you and makes your attacks worthless... What it does is equal to an ultimate ability, not a 5s cooldown base one.
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Eiriikr (EUNE)
: Yeah, is there way to fix this? No1 answered you yet
Merophes (EUNE)
: Cant remind myself the email I used while registrating
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