Sarokh (EUNE)
: Give us an option to disable skins
If you can't see them maybe you shoul' open ya eyes {{champion:64}}
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: how did you got honor capsules when we didn't got at all :| ... you have lv 0 honor
I am still having lvl 5 mate, you can't see on others profiles their honor levels:
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: not anymore ,toxic behaviour i guess ...he lost the lv 5 ... Wanted to ask what happen if someone asking me to honor him ? , does it get banned on honor level or something ? cause it happened someone to ask for honor , and in that game i played quit well everyone honored that guy ... cause he asked for team mates honor
What lvl 0? You can't see the honor levels on others profiles. Here's a picture from my profile, i still have lvl 5, i got no behavior punishments in last year:
Hansiman (EUNE)
: But it's extra content that only those with high honor can obtain. You're getting more than what other players are. There's a chance to get a couple of rare skins from it. The capsule also contains key fragments, which can open Hextech Chests which also has a chance of skin shards.
The guy below enlighted me about which are the drops, this whole time i had in mind that the drops are more various.
Febos (EUW)
: #Not a bug Honour Capsules ONLY have: champions shards, key fragments, Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick.
Oh. My bad then, i lived with the impression the capsule dropped more.
DaahLeon (EUNE)
: youve recieved 3?? thats 2 more than me, damn. Capsules drops: Champion shard + Key fragments "Lucky" drops: Medieval twitch or Grey Warwick + Key fragments i wouldnt complain about getting "not enough free stuff"
You are very right, but here we are talking about awarding players having an good behavior, being respected by others, is like at ranked you are keep winning but you still remain in silver, if the sistem is based on a variety of rewards once in a while you expect to receive something at least okish? but if you drop same ordinary things then the capsule should be simply renamed. In 4 months i received only 3(i don't play a lot, but i play the game often) capsules from wich i had dropped 3 champs i already had {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} aaaaaaaaaand, cheap ones, at least to be worth the BE.
: Blue essence ward skin dissapeared?!?
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: Daily Login Awards
Nah, it should be something new, not rps/ips/essence blue/orange, it would be more attractive in this way.
Pompom (EUNE)
: A new comprehensive and fun guide for bronze / silver / gold elo players. Get plat in a month!
How about a simple guide with an duration of max 10 seconds wich say to everybody "stop flame, harasment an being toxic, stop surrender vote and just be patient, make your game" in wich case, is the only way to ensure yourself an win.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 22
{{champion:12}} - is a bull who can destroy everything and who dont give a s... {{champion:429}} - he have spears made from souls! How cool can be that? [and wombo combo with alistar] {{champion:157}} - an samurai (like Samurai Jack, Cartoon network who knows) who can control the wind, played by an good player will ez escape, ez attack [and wombo combow with alistar and kalista]
: [Skin Concept!] Elderwood & Aurora Kindred
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: I am Going to Wear my Bronze Icon Permanently...
Report you froll a troll pick.
Jannas Bro (EUNE)
: Unexpected platform error
: Unexpected platform error
xMegaZord (EUNE)
: problem with server?
same here my friend.
DraskoGames (EUNE)
: [Resolved] unexpected platform error login
myCro (EUNE)
: In-game Kicker
If they kicked some1 who really could help is theyr problem. Me personally and i am sure a lot of us we didn't like when we meet those kind of players. Who troll, insult etc etc And we all know that report system isn't so eficient.
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myCro (EUNE)
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