: And obviously you've said something that has upset them and is against the community guidelines, otherwise we wouldn't be here. All of this is irrelevant without your unedited chat logs.
You are right but I got banned again for the same reason but that time we were all friends and they were saying to and we were having fun and I got banned for 2 weeks.
: Do it in private. You won't be unbanned.
you are saying I should do it in private?
Viavarian (EUW)
: That's unfortunate... you can try to explain the situation in a support ticket, but I wouldn't put too much hope in getting unbanned.
ty <3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: You don't get permabanned from one offense (unless extreme, or in certain _very rare_ occasions). Bans also don't get over turned if they're justified. Posting unedited chat logs from your reform card will allow the community to help identify where you went wrong. Ommitting this tends to indicate you're hiding something, and no one can offer advice on how to improve your behaviour in the future without them. Edit: >Is toxic when u are playing with a friend and u are talking trash to them for fun? Depends what you're saying. There are other people present, and you need to take them into account too. Obviously something said here crossed a line, which is why one of the players reported you. If you want to convey something that might be inappropriate for others, but fine with you and your friend, utilize the /r in game messaging option.
no 1 player reported me the ather 3 are my friends
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