Empaya (EUW)
: "ninjaraspberry2: you guys straight up trolling lol" "ninjaraspberry2: you did int quite alot tbh" "ninjaraspberry2: u int" "ninjaraspberry2: grow up kid" welp
And that is bannable how? A ''welp'' is not really helping the situation here, buddy.
Luca Vayne (EUNE)
: I think its for chat spam and asking for reports :')
It was a 40 minute game in which i typed like 40 messages total, which is not alot. Also how is asking for reports reportable? Since it informs the enemy team that clearly couldn't see what my team typed that these players are toxic and needs a punishment and me giving them 1 report is never gonna get riots attention. So I don't really view this as an actual cause for the ban and even if it was it would be stupid as hell, as 9/10 games people will say ''report this person'' and they don't get any punishment for saying so. EDIT: Just found this post made by a rioter. Now there are no reasons for me to have been punished. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/PzY1ArN3-we-dont-ban-people-for-asking-for-reports
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Speed Cola (EUNE)
: you call that help? look i'm bored of this bullsh*t, I absolutely know what I do right and what wrong, don't play virging mary cuz you don't understand at all. I am tired and desperate, completely disappointed from your "help" and my teammates' performance. This led me to become even more agressive, not all Bronze V players are the same, not all Bronze IV players are the same, not all Bronze III players are the same, not all Bronze II players are the same, not all Bronze I players are the same, alright? There's a reason why I'm stuck in Silver V promotionals, and It's not because I'm worth that, it's because of my DAMN TEAMMATES, ALRIGHT? I didn't ask for plat players, gold, not even silver, even though I had previously reached up to Silver II, all I asked for was Bronze II-I teammates who can communicate and cooperate, am I clear? God.. why are you people so stubborn... you don't understand how Bronze works, it's not like that. I'm not asking for much.. the matchmaking is just all wrong with me.. I see a troll in the enemy team once every 2 months, and even then most of the times we still lose, those people can't play without feeding, I'm starting to think they don't even have any idea why they're playing this game.. My purpose was not to point out an ethnicity, I don't know if it's because of my location, but many times I'm getting matched with other greek people, and they just can't cooperate, no one can. On the other hand, many of them (other than Greeks) they can't speak english, they're like "jebany kurwa stfu" all the time, from the champ select to the end of game screen.. It ain't fair boys, some people have a reason why they (finally) flame, and some others don't, not fair at all
What i find funny about this comment is that you say your teammates are always bad and that is the only reason why you're stuck in bronze/silver. So if your teammates are always bad, you mean the enemy team is always good? That is just plain out ignorant. I was bronze for 3 seasons in a row. I thought i knew everything, i thought my team always brought me down. But then i started to realize this behavior i had was insane, i thought i had to be carried by my teammates every game. So instead of always blaming my team, i focused on myself. I found a jungler i really liked. And i started to carry every game. So i got from bronze 2 to plat 3 in 2 months. It only worked because i admitted to myself that i was in the wrong. If you don't do the same you will forever be low elo. But with this amount of toxicity you got from getting a good answer to a question you asked. I really don't see how you will be able to climb the ladder unless you change your attitude completetly.
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boskogames (EUNE)
: Yeah, I wanted to reply to this guy that there's that guy DeuXPlay who's diamond and he's ,,Best Yasuo EUNE" and I think he's not that good and that he's , after all, just regular Yasuo main and that he doesn't have that good mechanics.I mean I play on EUNE and I can swear that I'm kinda better Yasuo than him , 'cause my mechanics are much better and I know all tips and tricks with him. Even though I'm a bronze player I deserve to be at least platinum but they always give me some thrash team who I'm ,,carrying" and I do all right and I can't be the guy who's only participating in destroying turrets,teamfight,dragon,baron,...
Dude. You are bronze for a reason. As he is master for a reason. The thing is you blame ur team. never do that only look at yourself and blame yourself. Otherwise u wont ever get out of bronze. I was bronze 2 months ago now im plat. And i dont know how i ever got stuck there. For me bronze players are beginner bots. I guess its skills that come when u get to higher elo so you have to adapt yourself but seriously look at pro players streams. And apply them on your own game. But be much much more aggresive but always last hit creeps. Bronze people dont know shit about the game. You dont either but if you try. You will most likely succed. But for the love of god dont be a meta slave. In order to win you also need to play for fun otherwise you wont be motivated.
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: Today I Met A LoL Player Support Employee In Person!


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