Satrap (EUNE)
: By "running out of ideas" I was referring to a more recent issue; taking huge unprecedented measures is a sign that feel like having exhausted many ideas... These are are two separate issues I wondered about... At least Karthus cannot do it right after level 6 and there are counterplays to his R as you know full well. But how can you stop trynda from benefiting from his R ... GL to you in your climb
I'm not climbing, I care less about my rank or any sort of rewards. there are many ways to deny tr ult. simplest is to burst before he can react, works very well against low elo players and even challanger 1 trick trynda players sometimes don't react fast enough. another way is to kite, slows tend to work very well or dashes and any sort of cc. unless trynda is very far ahead he is very bad at teamfighting because his ult is so bad in teamfights and there are lots of champs that can outplay him in 1v1 or just completly destroy in laning phase. he is definately not op and is actually quite bad at the moment.
bigdyasuo (EUW)
: Well kind of stupid from me to make this post but still i guess riot can ban who they want and how they want . Im just a player nothing in their eyes justice dosnt exicst really would like to kill my self after this damm day i come home and play the damm game and get banned for not holding in a bit of stuff bc i get treated like a dog in games .
your problem is that you care what other people on the net think about you. just ignore their ramblings and pings. mute as soon as you see them type some bullshit. it will also help you win games as when peole are less focused on typing they tend to play better.
Satrap (EUNE)
: How does this make sense then? well I guess they should make some other champions be able to cast their abilities while in cc. the only point of hard cc like stuns is to stop everything right? But on the other hand, I guess riot is running out of ideas and does illogical things like giving towers true sight then having akali able to bypass that too. nothing means anything anymore. I suppose their next champion would press r in their fountain and everyone gets executed right
trynd is a very old champion and his ult worked this way always, so by your logic riot run out of idias right after making the game. there is another old champion that does nearly the same thing you just proposed - {{champion:30}} . it is possible to oneshot somebody with an ult standing in the fountain.
: What about to exclude free champs, and include only lvl4 and above mastery score champs from your collection ? That would be great i think
that would no longer be aram, but accounts with very fixed champion pools. enjoy having the same teamcomps every game. it already gets boring having to play with or against lux every 2 games, now multiply that by 10. very soon meta team comps will arise and just kill it off completly.
VaVoem (EUW)
: like you are doing now? and btw what you give here is NOT feedback....
well, you have started a disscusion thread on the lol boards, so it's safe to assume that you do want others to comment, and I did. if you don't want any comments, say so in the title.
: I think and hope some of them cares about the game and in making it better and more enjoyable for everyone.
one comes with the other. they care about money, they are a business, whose goal is to make money for the owners. to make more money in the long run they try to make the game better and more enjoyable for everyone.
VaVoem (EUW)
: Feedback = feedback. if i wanna to say flaming i would say flaming. here you can read all about it... ps. i always give positive feedback.. but half of the time they can not read English or think it is flaming bcz i point out what they are doing wrong by saying what they can do better
the mpost important question than is did they ask for your feedback? I don't want feedback from random dudes that I don't think can even give it to me in the first place, so maybe they feel the same and therefore treat it as flame. next time just don't give any unless asked for it.
: About the current penalty systems
so your support got snared by morgana q and killed, that's very common. going 1/7 is not inting, but just bad plays and morgana is very good at setting up kills. she outplayed your support and won the game, that doen not mean that your support died on purpose nor does he/she deserve to be flamed. it's just a game, deal with it.
VaVoem (EUW)
: Most games are over before they start (poll)
be feedback you mean flame? some feedback I got last game: you suck, f your mum etc. was very educational, I can definately now see the end of the challanger tunnel.
Kubajz (EUW)
: So I went to try 3v3 myself and this happened And I only asked if he is really Bronze 1 or just smurfing ... :( Need some dose of that luck, please :( And the saddest thing is, he wont get banned for that K word EDIT: NEVERMIND, just got Instant Feedback that he got punished, YES!!
sounds like somebody is asheme of being bronze. he is probably too poor to pay for the boost. I already feel sorry the the poor guy
: Low level normal game queue time
they do, but it depends on your elo. longest ques are at a very high as they wait for other smurfs/very high normal elo players to play in normals
: Alot of afk's recently,
I had a spike of afk players as well. maybe it's rng gods punishing our deeds or maybe there is an increase in number of drophackers and we get ripple effects. we will never know.
: the original 40 getting grey skin idea!
why 40? I think there was an original 6, but 40 makes no sence to me
: Bruiser junglers
{{champion:104}} - bruiser, tank, adc and assasin in on champion, also the strongest jungler champion right now.
Potter58 (EUNE)
: Thresh needs some love Riot!!!!!
he is still top tier support, still the best in the laning phase as long as he lands at least some hooks and still is one of the best out of laning phase wit all the utility and engage/disengage. if anything riot needs to nerf his kit as it's insanly overloaded.
: RIOT, once again, fix your matchmaking in Normals
I think the problem is that some high elo like master ques up with silver, so the game balances it out and gives master +silver another 3 silvers vs a bunch of gold. now the question is - can master 1v5 gold or not? insanly boring games, even for the master player. I don't see any way out of this situation apart from making silver unable to que up with master, otherwise one way or another the game is ruined. and even if this duo is fine with a bad game, is it fair to srew over another 8 players?
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: New penalty for quitters
I don't think double lp/mmr loss will do anything. if the person has given up he/she has given up - you can try to force them to stay in the game, but you can't force them to try and do anything meaningfull/try to win the game. all it will do is increase trolls that will try to make the game end faster by making bad engages, baiting teammates, flaming etc. what can you do? nothing - either ff a 4v5 game or win a 4v5 game, having a troll feeding enemy will only make it harder to win a 4v5 game. and no they will find a way to go around any anti troll system that can be implemented ingame.
looonster (EUW)
: Watching LCS is boring.
I think it's lots of fun.
: Im a doctor and i have to work. Would be great if people would just ONCE not get sick on a holiday.
if you wanted holidays and normal workiing shedue maybe learning to be a doctor was a bad idea. you knew what you signed up to from the start, so don't complain.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=looonster,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=xRyTelnl,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-01T10:49:20.595+0000) > > For ages many, many, many people have been asking for a setting that allows no chat at all... Not that many, actually. Even in this boards, maybe as much as 20%. I'm throwing random numbers here, but I'm willing to be it isn't higher than 20% of the boards community. Boards and reddit are a minority. It may seem "many" because the **few** that say something are very vocal. A vocal minority. *** > [{quoted}](name=looonster,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=xRyTelnl,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-01T10:49:20.595+0000) > > * Disable chat feature in all game modes, Including ARAM, Summoners Rift and Twitsted Treeline. (You well be unable to Type or see what others have said). > > What possible argument could you come up with to not do it? I'm not against that option. Actually, when I play other online games, I tend to turn it off, unless I need it for something. In this game, chat was a necessity in the past. Now we have pings, so it is obsolete. While some information can only be relayed through chat, a big chunk of the game can be communicated through pings. I can't tell you why they haven't made it an optional thing yet. *** This is different from a "self-mute" button. That option I'm against, even though they achieve the same thing: preventing communication. A self-mute implies there's something to be silenced, in this case your own behaviour. I don't think anyone needs a "self-mute". A "turn off chat" option is the same as "I don't want to read chat". Even better, it's a "I don't want the chat to cluter my screen" option.
even if it was as low as 20% - out of 2 mil people on euw (number out of my arse) it would be a 400 000 people and that's a lot. andit's so easy to implement - no space tech required, any selftoaught programmer can do it and many would do it for free, so no loss there either. the only loss is number of angry tilted people endlessly flaming, imagine 50+% less flamers. also a lot of people need that "self-mute', they can't help it. just ebcause you can does not mean everybody else is the same. I would love to have at least emote mute, so annoying and chat mute would be the best thing ever. the best part - if I mute nobody gets heart and others who don't mute can still chat/flame eachother all they want.
: is spoiling a movie a reportable offense?
no way this is punishable, if it becomes riot might as well remove chat altogether.
looonster (EUW)
: How to play ranked (90% of players).
not sure what you want. at the end of the day there will always be "average" players, that are average with not so insane/bad winrates. if everyone becomes good/better it will mean everyone will become average.
looonster (EUW)
: Botlane is to important for winning and losing games.
botlane has 2 people and top has 1, wow what a surprise when 2 people winning the lane have more impact when 1 wins the lane. seems fair to me.
: People who use the word "Gay" to offend other players should be banned
it's a matter of opinion. why do you have to force your point of view on others? banning people will only reinforce gay as offensive. also there are a lot of 12 year old kids playing the game, what a surprise when they sound like 12 year olds.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >there is 0 point for a diamond player to laneswap as he gets nothing out of it, unless he want to win The main goal is to win. So ofc he wants to win. Did you honestly think that your argument would work against my point at all? >but if he keeps swapping and winning his support mmr will become diamond as well. Yes it will, when he did even play support so the rank he has in that role is not accurate. That is exactly why swapping can't be a thing. >sure there is potential to ruin games, but considering the amount of smurfs around it's totally irrelevant as games are already all over the place with skill level at lower divisions. You speak like people would aim to ruin games. No. The games will be ruined whether they want it or not if swapping is allowed. And just because skill is all over the place doesn't mean we shouldn't try to fix that situation. Your argument is invalid. >same thing happens for people that will troll in offrole - they will fall to the division with all other troll offrole people. No they won't. There is no such division where only trolls exist. They might demote but they are still going to ruin games for others. They always will. >my only concers are duos and how their mmr will be handled. Yes that is a concern but they could just prevent duoing and the problem would be fixed.
I do mostly disagree. repeating over and over what I said earlier is pointless, so lets agree to disagree. I don't think they will ever remove duos, through it would be great if they do. I think instead they will use highest player elo for the role.
: is it ok to accept offensive trash talk from other players?
if you want to acceped insults- it's your choice, just like it's your choice to go or not to go to the police after being buttraped by the neighbour. however some other people might feel different and if you act that way yourself you will get punished if you run into them.
: "I feel like there are too many champions in League of Legends" survey statistics & champion reworks
just because you think there are too many champions, does not mean everybody else think that as well. even through, I do agree that there are too many, alot of people want more!
Hydnoras (EUW)
: How is it irrelevant? let's say you are queuing for mid but get placed as a support. Your mid rank is diamond but support rank is gold. The mid in that game agrees to lane swap with you. Now the game is unfair. The matchmaking placed you with gold players because your support role is gold but you are still playing in your diamond role which means you are gaining rank for a role you do not play. Thus, laneswapping can't really be a thing or it can be a thing but they have to make a system for it and if you play in gold level match with a diamond role, you can't get much lp for it but should lose a lot.
there is 0 point for a diamond player to laneswap as he gets nothing out of it, unless he want to win, but if he keeps swapping and winning his support mmr will become diamond as well. sure there is potential to ruin games, but considering the amount of smurfs around it's totally irrelevant as games are already all over the place with skill level at lower divisions. same thing happens for people that will troll in offrole - they will fall to the division with all other troll offrole people. my only concers are duos and how their mmr will be handled.
: that is true i did not think of that i wonder how they are going to stop lane swapping seems like something that will be abused because i dont think they can stop lane swapping can they ? unless for like the first 5 minuets you cant leave you lane unless your ganking etc but i dont think that would work im clueless xD
why do they need to stop laneswapping? if your main role is mid and you got autofilled to jungle all of the sudden you could care less about the game outcome as it has 0 influence on your actual ranked elo. if you do well and win you gain nothing, so what's the point of laneswapping? I can see a lot of people not caring and playing very badly if not on the main role, but laneswapping is irrelevant.
: Botlane dominance has driven me away from the game.
I feel like this is ad assasin meta, bot is just there to feed them and things like kha or zed run around and oneshot anything that moves, so boring. I with it was a bot meta where you could actually make a difference, but it's all about whos ad assasin gets more fed and 1v5s wins :(
Egillion (EUW)
: Jhin's AD with Guinsoo's Rageblade..
the funny thing is that in korean finals when one of the teams picked jhin they were not allowed to buy rageblade, and if they did the rules said that he would be forced to go back and sell it without getting all the gold back. someone at riot agrees with you
DutchPro (EUW)
: Gambling and League of Legends
I hate gambling in all froms. seen so many people just wreck their lives over gambling in casinos or just betting on football games. it's so said to see lol fall so low that it tries to make money out of the addicts. maybe one day the lootbaxes will be banned, at least in games with minors.
Saibbo (EUW)
: Buying LoL chest is not gambling for me. First of all it doesn't force you to buy the random chest to get what you want (except maybe old legacy or not available skins at the moment), and it doesn't require you to open them to get any main feature needed to play the game like champion/runes or something like that, anything you want you can buy it in the shop. Differently from what happen with Star Wars Battlefront 2 this are not required to be bought to unlock important feature of the game that you couldn't unlock otherwise, they are still random that makes it kinda gambling but then everything that gives you a random result should be classified as gangling which then it wouldn't make sense at all, this chests always give you something valuable for that price it's not like cs:go that you may spend 200 euros to get a 0.25 cent skin or those machine that just suck your money and give nothing back, those are scams and they have nothing to do with the lol's chest.
playing roulette is also not gambling, afterall you don't have to bet and you can also still experience the main part of the game - watch the ball land on some random number :)
: Loot boxes are everwhere
does not make them good. smokers are everywhere as well and smoking is bad, especially for nonsmokers.
: Thanks for downvoting me just because you think I am wrong but again I am not-I said I have not the luxury of time to be 24/7 in order to climb these people play all day and they play ranked for years now.Please don't tell me that I am capeable of going challenger if I improve 1 or 2 things that I am doing wrong.You honestly cannot understand my point.I never said I was a pro.
I didn't downvote you. I never said you are capable to climb to challanger, afterall I never met you and I don't know your mental and physical capacity, that does not change the fact that if you are stuck at some elo you are stuck because of your teammates and not your skill, thus if you get better at macro or mechanics you will get to higher elo.
: PBE Changes to Mages - EXPLAINED
I guess having 75% of blind games with zed vs zed midlane is too boring, let's make it 99%.
: No,it's really not my fault.People in challenger are challenger because their previous division boost them.Plus they play 24/7 and I have not the luxury of time to do that.You see I can't win becuase of my teamates.When you pick ezreal against draven of course you are gonna lose.I have to support players with no gaming knowledge whatsoever and I even lose 5v4 which is very very frustrating because no one knows what to do.When someone tries to shotcall everyone ignores them and I can't do anything about it.You see I am not bad but I am powerless.If I could get promoted so easily as a support main just because I had a smile then it wouldn't be a problem would it?
no, unfortunately you are wrong. people being in challanget has nothing to do with the boost. if you give those people bronze 5 accounts they will easely climb out back to challanger, even the suport mains. there must be something you are doing wrong, something you can improve on a lot.
: Need Math help with the new Sion Nerf/buff
it's a straight up nerf, his q damage will be dealing less now at early levels hearting his trade and waveclear. probably riot thinks he is too strong now
: Lvl 1-30 How many games it takes ?
first win of the day gets availible at lvl 15. you will need 8256 xp to get there. 2 bot games should give arond 250 xp, so it will take 33 days to get there. afterwards you need 32 304 xp for lvl 30 and with first win of the day it should take another 46 days for a total of 79 days
: When in all of that message did i say that it was weaker ? Heck polymorph is quite a strong ability. I never said it was weaker or stronger just said it had a bigger cooldown and no damage to it and you actually need to think a bit while using polymorph, and while on cooldown it pretty much makes lulu way more weak, see it like this, if you use janna w on someone you still have her Q to stop engage, while with lulu you are more likely to die from engage. So yeah Lulu's W is pretty gud, i never said otherwise buddy Also, Cait has 650 range while draven has 550 .-. thats quite the difference there buddy, Janna's W has a range of 550, which think about it, you slow draven, and then he cant auto you because you run away from his auto attack range, cait sure she can poke you with maybe one or two auto's but thats when you can just shield yourself and boom, you have done a free trade. And if the support is trying something funny to you, you can just tornado them up in the air,
I would love to see you go for w against draven that knows how to play his champ, best case you will get away by just blowing flash. all he has to do is throw his axes that knock you up and you are dead in 2-3 autos depending if your adc can heal ou and you can shield yourself. taking shots from cait can be fine, depending on the enemy support, pre 1st back, after that she definately outrades.
: Uhm but i do, 71% winrate in 17 games (keep in mind i usually have fill as my role so im no support main or anything of the sort), and in all of those, hitting my Q's were nothing short of a problem. They increased the minimum travel distance a good while back, so landing it isnt super hard. If you were telling me that before the buffed the minimum distance of the Q i could say you had a point.
there is a huge difference between guaranted amd easier, there is nothing guaranted about landing q after a w on janna.
: Lulu's W, deals 0 damage, has quite the big amount of cd (12 at level 5 without cdr) while Janna's W deals 280 base damage, applies a slow and has a 8 second cooldown, which for laning phase at least its way more annoying. With lulu's W you cant just spam a polymorph because its like you are saying "look i just wasted my hard cc ability, please engage on me". As for janna using W is more like "ok i poked you, enjoy, and if you walk towards me i have Q". Karma's W is quite risky since you kinda have to walk with the adc/support that you are tethering, if they turn on you while you are trying to apply the tether you can easily die. Janna presses W, walks back behind the minion wave and waits for it to be back up.
omg are you saying lulu w is weaker than janna? as a janna I would trade my w for lulu's any time of the day. also janna's w is not that long of a range, so if you want to w cait or draven you will definatelly get 1-2 autos in your face, so no it's not "safe"
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: It makes q to be a garaunteed hit. Fair? I don't think so. Karma cannot do that either.
that is so not true. hitting w does not mean you can autoland q. you obviously don't play janna at all.
: Edit: Just played a game of janna, at the end of the game i had a 64~% slow that lasts for 2 seconds with a cooldown of 4
that's weak. zilian has point and click perma slow 90%.
: Janna's W (how to make it less annoying)
well, jannas q is also a skillshot, don't see why complain, since other champions also have point and click on the top of skillshots, including lulu - point and click cc, karma's w etc.
BaconTits (EUNE)
: What happens to Solo/Duo queue time once Clash launches?
I don't think clash will have any impact on solo q, if anything it will just murder flex.
: What did I say? 3/15 was trolling and 3/8 was the ONLY time I lost my lane. Also that only time I clearly told nunu olaf should be difficult for me and I asked him to gank several times, but he prefered to int other lanes and come around 20mins. And how is 0/2 a bad kd for a support?
trolls and later blames riot for bad matchmaking. also the game does not end at the laning phase and playing things such as panth you will very often win the lane but struggle later on in mid/lategame. playing ziggs support means that while you do tons of damage you provide no support to your teammates and thus they will be unable to deal as much damage. your adc is probably very upset at having no support and probably got oneshot by enemy assasin in the first 1 second of every teamfight while you stack up your total damage dealt by sitting far away and throwing pointless poke with your bombs.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Is there any champion in the meta that doesn't have a form of mobility?
one of the more recent would be {{champion:161}} , other champions {{champion:34}} ,{{champion:1}} ,{{champion:30}} ,{{champion:74}} ,{{champion:50}} ,{{champion:44}} ,{{champion:45}} ,{{champion:101}} ,{{champion:143}} .
: that way you could get ID bans through but to be honest i think with the way the game aims for the younger players especially with the e-sports wheighing so heavily at the moment the ID bans are indeed not really an option. how do you feel about paying for an account as i talked about, the thing that comes extra is you dont have people who dont give a damn that much since it aint free.
there is too much competition right now to force people to pay for accaunts. it will just not work, riot is already slowly losing and it will just speed up the death of the game by a lot.
: ***
you are so wrong about everything.
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