Røkas (EUW)
: I understand, I honestly just want the basics, for example, do i keep pushing bot, do i follow my lane and so on. It's fine if you can't answer.
you need to go to the lane when you can be most efficient, 1) if other of your team mates can't def against them you must go, (only if you can def and not feed) 2) if the mid laner have roaming abilities like talon they should stay mid as it the better lane to roam from. 3) and remember to play over objectives (towers, baron, dragon. herald) you need to think where you can do most of the work, you need to comunicate with your team mates (pings and chet) and you will know by experience what to do, and watch challengers that play seriously (not nightblue3) to learn when and how to roam
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=orrvaa,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AJAkGhoj,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-05-21T20:15:13.647+0000) > > do not under estimate support please By all means I'm not. It's just me who is doing what he can because I cannot play the role. I chose bad wordings to my post,sorry about that. edit: Thank you for commenting about this!Made now edit to my original post to (maybe)avoid some missunderstandings.
thanks <3 taric main here :P
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: Though I'm not support main I find it really interesting when autofilled that I have something to do other than mindlessly stand behind my adc and do random stuff. I also think they did fantastic job with that. edit:Crap....Now when I really read this post it actually looks like I'm undersetimating supports(and that's still really mild way to put how this post seems like). Sincerely sorry,I didn't mean support is any worse role,I meant now with these items I don't have to just mindlessly play the game(cause I cannot play the role well)and have somesort of objectives.
do not under estimate support please
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shamshamm (EUW)
: > and i don't think this champion have too much bursting damage Not burst but there's his e : 240 (+50% ap) over 5 seconds and his r 230 (+40% ap) (and with a decently big range) and then there's his w and r bonus on hit damage to his allies , so even if he's not the source of all the damage it's still quite a bit of damage for a support if you ask me > but the champion choose by the winter is random what do you mean ? i intended the winter passive to applie the slow and dmg increase to everything exept epic monsters, similar to the rest of them
umm the damage need to be check it think > Winter : Everything but **<champion name>** and Epic monsters has it's attack and movement speed slowed by 5% and takes 5% increased damage (and as an easter egg, ice champs and ice skins take 5 less damage) the champion in the champion name choosed by random not?, and 5% slow is for both midlaners so how will it make him more aggressive?
shamshamm (EUW)
: Yeah, if your team has an easy farming you could keep it spring , and like if your top laner is losing lane because his lanner has too much substain you could make it fall , if you can win trades and you want to be agressive or if your middlaner has a lot of mobility and his laner is pretty imobile you can make it winter etc And for the heal over time i think his kit has too much damage to have a sudden heal , specially concidering the range , redemption heals everyone up to 490 health and that's pretty op but it's on a 2 min cooldown so a 150 aoe heal every 8 seconds might seem too much, on the other hand the heal over time is certainly strong , specially since with 40% cdr you could keep it on permanently, but you can still burst people down, and i think it also fits "spring" more since spring is when everything starts blooming slowly ya know But yeah , you'd need some actual gameplay testing to really tell what should be changed and all
but the champion choosed by the winter is ramdom so it not sure will help your midlane, > But yeah , you'd need some actual gameplay testing to really tell what should be changed and all exactly what i thought and i don't think this champion have too much bursting damage,
shamshamm (EUW)
: How about more vision and + gold ? And if both teams get the bonus gold it still has an impact of speeding up the game, and if you can zone your laner off during spring or if your laner doesn't seem to be able to farm you can get a bigger lead too I think that fits him nicely since i see him as a champ that likes to dictate how the game plays out Q : for his q in my last reply i kinda forgot an important part , 10/15/20/25/30 (+3% ap) **per second for 5 second** so 50/75/100/125/150 (+15% ap) over the duration as aoe heal , and for now his range is set at around 1000 - 1200 so that's also an important factor But still i feel like he deserves a bit more heals anyway , maybe 50% more ? up to 225 +22% ap ? i dunno a wide heal on a somewhat short cooldown might be hard to balance And also since you'd have a change to grow a plant you might grow a honey fruit plant wich would give even more heal And yeah , i also picture his animations as being fast ones , but i figured it would make his gameplay feel a bit smoother to have a very slight delay based on the distance between the caster and the units "hit by the wave" :3 But as a whole his kit is pretty unique and would need a decent amount of testing to see how it plays out and which parts need adjusting I feel like that concept is pretty clean for what we can do with words
umm you mean more gold on farming?, so when your team have easier farm to try make it spring? i think the per second heal is not a bonus, as you want to change damage for damage over time so you will have more time to survive, and heals over time is too slow for healing as the difference between 10 hp and 50 hp is very big that can change an attack from kill to survive, that why you need to know that it not good skill out of large team fight, but it will give some sustain early game.
: > and becuase some ask me just used spell check :D sorry for it, english second language and i have dyslexia Yeah, no problem, I didn't mean to come off as a %%%%. English is my second language as well, and I often forget that people in other countries don't learn English in schools as much as in here (Finland). I don't really understand how dyslexia works, so I'm not even gonna talk about it.
don't worry you wasn't close to be offencive :D
shamshamm (EUW)
: Yeah the passive was intended as global For the spring passive i don't really like it , a little more visions and plants giving more hp doesn't really do much , on the other hand i think you Under value the amount of gold and experience you can get with the other passive Q : yeah i think the number is too low , but on the other side 250 aoe heal is a bit much , maybe it should be Something like 10/15/20/25/30 (+3% ap) health and growing the plant where the caster is is a very nice idea , giving more control over the plant W : i think the Attack speed should be affecting everyone in the zone , like 35% Attack speed isn't much , and that's about what ww's old w gave everyone and it wasn't busted so yeah By "hit by it" by the wave i mean like to kinda describe the animation, and like , champions closer to the caster would get the effect before the ones on the edge , ya know what i mean ? but yeah it's for everyone in range basically , not a skillshot
i don't under value the gold and experience, it just do nothing if both team get them, but i feel you under estimate vission, as i am support main and i always have a control ward and at least 2 more wards on the map, think of it as it there was no fog of war how much "unlucky" plays or ganks would be in the game (much much less) Q - my main character is Taric, he have aoe heal, "HEAL PER CHARGE: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 (+ 20% AP) (+ 1.5% bonus health)" this amount of heal dons't worth to give more then a single point in his Q, as the cost raising. in the end of the game 1 redemption will do more heal then all the Q in all the game. so this why i changed it to target ally and not aoe heal W - 30% sound much better, lets it stay 30% in level 5 until we think something else :D ho got the "hit by it" thing, but i think it will be fast animation something like what sona have, so it wont realy matter
: Just tortured myself reading the broken English, this guy's useless. Literally no way to affect champions themselves, no damaging abilities, just, no.
link me one of your topics so i know what you mean in the BOLD and so... and this is just the concept, you would want to read this too https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/14HM7bBb-weather-dood-rework-from-another-champion-concept he tried to rework what i wrote, and becuase some ask me just used spell check :D sorry for it, english second language and i have dyslexia
shamshamm (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=shamshamm,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=Hx0EZnpE,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-12T23:22:27.528+0000) > > > Every ability has the same range (around 1000 - 1200 i&#x27;d say) > That's the range of the waves of energy Then every passive effect applies to every unit exept epic monsters (allies and enemies , including stuff like heimer turrets , minions etc) For the increased damage from monster camps it should be % dmg rather than flat dmg i think for the reduced Healing effect it would be for everything as for skins and champs , it's already a thing that rito does, like every macho skin with sunglasses takes reduced damage from Leona , if a zyra and maokai are in the same team they both get increased damage , and there's a few other examples like that too, so that's why i mentioned the easter eggs For the plants it would be a chance for a random plant to grown in the wave range , i'd say Something like 15% chance to grow maybe Now for the 70% Attack speed, i was thinking about stuff like ww , trist , azir , and elise when i thought of that number , but i kinda forgot that those were not aoe effects s: so yeah , that number needs to be reduced And i don't really know if 2 heals would be too much , i wanted to have some kind of "summer--ish" on hit effect added to the speed buff I also thought of Something like bonus on hit effect, and thinking about it now i think it could be cool , kinda like nami's e but instead of throwing water it would be leaves xdee For the e , stuff like grievous wounds , kata's r , varu's e , don't stack so the highest Healing reduction applies , so if you e it will be 50% Healing reduction for the enemies and when it ends they'll keep on with the 20% from the passive And yeah , after reflection her r is on a too low cd , i wanted her (i just realised but i don't know why i'm using "her"xd) to have the ability to change to winter when she wants, but i don't know , i'll change some stuff (on the other post to see how it fits)
> as for skins and champs , it's already a thing that rito does, like every macho skin with sunglasses takes reduced damage from Leona , if a zyra and maokai are in the same team they both get increased damage , and there's a few other examples like that too, so that's why i mentioned the easter eggs realy? didn't know it just the 1 ad with zed and shen oin the same team and it minor... i think the passive shouldn't have limited range (if yo ment it to have), and i think the spring will need to be changed alittle bit as it not realy change anything, and to fix it that it will be more useful to change seasons as it affect both of the teams so while in fight it won't give anything that help any of the team. passive - spring - wards have extra vission and plants gives 50 hp when blasting. Q in second tought sounds prety wired by giving a very small health while timer make it less effective, for example sona W have " HEAL: 35 / 55 / 75 / 95 / 115 (+ 25% AP)" as it something like the same, and a chace to make a plant that can be neer the enemies and can give the bonus to them. i think the Q should be: Q : <name> Cd : 15/14/12/10/8 Force Spring to start by emiting a wave of energy, giving target allied unit hit by it and himself 10/20/30/40/50 (+ depends on your team vission on the map ) health / second, for 5 seconds and having a 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% to grow a plant (jungle plant) in the place of the caster. W - pay attention that it give more then one character the attack speed when you change it. something you need to change in the writing is the "hitting by it" you need to change it to in the range as it like a aura and not a skill shoot what do you think utill now?
shamshamm (EUW)
: here's what i came up with Misc info : intended as a support that has the capacity of going ap mid (and possibly adc but i don't think that would be efficient) His role in a game would be to set the tone of the game to abuse matchups or to help in bad matchups, by giving buffs and debuffs to everyone Passive : every 30 (?) seconds the weather will cycle giving new bonuses to allies and enemies Spring > Summer > Fall > Winter **Spring** : Jungle monsters give 20 more gold but deal increased damage Minions give 1 extra gold , Champions get 5% more experience **Summer** : <champion name> gets 10% increased attack and movement speed , and every other champ gets 5% (and as an easter eggs champs like maokai and ivern do 5 more damage) **Fall** : Reduce all healing effects by 20% **Winter** : Everything but <champion name> and Epic monsters has it's attack and movement speed slowed by 5% and takes 5% increased damage (and as an easter egg, ice champs and ice skins take 5 less damage) Every ability has the same range (around 1000 - 1200 i'd say) Q : <name> Cd : 15/14/12/10/8 Force **Spring** to start by emiting a wave of energy, giving every allied unit hit by it (including himself) 5/6/8/11/13 (+3% ap) health / second for 5 seconds and having a chance to grow a plant (jungle plant) W : <name> Cd : 18/16/13/10/8 Force **Summer** to start by emiting a wave of energy, granting every allied unit hit by it (including himself) 30/40/50/60/70 % attack speed and healing them for 10% of the damage they do for x seconds E : <name> Cd : 13/12/10/8/6 Force **Fall** to start by emiting a wave of energy , reducing all enemy (hit by it) healing by 50% for 5 seconds and dealing 80/120/160/200/240 (+50% ap) over 5 seconds to every enemy unit (includes jungle camps) R : Frostbite Cd : 30/25/20 Force **winter** to start by emiting a wave of energy , dealing 120/240/360 (+50% ap) Magic damage to all enemy units hit by it slowing their attack speed by 20% for 3 seconds and slowing their movement speed by 80% for 3 seconds, while they are frostbitten auto attacks and damaging spells against them do 10/15/20 bonus magic damage (33% for dot) I guess it ended up quite different than the original one but i feel like his core and personality is still there I'll also post this in a new thread to see what people think of that [Link to that post](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/14HM7bBb-weather-dood-rework-from-another-champion-concept)
1) first, i like the passive idia 2) "wave of energy" you didn't mention a range for it or the shape of it, like sona?, riven R? 3) one thing i feel like the character i wanted it to be lake now. is the concept of controlling the environment, and "something" more then just slow and heals like most of supports. reduce healing is orginal effect 4) tell me what you think about it + have some questions/adjust down below for each ability. passive - it global or only for your team? > Jungle monsters give 20 more gold but **deal increased damage** early game this increased damage will unbalance the junglersm, mabye damage precent will scale with monster level, or just to change it at all, > Reduce all healing effects by 20% the same question, for everybody or only one team?, including life steal and hp regen? i liked the champions that get specific things from this passive but i think riot will need to go over every champion and think what kind he is so it won't realy work, for example nami will get winter buff?, leona summer buff? (skins shouldn't be a thing that change anything, if you want me to explane tell me) Q - grow a plant, where? witch kind? W - will 2 heals abilities will be balanced? and 70% attack speed, is too much, from where you give the numbers? E - so the effect will be 70% healing reduced? it fills like it too much if it include everything like spirit visage. R - sounds prety good, but too low CD as it better then exust, it ult or 4th skill (as elise ,udyr?)
shamshamm (EUW)
: Sorry if that might seem rude but your English is pretty bad , try copy pasting your texts into an online spell check before posting , it would help a lot for people reading Then for the champ , that weather thing is a decent concept but i can't seem to find any damage, it could be some kinda thing like sona but on a global level affecting both teams So you'd have some kinda permanent effect, and an activation effect, like Something like shield / heal / on hit effect or Something The way he is now he seems to have very small effects and no damage at all, you should really amp things up If you want i can work on a rework for that champ ?
yha english second language and i have dyslexia so i dont have power to do every word with dictionary, you welcome to correct me where you find something :D (i will try find an spell check), i know that now it don't have damage/heal/shiled didn't figure how to do it as the abilities fill alittle bit over powered because they are global, i tought on something like passive for the abilities or giving stats that depends on the vision the team have or something like that, you welcome to suggest what every you think that would be good, even if it mean rework :P, but try to let the champion be unique as i don't want a copy skills (altho i think it won't be 100% posible)
: It is not a bad idea. Your English are so funny though xD
yha english second language and i have dyslexia so i dont have power to do every word with dictionary, you welcome to correct me where you find something :D
HiTempr (EUW)
: Orrvaa i've edited his q and his w, now his w can is that he dashes to an enemy knocked up by anything, him his team mates or monsters. In addition now his q is he rolls his boulder and it doesnt stop till it reaches its 600 range.
sound now much more unique i think it could get a place in the game but i am not rioter so good luck :D (i saw that people write new champions in the board of Creations & Concepts, try to post it there too)
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: Thats no Bug, that`s how the Coin works now. You get a free Skill level UP when your coin if fully charged and built out The Idea behind this is : Support Champions lack level in comparison to the other Lanes and the Coin should help out on that. Many like the Idea but not the realizations, most want the Coin not only to give a Skill level up but rather a full level up Experience wise and Champion level wise. The Drop mechanic is kind of weird too, if you compare it with the other Gold Item the Coin feel pretty weak.
so it doesn't need to show you that you cna raise your skills when you get level 18
Jaybomb (EUW)
: Why do we need all this CC?
it make the game with more team work, without CC the stonger will stay stronger and the mele would die always but ranged champion, and with all the movment of characters there will be some unkill able at all.
HiTempr (EUW)
: New champion idea: Laurk the Boulder man
sound alittle bit like a champions that are exist in the idia, such as olaf, jarvan, gnar. i think you need to make the purpuse of the champion more clear, what he ment to do (not role, game style, for example liona stuns). i think it would be good to have a champion that have an "item" focus playstyle such as oriana, but diffrent as i think in your idia the champion moves more then the object. what i see for now in the abilities is: 1) first ability look like gnar/olaf 2) second ability looks like jarvan's throw and dash 3) sounds fine, altho it now clear if it knocking back or stuning or both. 4) not sure if the 4th ability it insted a passive or you need to make one :-) wish you will take this comment as a constructive criticism :D
: You won't need the item slot until minute 30+ and you don't have to buy it as a first item.
i didn't said first item. but to use the 350 gold on better item would give you much more, as you most of the time don't buy more then 1 durans item, and as to build item you have more then one item that needed you would want teh slot for the basic items and control ward
: You can buy it early on and just let it sit there. with the 2g/10s and the times where you don't get the lasthit/minions die during a push/etc. you will sooner or later finish the quest.
so after 25 min you will do it, it not worth the room the item take, and the lost of the 350 gold early
: >a lot of laners will buy this thing and after they got the level up sell it. You could fix this by saying: "You only have this bonus while either {{item:3096}} , {{item:3069}} or {{item:2302}} is in your inventory." If you sell it you loose the bonus and if you buy it again it reappears.
i want to see someone finish the quest without being a support (minion you kill don't give you a coin) > WAHOO! UNIQUE Passive - Favor: Nearby enemy minions** killed by anyone other than Ancient Coin’s holder** have a chance to drop either a gold or mana coin to picked up by the Coin user. (Think Thresh souls.) After one coin type has spawned, the next spawn is guaranteed to be the other type.
Swarmer (EUNE)
: Umm, hw the hell do i get like 30k of it in game as an adc ? With no itms that block damage ?
> [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qXhEEYFG,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-05-03T23:24:17.988+0000) > > A lot. > > It&#x27;s not that surprising... Remember that this takes into account not only shields but I believe resistances as well, so you can very easily get a ton of it by the end depending on which champion you play. i don't know how is writes 30K, but must be something you bought or interesting interactive that gave you it, mabye is support shileds you it writes like it your block. can't say without checking
: What has Riot done now?
1) yes items got more armor or magic resist but they got much less hp. 2) the nerfing for the ARP is because now they have more armor and less hp, so the % does more for each one so it just for balance 3) i am not adc player but i belive every champion should have a defencive item, for adc it mean life steal, blood thirster and the new guardian angel, tank lost 2 big items as guardian angels and banshee's veil as they for carry now.
Alex3995 (EUW)
: the japanese taric death sounds
as taric main i just search for it in youtube XDDD
: A lot. It's not that surprising... Remember that this takes into account not only shields but I believe resistances as well, so you can very easily get a ton of it by the end depending on which champion you play.
: Only damage you prevented on yourself... one for damage you prevented on others will come in due time but it's not ready yet for whatever reason.
so if i saw 36K, it only on my self O_O it so much if it both on the adc XD
Xêm (EUW)
: Damage migated on SELF, which shows all the damage you blocked for yourself. In the description of the item you can see the total healing/shielding
so if i saw 36K, it only on my self O_O it so much if it both on the adc XD
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: R -> Allows uninterrupted casts on range of a cc sup, the animation is very long and if it could be interrupted it would be either very weak near any kind of cc or be unecessary strong if buffed in area it already is a good enough (low cd execute, teamfight aoe etc.) E -> I think E is designed to be reliable and less frustrating than some other jumps such as cait and trist's jumps. Many adcs have a mobility move as a side part of their kit, but Ez's E is his signature. If you remove Ez E'ing away cc, and buff him in other parts he will feel a lot more like the other adcs are.
i ment that if you do a stun of him he does both E and get stun, insted of getting only one of them, or i catch him or not
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: Build defence.. (For carry players)
good topic, the carry that always dies need to build more defencive for stop feeding, and mabye late game change the defencive items to more agressive when you have enough gold
: Kled passive bug with ga
GA going to change in the tanks patch
: You can add me on discord or skype, it would be easier to discuss stuff there! ^^ VenomExyz (Skype) and Rutzu#6911 (Discord) ! ^^
added you on skype (i with it was you, there was 3 VenomExyz
: Oh, if you have questions about the game or maybe suggestions, then feel free to speak! ^^
for even start to see if i can help/suggest i need to know more about the - so i have question, if you prefer to talk anywhere else feel free to ask for main or anyother way of communication. 1) first one, should the game be PVP or PVE, will it be against players or bots? 2) it feel like in the question you gave every so much freedom that can't put into a computer game. (mabye a DND game but it will be neerly imposible for the programing). 3) do you think you need more abilities or it fixed. 4) how the game would work with material and equipments (it won't have shops of curse) > Money and religion will be gone for ever umm it enogh questions for now {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} btw if in the dream there was a god, so religion will be for ever :P
: @orrvaa Woo! Nice plans! :D Love the way you think :)
Thanks, the more interesting thing is that 2D game you talked about :D
: Skin Giveaway Contest [EUW]
first things first, i am an EUNE player, don't care about the skins, just join for the fun :D **Assumption:** 1) There will always be someone stronger then you or atleast counters your ability with thier. - so no one can survive alone. 2) Every one want to survive no matters what, if they need you they will help you and if they don't they will stop. 3) There is always someone that will try to kill you - because you have something they need or whatever and won't ask for it nicely (for example there is always toxic people in the game). 4) the group should be maid of at least 3 team members who has RED, Grey, Blue (it can have more) **Abilities order:** 1) main - GREEN 2) PURPLE 3) WHITE 4) RED 5) BLACK 6) option - LIGHT BLUE At first i will start with the GREEN. so i will be able to join a group of strong people that want to survive together with diffrent abilities. second i will learn the Purple ability so i will be even effective in fights as i control the enemies and thier abilities or save my group with illusions that hide them or make the enemies go the wrong way, and the most important is the ability to transfere the Tactic from the Blue member to the other members (with memory control). for now it should be that i have 1) Green - 50, then learn Purple 25. after that i will start to learn the White ability until level 50 so i could heal while i defend my team with illutions. and then i will max the Purple ability, then the green. after maxing these abilities i will be get my white ability to level 75 so i would be able to learn the RED ability so i will be able to help in the physical thing and get more sustain. after maxing the red ability i will max my white and learn Black so i could know things befor they happend for example when the group camp or stop for a night i would cheak that nothing will happend in the night. and for last when if i see the group won't hold for ever i will change teh Green with the Light blue so i could survive alone with the other abilities. wish i didn't over go any rule (feels like the hunger games)
Granclan (EUW)
: 1: Well, as I said before: a 0,5s extra stun is what makes you put points on some ULTIMATES, which mean that it's MUCH more time for a basic spell, personally I would take that any day over a little extra % hp and armor, which scale with items, and due to supp's low income it'll take a while for the bonus to really kick in. 2: The thing is: you'll have excessive amounts of mana in the late game if you don't put points in your 'q', so at the VERY least you should put 3 points on it. From there on, it may require 'some' mana management in long tfs, so it's up to you
i think we got to the final answer XD ty for the help i will try the E max fist and see how it goes, and i will try some Q ability to see how it work in diffrent levels, thanks
Granclan (EUW)
: 1: About the max order: the problem with that is that 'w' ranks increase your % armor. That means that you need armor items to make it worth it, and taking into account support's income and their items are normally more focused towards health early on (Sighstone, FotM...) when is the time you're maxing it, losing part of it's efficiency. 2: I think you should always max it. Later in the game you'll have a lot of mana both from items and your base stats, which should allow you to cast it to afford the mana costs. At the very least you should ALWAYS put up to 3 points, because otherwise you'll be wasting mana. Have a nice day ^^
1: the W armor (active) scale with health so i prefere is as the stun don't give much more time for stuns, 2: why you think 3 points mean i will wast mana?, it will make the Q cost 100 mana and give just more 20 hp per charge. it will be better to use it as cooldown manager with the cost of just 60 mana. and about items, the only items i every bought on taric for mana are forbidden idol and frozen heart, as i now buy only frobidden idol and it will be the 5th or 6th item.
: I just made a new vid, but It is really fast in the beginning xD I want to make fast parts like the new one, and parts where you can see everything without missing stuff (for the better plays) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe-PsxgQrQU
this one was much better i could see what is going on, and it was funny :D
: > [{quoted}](name=orrvaa,realm=EUNE,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=BqmKc2Ab,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2017-02-26T22:11:31.433+0000) > > i will give you some examples, > in sec 42 the chamera jump instanly (or moving too quick) and at 1 min > the close in while fighting at 1:41 and out and poping 2 img it feel like too much information while the fight still happend so you dont know on what to focus > > need better change effect for sec 1:48 > > at 2:30 its both from other direction of looking and spining while it fast fight, mabye to slow it or without the countinusing spining > > other then that your play style is good and the sounds you put are good, > > it&#x27;s just my opinion, but as i think you should use the effects to make the fights more clear as to put img of abilities, or to zoom in if the fight is prety close range or stay in one point, but if you use too much it will feel like over information or that you missed the porpuse of the things. > > yes you should use each time other effect to magnify the spot light and still make it not boring but not all together > > example for thing i love was at 3:00 is was soft effects in the start and in the end when you melt him the effects magnify the point. > > wish i was clear (and remember my opinion) :D #Thanks for all your feedback! I didn't read it sooner than when I logged in today. I will try to make the edits more clear, so you won't think you miss anything. :D
leave here a link when you have a new video so i could follow ^_^
heaffey (EUW)
: Brand Main V Katarina - Full Commentary Gameplay
good game ia m not mid laner so i can't advise anything exept you should level your abilities with the keyboard so you can raise them while in fight or moving you have very good game "narration"
Granclan (EUW)
: Sorry for the late response mate ^^', I like you're enjoying the debate :D Mmm... that max order preference is kind of important to the topic. I personally always max 'e' because it's just bonkers how well it scales (+0,5s AoE stun and 50 extra damage/rank with no extra mana cost IS. CRAZY.), but let's try to look at it from your approach. I don't exactly see the shield just as a mimic, rather I value more that feature than the shield itself, so if I've to exchange a good mimic candidate x the shield, I usually go for the mimic. Now, the thing is that with your max order that is more relative, because the shield's strength is way higher, and will become in your main protection spell, restricting your freedom. Now, if you're maxing 'w' then there's no debate on whether you should follow with q or e, go for 'e'. End. It's just way too strong. If you're doubting between maxing q or w first go for 'w' with no doubt. The mana costs are unbearable early on, no matter how powerful it may be. Q should be always 2nd or 3rd max. Now, that is a different topic: I recommend you to max out 'e' first. Even if you're up against a Zyra + Caitlyn lane, Dazzle offers such an incredible amount of power that is nuts. - First: from an utility standpoint, a 0,5s stun is quite good, specially for a normal ability (just think about this: Sejuani's ultimate is rated as one of the strongest ultimates in the game, stated even from Riot when they wrote her direction post, and she just gets 0,25s extra stun duration per spell rank). - Second: There's a reason why Taric, being such a high utility supp has that crazy 50 base damage on his e (because yeah, it's really nuts, even assasins like Talon get just 40 damage points/rank on average with their main dmg ability), and it's because it's his only damage ability, and due to that they've to concentrate all of that power on 1 skill, resulting in outrageous amounts of gems. Have a nice day! ^^
answer at your time :D don't worry. i think the ability that W passive armor can make it equal to E, i think witch one is depend on the player play syle, as taric dont have mcuh movement diffrence early his E alot of time won't touch anyone, so if you max W both of you have more sustain (especially with the keystone of Windspeaker's Blessing, if you max E you should take colosus) but the main question i try to say it after i maxed W and E, should i max Q or let me be on the first level as i will have more mana sustaion and won't lose much as i can W and E more
: Well, even so, I guess they should like at least give the adcs some ways to get away, maybe more movement speed per level for adc, we all know that in every game, the ones who are the easiest to get killed are fast. I'm waiting for a big change in the item sets and stats on champions. Marksmans in real life are kinda aware of their environment. Maybe give some adcs a sixth sense, where if any enemy comes in this X range you will see them for 1 second.
1) first this game is not just about adc, altho adc are easier to kill after the update. 2) i think it should be fix when the tank rework will happend then i wish there will be new math for dmg calculation. 3) wards are enogh for 6th sence, if there was a mode that there wont be a fox of war every one would know how warding is curcial
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=orrvaa,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=l9cb5jed,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-03-04T21:27:38.407+0000) > > i saw a video that offer that lethality will be only for mele that will handle most of the problem, > > and i think it because of duskblade ability to double the lethality so it better to buy all the 3 then only 2 for example. > > (BTW to get full lethality you need to get with this 3 a Serrated Dirk) Duskblade doesn't really double your leathality. But the damage from the Nightstalker passive gives your next Basic Attack 75 + (**200% Lethality***) ***bonus*** **true damage**. That is the only part of Duskblade that doubles your Lethality.
i know that what i ment, anyway assasins work of burst that mean they already have good one ability dmg
: I've heard they made it for adc, but the assassins exploited it, since it's better.
So it wierd that they relese it on the assasins update, and i think it mostly use for burst as thr assasin needs and not for dps as adc needs but it op so everybody use it as adc would die if the wont burst
: They should just make range only items that give lethality or ad with special actives or effects. That's how you make adc better again. That way a lot of assassins wont abuse it. And just make summoner items restrict. Like smite. You can't buy jungle items without smite. So why not, you can't buy that without heal, exhaust etc ?
but lethality made for assassins not for adc
Natione (EUW)
: Moving camera result in frame drops. But why?
try contact the support https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us
mistaherd (EUW)
: mentality issues in sliver
don't play when you tilted, mute your team if they flame. do not try to save a lane that lost insted put presure somewhere else. if enemy jungle dont stop gank top **and he dies** and it something like 0/3 and you see he die cus he play bad. then gank other teamate usually the one that look like he play better or you have more potential for better gank so you could clame objectives such as dragon and in the late game you will win team fights because you two play better then the enemy team and carry your team. ( i as support roam more in games that my adc is bad, so the mid late could do better things). and remember you should try counter jungling or gank when you see thier jungler so you know where everybody on the map. and last tip, gank mid or top making a 2v1 and ganking bot make 3v2, so in solo lane gank can do more presure.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Rage-Quits
if you can't get wihin XP range build def items, (not like a full tanky but that have some, for example MAW or other items) i am not adc player, but adc that have dmg but not dmg over time is usless, if you dont have support then support yourself with tankier items, as they cheaper and at least you can do something alone and on team fights.
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