Ainnor (EUNE)
: Yes, I was bored.
Good good continue with this kind fo boredom
: So if law allowed to just go out and kill somebody you would just do that? This is terrible example but that's how it looks like. Lets do some shit and ruin people games because game allows it.
just dodge and continue to next game
: > [{quoted}](name=T4underbolt,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gpJTKf7b,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-19T10:31:51.056+0000) > > The truth is that there are picks that are not suitable for support and are deemed to fail and make the game 4v5. Making game 4v5 is equal to being afk which is punishable. Im fine if someone goes brand/veigar support and just gets first support item and then goes full AP. he is still usefull if he takes exaust or even ignite. Nunu with cleanse ghost is useless completely. Nunu needs to get a lot of gold to be usefull as support he will never get enough items to be reliable. There are useless champions for every lane, (Soraka Jungle, Janna Mid, etc.), that was not the point, but the way the game is configured, if I say correctly, it allows you to pick whatever you want, and if you know anywere in the rules that forbbid this, then fine, but otherwise.... Not to say I don't agree with you , but in same time... if the game allows it...
True, it doesn't matter how someone build (except the same item 6 time) it not against the roles of league and it won't give enough reason to ban him even if it looks like he is trolling.
: He want to write a reason to riot, kind of like a report, after you dodged. This way the Player could tell why he dodged. He also wants the Punishments to stay so its not abused. In General he want to say why he dodged towards Riot for them to have Data.
oh, so they will know that un-meta things will probably make someone dodge, ok and then, what they will do with it?
PonTacôs (EUW)
: Reason to dodge game.
didn't understand what you tried to say
: > [{quoted}](name=Nakoruru,realm=EUNE,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=dBdqIb3q,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-10-16T16:01:05.684+0000) > > I get it every time I log in. Maybe I should try that mode as it says, but I feel like it won't fix the notifications. Yeah that shouldn't be at all related. It should prompt once and go away after that. Are you letting it disappear by itself or actively clicking the "x" on it? Can you literally reproduce by simply logging out and back in again?
as he siad it doesn't stop
: I decided to main riven yet im still not confident enough to play her in ranked.. even tho i belive i play her decently but not good enoguh.. , i also wanna buy zac i tried him many times and his quite useful, also a decent jungler for me would be elise too :O im always trying to roam wether im ahead or behind, everyone needs help not just me ;~;. If we manage to get kill on mid, good for us i get an assist. Im trying to ward as much as i can and im trying to analyze enemy teams playstyles so i can counter that playstyle, i still lack knowledge. I used to be silver 5, 2 months ago and it actually took me a week of one tricking yi to get to silver 1 e.e, thats when i started jumping between silver 1 and 2
I think you should start riven from next season, and focus on your YI if he is your secret weapon, remember to climb from s1 to gold 5 is harder then gold 5 to gold 3, good luck :D
: oh cewl, i woudnt mind i think i can find my stuff on :O
From OP.GG it looks like when you ahead most of the time you win, but when you behind you lose, and die too much, try play safer if the enemy have more gold then you (2 kills/ a difference of at least 20 cs) and if he spent it (recalled/died). Try to push the waves and roam so you will be able to help your other lanes so they may grants you a kill and you won't lose in 3 lanes. Try to focus on specific champions (make your pool smaller) so you will be able to master your champions
: I rewatch my matches regulary, i dont mind when someone tells me tho. I once had a break, and it was terrible. Ty Im trying my best and i will continue to.
Break of hours or a day not weeks. XD, If you want me to watch one of your game and give you advices you welcome :D. (gold 3, was gold 1 before 1 month)
Dainank (EUW)
: Taric Plays (Flashy Predictions & 1vs1s) [Diamond 3] - My First Taric Clips!
As a Taric main i am sure you could find better plays to put like huge team fights, If it was all from just one game, maybe you should get from each game his best plays and not all the good plays from only one.
: An engineering question
do you mean something like "Matrix math"?
: xc im never getting to gold.
Try to find if you do the same mistakes, try to avoid them (usually if happens when you behind so you can't play as you carry usually). If you have a lose streak you should get some rest so you won't be tilted and get more loses. Keep the good work and don't give up.
: What i find wrong with people in LoL
The reason you didn't go S is because you wasn't much over your team with KDA, you may done awesome on the same itself but it look like all of you was part in this win. (i am a Taric main i know how you feel) For the honor part, it may be some things, for getting leadership it mostly depends on your communication with the team, for getting tilt proof it depends on if you would probably be tilted and still continued to play, and for GG <3 it mostly if you were funny/nice in the chet or made good saves for your team. keep in mind they may be premades too and premade usually tent to honor each other. Just keep the fabulous work.
: Game Mode : Training Course
Good idea and very practical, wish it will be one day.
: Any advice for me? I'm stuck at Silver 2,3,4 with talon
i would be happy to watch your games and give advises altho i am main sup gold, not Talon player. so it mostly will be about the macro
: Now i can be outrageous EVERY.SINGLE.GAME.
: They forced us to play Summernor rift this worlds.. I want to play TT but cuase the missions are only for SR thats hard. But honestly to little people see the glory of these creepy island
i achived missions on AB map but you right there are some mission that was only for SR, here is what RIOT wrote before: i wish the missions would be better and won't force you to play map you don't want too, lets see if it will go better later.
Lee Sale (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=orrvaa,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=kwNKHPJA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-09T13:39:14.157+0000) > > I think this is not an overall issue but an issue that concern mostly you, i think you should open a ticket that ask if you can exchange your reward into something else, even if it worth less you will be happier with it. XXXXXXX(Riot Games Player Support) Oct 9, 1:59 AM PDT Hey there, I am sorry to hear that you're disappointed in this end of season's rewards. We hope to satisfy as many player as possible, but sometimes this doesn't work out. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to change your rewards for something else, as the same rewards are given out to everyone at their respective rank. That being said, I recommend posting to the Boards about the option to disenchant them, if you haven't already. We can't pass feedback reports directly to the development team, butthe team is always looking at the Boards to get a feel for things players think could be improved. You can find the Boards here: EUW Boards: Please let me know if you have any further feedback. XXXXXXXXXX Riot Games Player Support Specialist
QQ, wish this board will bring the idea to real. i upvoted
: Missions that force you to use a bad icon.
Tyche 22 (EUW)
: Good picks support atm
As one that was main top and transfered into main support i suggest tank supports as Leona and Taric (my main) and blitz as you said. In addition if you want to make your pool more varied i suggest soraka (main thing is positioning), and if you want more agressive then lulu or sona.
: Suggestions for Missions.
what it the purpuse of your missions?, in asked RIOT they said they won't give any mission that force to play a specific map. and i think to force to play with specific champion will make more trolls then give a new think to the game. i am against all of you suggestions sorry.
Lee Sale (EUW)
: IF u dont like end of season rewards u should be able to disenchant them
I think this is not an overall issue but an issue that concern mostly you, i think you should open a ticket that ask if you can exchange your reward into something else, even if it worth less you will be happier with it.
: support not building support?
Your support role isn't to make you stay a live if you do errors, the role should assist the team a accomplish their mission. i had more then once ADC that went feed because i roamed mid when there was need for it. There are 3 kind of supports +-. Sustain, Poke, and burst. They not forced to build what ever you want, even if you right, and if you right they should just learn to build it later. You think sightstone is needed and the support didn't buy it, then buy it yourself, sell it later if you need too. If you are jungle you can even buy the green upgrade (as i do when i jungler) so there will be much more vision.
: One question
ban him or play him, that way there won't be a fizz agaisnt you
bensky (EUW)
: Idea for a new Gamemode
Sorry but it won't be pruduced as it like a totaly new game, you cant even see your replayes if you didn't convert them to a video before there is a patch. in addition the size of the game will get much bigger and so on.
hazza10 (EUW)
: Giveaway of Championship Ashe!
IGN: orrvaa good idea
: i think the blackout would be the only one picked if thats the case
and if it were this case? 1) Dark Sightstone - **Stats** +500 health **Passive** - changed from Ruby sightstone. UNIQUE: After being neer a ward that get cleared by your team get a charge, haveing maximum charges will leave a Farsight Ward (blue ward) at the ward place instead. **Active** UNIQUE – WARDING: Consumes a charge to place a Stealth Ward that reveals the surrounding area for 150 seconds. Holds up to 4 charges and refills when visiting the shop. **Limitations** A player may only have 3 Sight Stealth Wards on the map at one time.
Rismosch (EUW)
: We already got enaugh vision in the game. We have Sightstone, Trinkets and Control Wards and this is more than enaugh. In Path 5.22 they even nerfed Sightstone by reducing it's charges from 4 to 3. And that barely made a difference. People never complained. They even removed Stealth Wards from the Shop and we still have enaugh vision in the game.
Sightstone nerf didn't change the fact each one could put only 3 stealth wards, same with buying them in the shop, i and my friends still think they should bring it back to the shop, i believe there are players that think like us, i don't feel there is enough vision tools but you may think otherwise.
Rismosch (EUW)
: I am aware of the reforged runes and I like most of them. The thing is, currently the Zombie Ward is a **Major Rune**, meaning the player has other options to fill that slot. The other options are "Watchfull Poro" and "Trophy Collector". And those are equally as impactful. One gives you basically a free ward and the other one gives you AD or AP (adaptive) for each champion and ward cleared. All of those options are impactful, and if you want to pick one you need to decide which you will take. So, if you decide to get the Zombie Ward, you are giving up on those other mechanics. [Check this out for more details.]( This is how you create differences, by impactful and different mechanics. This way, it doesn't matter if the mechanic is broken, because each player has the option to choose other mechanics that are equally as broken. I imagine most supports will take one of those runes, meaning it will be mandatory to take one of those. And since all of them seem to be broken and everyone has access to them, they are balanced again. When everything is broken, none is stronger than the other. As for your new idea, it seems okay. Maybe too strong, but not broken. It is an interesting mechanic, a new one not to mention. The original you had was just currently available mechanics slapped together, which for a developer is just lazy gamedesign. As for this new one, you have different ways to balance it: Increase/decrease charges, or remove the blue ward if that is too much. As you can see, these balance changes don't add restrictions like prize or cooldown, but weaken the mechanic itself. This is why I think it is not broken and definitely a better idea. Your original idea couldn't be balanced around this way, or how do you weaken a sweeping effect, other than nerfing it's availability? However, I am still confused why you would want such a change, since you seem to be aware of the new reforged runes. Especially the Zombie Ward would fill in what you want on one of your upgrades. And I don't see why Sightstone should be made any stronger than it currently is. As already said it's already a strong item, providing tons of utility. And I don't think even more is needed; I have never seen anyone that complained about having too less options to ward, only players that complained about others who don't ward xd
My problem is that Sightstone not equal to other final items, sometime i feel like because i am support i lose an item, sometime i want Face of the mountain for example but don't need the Ruby sightstone upgrade. There should be more options for supports in this means. I think there are 3 ways to solve it 1) make more upgrade for sightstone. 2) make other items equal to sightstone that give vision. 3) making sightstone out of the items room like the trinket As i see it the 3rd one won't be a good idea ever. The second one is much harder thing to do, i guess it will be item with 3 charges of sweeper or something wired. So i went for the first option. And i feel like there should be more vision tool in the game, i feel like it don't get the focus that it need to get as is so crucial in the game. Sometimes i stay (under level 9) with sightstone and yellow ward just to make sure i have 3 wards on the map or for replacing a ward. As i wrote this i had new idea, sightstone upgrade that can get one of your team stealth wards that will give you a charge so you will be able to replace it's placement, but maybe it won't work :S
Rismosch (EUW)
: This is not about if the item is OP or not, it's about if it is _broken_ or not. A broken thing cannot be rebalanced, because it is fundamentally flawed. Like Ekko. He was broken, he had too many slows and thus was viable as a tank. He also had good basedamage, meaning you could delete targets as fast as assassin Ekko, but because you where a tank you were impossible to kill. Ekko's kit is a prime example of what a broken champion looks like. Today it's balanced, because they removed some slows on his abilities, giving him less CC and thus making tank Ekko less viable. Ekkos kit was overloaded. As for your black Sightstone, it does ward, aswell as remove wards. It is overloaded. It is broken. The reason why Duskblade is "balanced" in case of Vision, is because assassins usually don't buy vision denial. Vision denial is a helpfull tool for roaming, something assassins do alot. So why not slap a sweeper on it? It is more used to ignore wards, rather then destroying them. If an assassins roams he can just walk up to the lane and gank, he doesn't have to clear the ward. If he would clear the ward, it would just cost time. You will see junglers who run the sweeper and assassins who use Duskblade don't clear wards with it, because it is better to gank fast before you notice it. But what is the Supports job? To ward and deny the enemy vision. This is why everytime the Support builds Sightstone and the Sweeper, to ward as much as possible and to clear wards as often as possible. If you give sightstone a sweeper, then the regular sweeper become obsolete and the Support can run the blue trinket. This makes it outclass every other Sightstone. Now you again want to balance it with a high cooldown, essentially making it useless. If it has a high cooldwon, then you won't use it often, meaning the normal Sightstone does the same for way less gold. As I said, broken things can either be overpowered, or underpowered. There is nothing in between. If your kit, your stats, your design is so much better than everything else, it is overpowered. But if you give it drawbacks to make it balanced, you give it drawbacks that other things don't have, making it useless. And yes, the green and yellow aren't any different from each other. The reason why blue and yellow trinkets exist, is because they offer different styles of warding. One makes stealth wards, the other one visible wards that can be placed from any distance. This is a huge difference. Also, the blue one is better than the yellow one, because it does the same as the yellow one, but far better: You can ward without leaving lane. You get large vision the moment you place it, making chasing easier. It never expires. And this all for the downside that it is not stealthed. This trinket is so good, that usually the best lineup of trinkets would be 2 red, 2 blue and 1 yellow. You should still use 1 yellow in your team, because it is stealthed which is better for warding baron and dragon. Now what does your upgrade do? One makes the cap bigger, the other one makes the vision of individual wards greater. In case of warding, in both cases you need to walk up to the area you want to ward, and set the ward. There is no difference in playstyle. They do the exact same and accomplish the exact same: More vision. If you would really want a difference, why not throw the yellow or the green one out the window and replace it with a new one, that functions like the current blue trinket? That would be a different playstyle!
>Also, the blue one is better than the yellow one, > You should still use 1 yellow in your team You say yourself the blue is not better, it different if something better anyone should use it, they have other uses. I don't think to give sightstone stacks of blue trinkets is a good idea as there is no cap about them, and it refillable. In addition i don't think adding starts that are not connected to vision will achieve the purpose. And about having clearing and warding together there would be a new mastery that have this ability, you should check it. EDIT: lets say i go with your thinking, is this better? 1) Dark Sightstone - **Stats** +500 health **Passive** - changed from Ruby sightstone. UNIQUE: After being neer a ward that get cleared by your team get a charge, haveing maximum charges will leave a Farsight Ward (blue ward) at the ward place instead. **Active** UNIQUE – WARDING: Consumes a charge to place a Stealth Ward that reveals the surrounding area for 150 seconds. Holds up to 4 charges and refills when visiting the shop. **Limitations** A player may only have 3 Sight Stealth Wards on the map at one time.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Don't come at me saying my argumantation is wrong, just because you don't like it. It isn't polite and you are provoking instead of discussing. Sightstone is the most costefficient item in the entire game. In one game a Support places around 30 wards. Before Riot removed them from the shop, wards cost around 75g. This means buying Sightstone (800g) wich places many wards with a value about 30*75g=2250g. This means the item is around 280% gold efficient. Of course these numbers are innaccurate, but they wont go below 200%. Most Items barely even have 90% goldefficiency. Now giving it a sweeping effect adds even more value! Not only would it be stupidly gold efficient, more than any item was in the past, but it would also has so many things in just one item. You can place AND remove wards. We can only have one kind of trinket, either ward or remove wards. Having the ability to do both would make current ones absolutely useless. The same with Sightstone. If you would give Sightstone a sweeping passive, you would make any other one useless, since they do less for the same costs. Now your idea to balance this is to give it a higher cost. But this would inturn make it useless. Why would you build an overexpensive Sightstone? The time and gold you would need to complete this item goes to waste and building any other item would give you more value. If it has the cost of one entire item, instead of building Sightstone, buy another item instead which could give you good stats for laning. This makes you fall behind. And as valuable as Sightstone might be, you can't recover from this because you already lost too much. A broken thing can either be overpowered or underpowered. Overpowered, because of it's pure design it outclasses everything else. But if you give it drawbacks, it will be outclassed by everything else. Remember Evelynn? That's what happened to her. Her kit is so strong, that Riot nerfed her to the ground. Now she is useless. Her kit is still one of the bests in the entire game, but because she is nerfed so much and because she has so many drawbacks, she is outclassed by everyone else. This is what would happen to your Sightstone upgrade. It does too much. It's pure design is overloaded, making everything else obsolete. But if you give it drawbacks, like a high cost, it will not be worth buying it. The item is broken. Now you asked, if it's so gold efficient, why does only the Support buy it? Because it's base stats suck. Most champions don't scale off utility, they scale off stats. If an item does not provide stats, it is useless for carries. On top of that it takes up a whole item slot. Why would you buy something, that locks one item slot of yours and doesn't provide any useful stats to you? You don't buy it, it's that simple. The Support however does not scale off stats, the Support doesn't scale whatsoever. That's why they have a low gold income. That's why their items are cheap. And that's why they are the only role that buys Sightstone. The Support doesn't care about the terrible stats it provides, but the utility it gives them, which is actually pretty darn good. So finally lets talk about dead content again. You talked about the different smites, but they also give different uses for different champions. A Jungler with alot of CC doesn't need the blue smite, while a Jungler with no CC might need it. The green one already is rarely build, because the other two option are so much better. Their balance however has little to do with what we are talking about here: About Sighstone and your ideas. You want to have all of them balanced, favor different styles like smite does. But how do you want to achieve that? One will definitely be better than the other two. If the green one gives you more vision, why would you want to buy the yellow one which lets you add just one more ward? Vice versa: If it's better to have more wards out, why would you ever want to have wards with more vision? Either way, both grant you more vision on the map and one will do a better job at it than the other. And because that is the case, you will never ever build the one which is currently not the best. A simmelar thing happened to Luden's Echo and Rabadon's Deathcap. Deathcap gives more AP, but Ludens costs less. This way Ludens get purchased more often. While it doesn't provide as much damage than Rabadons, it _almost_ provides as much while being significantly cheaper. When people rush AP nowadays, they rather rush Luden's instead of Rabadons. People build Rabadons more towards the lategame, because Luden's has a better buildpath. It is simply not worth it to rush Rabadons. However despite all of this, in the lategame Rabadon's becomes more appealing to build, because it gives more raw AP and you don't need many cheap stats since you already finished your main items. But since games become shorter and shorter, Rabadons will be build less and less, making Ludens more popular. In this situation, Ludens is a better choice and people don't buy Rabadons anymore. But both are still in the game, because while one is more popular, they are still different enaugh and important enaugh. Now what differenciates your suggestions? One places one more ward, the other one gives more vision. There is no difference goal-wise. Ludens and Rabadons also have no difference, but one is an midgame item while the other one is a lategame item. You have a reason to build one instead of the other. Your suggestion doesn't even provide something like this. They both give vision, and they both do it better than the regular Sightstone, but other than that it doesn't make them special enaugh to make them independent from each other. They both do the same. So the only thing we can expect is, that one of them does a better job than the other. Why? Because they do the same with a different mechanic. And since the mechanics are so different, one has to be better than the other, making the other one obsolete.
> Don't come at me saying my argumantation is wrong, just because you don't like it. It isn't polite and you are provoking instead of discussing. This is what you did to me, i just said you use your opinion as fact, i checked things before answering you i promise. For the cost-efficient we won't agree as the vision wards was only to complete the trinket stacks so not every ward it equal to the gold, calculation. Jungler can do both things with Dusk blade and Tracker's Knife, so i think it kind of the same, thing here (and there are control wards). Again "broken" as you say is your opinion, i don't think it broken, and i didn't suggest a gold balance, if you think the passive for clearing wards is too valuable then we can change the cooldown for the passive, since i am not from RIOT balancing team i just copied it exactly from Dusk blade. Every item that is OP most of the roles buy (for example ADC with lethality), and as you say most of the players won't waste an item slot for Sightstone, i think this why the Sightstone should have more upgrades instead of Ruby that good for only Active items abilities. For the Rabadons and Ludins they are for different time in the game as you say, and i don't see that the games started to be shorter or something, i don't play mages so i can't give my insight on this. I don't think for the Yellow and Green they are different as much as yellow wards and blue wards (they are balanced, you need both on your team). The Yellow will give you more vision but in more places around the map while the Green will give you more vision but in the same place, it better for different things, you would want the Yellow for deep warding and the Green for warding neer objectives or a big junction (or tribush). So over all you don't like the idia to bring new upgrades to sightstone other then Ruby? For not double posting i recommend [this site]( i use it every post.
Rismosch (EUW)
: The idea is broken. There is no way to balance it. If you think a high prize will make it balanced, then it is just useless. A broken thing is either overpowered, or underpowered. A good example of a broken item is Ardent Censer. It's so broken, that either it is useless or OP. Currently the latter case is true. Sightstone already is the most costefficient item in the entire game. Why do you want to add even more to its usefulness? Especially a sweeping mechanism makes it overloaded. It does too much. There is no way to balance such an item. Either it is useless, not worth the prize, or simply too overpowered, so everyone will buy it. Speaking of everyone buying it, why would anyone buy any of your suggestions, if one is clearly better than all the others? The jungle enchantments provide different stats. This means not every chanpion provides the same from every enchantment. And we already got Sightstones with different stats, combined with support items. Now as for their actives, literally every Support does the same with Sightstone: They ward with it. There is no reason to have enchantments, because people want to pick the best. One stands out and makes the other ones obsolete. Your idea is terrible, because not only is it broken, but it essentially creates dead content, content that no player will use. (Ohmwrecker for example is dead content)
First of all, it feel like you bring your thoughts as a fact, i don't believe in this quote > The idea is broken. There is no way to balance it. If you think a high prize will make it balanced, then it is just useless. A broken thing is either overpowered, or underpowered. > A good example of a broken item is Ardent Censer. It's so broken, that either it is useless or OP. Currently the latter case is true. In addition if Sightstone is the most "_costefficiant item in the entire game_" why don't every one buy it? As you say or OP or NOT. (after checking online it isn't) "_Speaking of everyone buying it, why would anyone buy any of your suggestions_" because they are different as the Red smite/Blue smite/Green upgrade, this is the only different between the 3 first parts, there is no one better anyways. All my suggestions give a choice between different vision play styles. "_Sightstones with different stats, combined with support items._" But these are only for supports, and if i don't need the passive of the Ruby sightstone and want to upgrade my Support item into his tree?, i want to have more then one option that can benefit or make my gave versatile. " _There is no reason to have enchantments, because people want to pick the best. One stands out and makes the other ones obsolete._" there is Ruby sightstone already ask riot to cancel it. "_Your idea is terrible, because not only is it broken, but it essentially creates dead content, content that no player will use. (Ohmwrecker for example is dead content)_" The problem with Ohmwrecker is that its active is for a specific incidents and the other stats just don't worth it or corporate with it's ability. This is not the case since i just suggested other Passive ability to the Ruby sightstone since i have a lot of games that i don't even want to upgrade it into Ruby. (if it wasn't clear i talked about upgrades and not to improve the **blue** Sightstone. If you don't think it good idea you can think like it, but base you answers more on facts and less on your opinion only please.
Rismosch (EUW)
: You forget that this basically means that you can kill enemy wards without sweeping them. This is a big deal you know, vision denial is almost as important as warding itself. And if you have an item that can do both, well this is just broken.
i don't under estimate in but the cost of an whole item it just equal to the price i think. Most of the players don't buy any sweeper except control ward, and especialy since the Dusk blame came, i think this should be one of the tools that support should be able to consider. If you think there is a better way to balance it just say
PepijndM (EUW)
: Dark Sightstone is OP, and I would like it better thematically if Grass only increases range when placed in a (permanent) bush.
I don't think that Blackout will make the item OP because it don't have another think that improve it, it just for warding, remember it take a space of a whole item, and this item gives only health other then the wards. I think to limit the Grass ability to work only in bushes will make players to place bad wards sometime, maybe to reduce the bonus will be better balance choice.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: > UNIQUE – BLACKOUT: When spotted by an enemy ward, causes a blackout for 8 seconds, disabling all nearby enemy wards (90 second cooldown). (same as dusk blade) This one would probably make a non-support roles buy sighstone. So I doubt that Riot would agree to this. But for the other changes, especially of the Yellow and Grass I completely support your idea. One more ward - it is something that I always wanted (next to two pink wards on the map at the same moment).
A lot of players buy Dusk blade but mostly because the second passive, i don't think this ability will be abused by other roles because it instead of buying an item. But it won't be bad think if other roles will start to build for vision especialy when there is a jungle item for it too.
: I love the idea! This way people will buy more of them, like the "Dark Sightstone" would go perfect for junglers and the Yellow for supports.I think there could be even more new wards cuz map awareness is realy important. {{item:2055}}
Didn't think it would be for other role then support but you are right, maybe it will start be something new such as the green jungler item
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: So do you think this is fair?
you should have use the mute before this happend
: Premade 5 missions really?
You have this forums for this thing :D
: This jewel was just sitting here...
I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times
: [Skin Concept] Trashmaster Yasuo
What is brown and sticky? A stick!
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Aram Mystery Rush EUNE -
missed it this time, lets do one sometime without a contest :D
Syndragossa (EUNE)
: Bug when naming mastery page
you can turn off the censor thing, in the setting, but you will see whatever anyone writing
: I think what you are describing was always a constant in the game. Whenever changes like these happen, and they do happen a lot and they are gonna keep happening, ADC's suffer the brunt of it. As far as we talk about soloQ, ADCs will predominantly be the focus. Even more so now due to botlane focus etc (clownfiesta memes). Its not something special that lethality and duskblade brought up. Everytime something new and strong gets implemented, riot sits there and waits like a month or two, lets all the adcs get pounded down. After some time eventually people try to adapt with picks and items, and if that doesnt work they try to nerf the changes.(fine tune, they call it?) ADC's are basically the guinea pigs for Riot. Anyone denying this hasn't played the game long enough. The funny portions are when you look at the doublestandards that keep welling up. Assassin 1/5 oneshots adc because of an item? Tank 2shotting adc? 0 counterplay? *insert copy pasta nr1-9* as an excuse Have any AD caster abuse those mechanics or items. *%%%%ING OP; NERF THIS SHIT; IMPOSSIBLE TO COUNTER" hahaha..i just %%%%ing love it tbh
just buy some armor (GA) or even one defencive item (DD for example) that will make you survive this one burst
: The 12 second cooldown is the charge cooldown. There is nothing wrong with Taric, you are just misinterpreting things as bugs.
it should be only the charge cooldown but it isn't go check
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xSmileOrNot (EUNE)
: Maybe a bug for Taric Q from last update.
the bug is that it don't need to be 12 sec cd and just 3, i open new discuss for making it more understandable
: Hi Strategical, As mentioned, the intention of the system isn't to get levels quickly - it's to show sustained, progressive honour over time. The system has been out for ~2 weeks now. If people were getting level 4 or 5 already, that would be pretty meaningless. The intention is that you gain that community trust over time, and that when you do achieve them - they're meaningful. So not everyone is going to be running around with level 5 - but those that do you know have earned it, and you can trust that they've put a lot of effort into being darn sportsmanlike to achieve that :-)
i think there should be a proggretion bar so you will be able to see where are you inside each level.
Greylinx (EUW)
: Even simpler to fix that, then. Just change those icons ID...
first of all it not a problem so it don't need a fix, second it realy doesn't matter and the problems from changing the ID will not worth it, you just need to wait until there will be icons with ID that will come befor them
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