Jemapel (EUNE)
: Read this : It's in spanish but auto-translate will help so. Just a little quoute from that post: "Hello people, The development team knows about this problem on a global scale and is actively working on it. Thanks to its reports, the development team has enough RPDs and customer logs to find and solve the problem. At the moment there are several theories, but the team is actively working to find the problem to fix it. As soon as we have news of a solution we will let you know how and when it will be solved. Edit: Some people report improvements with the procedure found in this post . We know this does not solve for everyone but it can help."
Holy crap, finally they're doing something, i was tired of waiting like most of the people.
ˆXùˇ (EUW)
They doesn't care about this problem, don't expect them to fix this until 2020 lol
DoPesTo (EUW)
: LOL freezing in game euw
You will have to wait few months until it get fixed cuz Riot is lazy rn.
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