Killmore (EUNE)
: getting an S
Looked at her and scrolled through a bunch of games. Your girlfriend averages something like 3.5 cs/min in basically every game. She won’t be getting any S ranks with those numbers. Also, ”always” ends at like 17-4? She had one game in her recent match history where she went 18-6 and in every other game her KDA was basically garbage. Always my ass. No point trying to make shit up when it’s super easy for anyone to check on
CliffiToF (EUW)
: what's the point of ranked anyway? You get uncarryable %%%%%%s who cant even understand basic directions, and that's what decides who wins or loses. It's supposed to be a skill game but it's purely random. At least lottery is more hionest and gives you a chance to win money.
You are a silver player with a negative winrate. Stop being delusional and learn how to play the game instead of whining about teammates.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: How hard is it getting gold in Flex and TT?
Don’t worry, Sona is never getting a victorious skin. As for the question: it’s subjective. It’s not hard for me, but might be nigh impossible for someone else. Depends on your skill level.
lXiIuLisa (EUW)
: did you know riot can decide who will win?
Yes, clearly Phreak is there personally sitting at his computer giving you bad players every time you queue up. ”Gotta keep this one delusional gigastuck shitter down so he can blame his teams instead of actually learning how to play” - Phreak, probably. Get real. You are a bad player playing in garbage elo with other bad players. People there don’t know how to jungle. Or play any other role, for that matter. Stop whining and put some effort into learning the game.
Kintaros (EUNE)
: Climbing seems to be full of luck
Climbing is not about luck and diamond players don’t get stuck in gold. Well, maybe someone who peaked once at D5 0 lp will, but not any actual diamond level player. Most players from bronze up to mid diamond are goddamn terrible at this game. If you aren’t climbing in it’s because you just aren’t good enough.


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