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: Flaming at other people you call bad luck. Well, far enough then. I hope you will never experience that 'bad luck'
tell me what you will do if you need 1 win to reach higher divi and cuz of those noobs you lose the game what you will do? honor him? ok i will honor the feeders next game
: There´s a thing that pisses me off you don´t understand how much. Please upvote so rioters read, even though I have low expectatives they are going to do anything about this. I got banned for 14 days for flaming on September 1st. Okay. I understand the ban and I accept it. I have never been banned before, nor chat restricted or anything, why someone who has been banned in June, April, March, or who has been repeatedly banned throughout the year but not in these last 3 months gets the rewards and I do not? Please somebody give me an answer because I believe you didn´t think this through.
I wish riot understand you bro....cuz not only you why had that bad luck......me2 and iam platinum and if thats realy (who banned wont get the rewards) about 60%of league players wont play more I THINK WHO GOT BAN MORE THAN 2 TIMES DONT GIVE HIM DA REWARDS NOT WHO BANNED 1 TIME FOR 1 BAD GAME

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