mez007 (EUW)
: i'm agree with you bro ihave the same problem always riot choose noob and troll team to play with me .and the result is quick lose so its waste of time and unfun if you dont have friends to play with them remove the game
lXiIuLisa (EUW)
: did you know riot can decide who will win?
You seem to have negative amount of braincells. Very random and stupid person. You should ask Phreak on how to climb on the fields of justice. Good luck in your future games, Summoner! "What doesnt kill you gives you wheelchair" -Phreak 2018
penguinpal (EUNE)
: Yes, clearly Phreak is there personally sitting at his computer giving you bad players every time you queue up. ”Gotta keep this one delusional gigastuck shitter down so he can blame his teams instead of actually learning how to play” - Phreak, probably. Get real. You are a bad player playing in garbage elo with other bad players. People there don’t know how to jungle. Or play any other role, for that matter. Stop whining and put some effort into learning the game.
Very good comment. Only facts. This comment should be the one on the top. Upvoted.


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