: Hello syndra main here. I would never agree bcz her power is in her ultimate and without it its almost useless. She already got a huge nerf in patch 7.1 that no longer made me carry in the late game easily where I could grap 3 orbs and camp in a bush. She is a hard champ and very squishy but still kind of OP.
Yeah, I know she's hard to play, I play her too, but look it from the other side - it's really annoying for anyone to dodge all of her abilities, Q, W, E and then she just use her point-click Ultimate and you die. She can be even more powerful with the "changed" ultimate as the Danage should be equal to all targets and if you're good you can easily 100-0 two-three enemy champions in one combo. It all depends on skills and skill-shots.
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