Froakie (EUW)
: Thanks for ruining the game i used to enjoy so much.
Right now I've actually never had less idiots plague my games - while of course, there still is the average idiot every now and then, I could quantify about a 50% decrease in the amount of trolls I've seen in my own games. But that's beyond the point - what you need to learn is to not care. It's something you've got to bring yourself to do every game. There is no way in hell you're going to avoid idiots and there's surely no way in hell they're going to magically disappear. Who are you playing this game for? Yourself and yourself only. You're playing to enjoy, and if you're not going to enjoy the game because of some random kid yelling smack at you, then what's the point? Mute buttons exist for a reason. > Muting people doesn't stop them from being toxic in the first place and im done with it all. If somebody talks shit about you, will you leaving the room mean they'll stop just because you can't hear them? This is about the best analogy I can come up with. This point makes absolutely no sense. You've got to learn to ignore other people. Coming from a player who exclusively plays Ranked, that's been my best decision ever. Mute them and don't give a shit - at the end of the day, you can simply report them and move on. They're hurting nobody but themselves with it. You have all the tools you need. What you need is a change of mindset. I've been there, done that. Do you really think I'd have endured my 2600+ ranked games if I actually cared about the shit people said while simultaneously being twice as bad? It's up to you.
Stell (EUNE)
: Christmas dedicated songs to people here at boards
i see stell sing i upvote i see stell sing drunk i upvote harder 10/10 gd entertainment carries on
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: I don't often say that here in the forums but... Please reproduce! We need more people like you here!
( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) Reproduce ALL the replays... new client? pls?
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Renascence (EUNE)
: There's already been half a dozen threads these past few hours alone, at least check the forums before posting. I like to believe that the vocal minority is whining as usual. Remember that the majority of players never have and never will get into trouble, and will most likely not be hit at all by this. I'm sure Riot can figure something out with some unlucky people who may have been wrongly caught in the receiving end. Other than that, it's just punishment - people always have time to reform, they don't need an announcement for that. This is a way to punish those that have refused to change this season. They can start reforming next season or continue to behave like assholes - in which case they will face more serious punishments. This is Riot's way of saying that toxic people never have and never will belong here. Suck it up and move on, towards a friendlier community.
Alright, I can respect that. I just felt this wasn't the best choice at first and I still think they voiced it at a misfortune time, but I guess in the end, it's rather valid.
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=MadKnife IV,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=A2vZGyI7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-08-21T16:28:11.972+0000) > > He said the FINAL decision, that's true. But it gives us a good idea of what they actually are looking to do at the end of the season. Let's assume they will do like mentioned in Riot Lytes answer the end of this season could get ugly for the boards. I wouldnt be surprised if they make exeptions to that ruling, like if a player only got 1 set of restrictions ONCE, and reformed early this season etc. Anyone that got restricted more then once hasnt learned his lesson and ruined probably alot of games so yeah.. :/ But lets just wait until we have a final announcement or Lyte comments on reddit etc..
What you say is right, but even less so than the final decision, just saying something like that is a very bad omen - even the PROSPECT of it is what I am afraid of. Even the thought is horrible.
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: GDers unite!
GD is a term of the past now. Boards is a step backward in my opinion. Redditizing the forums is the biggest mistake they could have done. Hell, the last time I checked, BRING BACK URF was a thread that garnered more attention and upvotes than a serious gameplay discussion or even a great concept by a talented artist. And that just killed every last brain cell of mine that was pro-Boards. GD just won't resurface here in EU, at least not the way I see it. That being said, playing a game won't hurt, I've got a spare EUW account that I can play on.
Locust (EUNE)
: i dont think you understand how this works. every game ends as a victory. not for your team maybe, but it ends with a victory. so 1 game=1 victory
Yes, made a mistake, about to fix it right away, thanks!
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: > Something so crucial to you, something that you can use to determine your own progress, is hidden from you It was removed because of peoples bad intuitive feeling about statistics. Many people don't understand how insignificant a loss or even a lose streak is. These people are afraid of playing ranked, because they might lose. This so called "ladder anxiety" caused a lot of players to stop playing ranked completely as soon as they reached a certain league, because they were afraid to drop again. The league system fixed this by changing the requirement to drop a division/league to "playing worse consistently" and not just "losing that one crucial game that decides about your rank". Additionally the league system prevents people from overrating (un)lucky streaks, because they don't have so much impact on the visible rating anymore. > Players that are on lucky streaks in the end gain more than players who are consistent. Sorry for not having a less direct way to say it, so i guess i just say it: This is completely wrong. The LP system actually PREVENTS streaks from having too much impact. If you lose/win several games in a row, the amount of LP you lose/win will get smaller and smaller to prevent you from changing your position on the ladder too quickly. > The matchmaker is constantly attempting to reduce your win rate to 50% Thats not entirely wrong, but also not really true. The matchmaker tries to find teammates and enemies on your skill-level, which results in a winchance of 50%...unless you are actually better than the matchmaking thinks (i.e. you improved your skill). In this case the matchmaking will be wrong ( i.e. it will fail to create a match with 50% winchance for both teams) and you will be more likely to win. This continues to happen until matchmaking adapts to your new skill (i.e. your MMR increases). > he should be ALLOWED to climb until he reaches such a place where his winrate will NATURALLY be 50%, which is known as his target division. This is exactly how it works. There are not secret algorithms that intentionally try to keep players down who actually improved. It's just the usual elo system, no secret or hidden mechanisms added (and if you think about it: Why would Riot intentionally fuck up matchmaking??) > a normal ranking system would usually follow Gaussian Distribution [...] League is different - the largest concentration of players is at the bottom and from there they climb up I wonder how you come to this idea. It's not true. MMRs has a normal gaussian distribution (it has to, every elo system does, it can not develop otherwise). Did you by any chance take a look at a graph for the distribution of divisions/leagues? Because these graphs actually match your description, they are cut of on the left side. But these graphs are about divisions/leagues, not MMR.
Thank you for the explanation… while I still believe there can be improvements, you do make a great point.
Petsho (EUW)
: It usually only improves pings that are shitty otherwise.
In my opinion WTFast isn't an improvement even on shitty connections. It's far too overhyped for what it does.
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KrissBoii (EUW)
: Just a lil quick question.
Because we need more than one bad word to describe Teemo with
: You have absolutely no reason not to play and abuse Riven
While I do agree that her kit is absurd, I find the strategy of applying a lot of pressure early on helps disable her for the rest of the game. She's super reliant on getting to level 6, then outtrading anyone, getting fed, and then torturing you in ways you cannot imagine, at least in my experience - but I don't claim to be an expert
Lichdor (EUNE)
: I need help from some gold+ nocturne mains(or silver)
I highly suggest Attacker on Nocturne rather than Devourer. Attacker benefits him hugely in the early and mid game and does not suffer from too much fall-off later. And while despite the potential damage on Devourer IS higher, you're taking a gamble that might not pay off, and in most cases certainly won't. edit : I still keep saying Attacker instead of Warrior, don't mind that
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Cosantoir (EUW)
: Confessions of a noob
I used to buy six Madred's Razors. Cause they dealt, like, so much DAMAGE! ... to monsters that is.
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LionPow3r (EUNE)
: This lag costed me 2 ranked games...what is going on?
I play extremely often and notice no lag. Sure, I did invest in a real quality connection, but I have none, none whatsoever.
Neamtzzzu (EUNE)
: Press P,game freeze,i get nut.
Only happens when purchasing Homeguards, loads normally otherwise.
HV Cable (EUW)
: Is there an ADC handbook...
Did Qtpie make that handbook? If so, yes
Edyr420 (EUW)
: remove promos or fix it!
I would know. 12 promos to S1, whereafter I storm 0-100 LP and Gold promos in a day. The stall is artificial. Seriously, if you're better than your current ELO you will advance, but often, it takes a lot of time for matchmaking to realize that. Also. Don't repeat my mistake of ultra-fast climbing, the matchmaker will be a BITCH to you if you do that
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: 2015 April Fools idea for Riot!
good idea but exchange Gromp for the Duck
Fújin (EUNE)
: I'm listening Japanesse instrumental music when playing, invalid argument. Once I even listened to 6 hours of Beethoven. I like harmony, not what you kids call "hardcore".
> [{quoted}](name=Fújin,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wH0vIEX6,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2015-03-01T12:36:17.925+0000) > > I'm listening Japanesse instrumental music when playing, invalid argument. Once I even listened to 6 hours of Beethoven. I like harmony, not what you kids call "hardcore". It's personal preference, honestly. I do all sorts of mixes from classical to nightcore, or videogame soundtracks, but directly relating to DJ Sona, I felt Ethereal was underwhelming
Garurumon (EUW)
: GD is love, GD is life.
as a proud member of EUNE's GD, I must enlighten you, brother > [{quoted}](name=Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=WRrW6N5X,discussion-id=Z7AhmefX,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-02-03T20:19:37.128+0000) > > Don't tell Riot I said this...but... > > NA GD was/(is?) a cesspit. It's horrific how much it's just a spamland...really. I think they're trying to move away from that, which I think it a smart move. As Karmoon said, some of those posts were just...bad...and had no place in a community board. so basically we don't get GD cause we're "better" than NA. Besides, GD is more of a way of life than a concrete board, and Boards will never be able to change it.
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CryoBeat (EUW)
: Who here likes Ethereal? (DJ Sona chill song)
Honestly, I find Ethereal nice, but do you really play chill songs if you're fighting five other people to the death? Yeah, I think not m8
Somateri (EUNE)
: {{champion:92}} A Sword mirrors his owner. Her broken sword can confirm
> [{quoted}](name=Maya Fey,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eWMKENEq,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2015-03-01T12:24:30.027+0000) > > {{champion:92}} A Sword mirrors his owner. > > Her broken sword can confirm who'd have known the sword isn't the only broken thing on her
: I just won against Katardina!
it takes broken to beat broken, or you get heartbroken
AmenooBea (EUW)
: Sweetheart Annie <3
One of the more accurate and beautiful cosplays. Keep it up.
NooDota (EUNE)
: I often can't log into my account
Can happen, I suggest you refresh the page a few times, if that doesn't help restart your browser, I think that will work.
Karmoon (EUW)
: Typical Post Game chat
Games like this should happen everyday. I applaud you for this one, truly.
Void (EUNE)
: Sooo....Boards.
honestly, after toying with Boards I find them a bearable replacement for GD, but I agree that a lighter theme should be made. either that or FEK for Boards, but seeing as the original FEK developer, Frosthaven, works for Riot now I think that's a slim chance
: Man I'm sick of Katardina and her bs damage.
Honestly, Katarina is imbalanced in the same way Akali is - one point in their kit is toxic, but the rest can be dealt with. Akali would be just fine if they removed her sustain, making her take actual risks because there's no more ridiculous healing. Katarina would be fine if they removed her resets, because she can still focus and kill a single high priority target, and has the AoE of her ult for multikills. She realistically needs no resets, because that's just an unnecessary icing on the cake.
Dagreatking (EUNE)
: Randomly switches to EUW
Ironically, sometimes when you switch back to EUNE after this error, you still can't login until you start a new browser instance.
: So, Nautilus nerfs on the PBE...
I can only imagine Nautilus as a living CC disher, but since most champions nowadays have self-peel, he is rather obsolete.
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