: If you go 200 in a 100 zone and get caught by the police and say sorry i didnt know it was 100 you´ll still get the same punishment.
I know that i told him to be nice to other random players in the game cuz i would get banned, i'll get mad if i see my account got banned.. i told him that and i'm so pissed off that i let him play on my account
: ignorance does not protect against punishment Its your job to inform you about rules before using a product. Account will stay banned.
i understand that but, its my fault that i gave my account to my cousin and i didnt know he would be so pissed of to some random player in game
: I think your "cousin" plays on a lot of accounts.
it was my cousin, if you think i'm playing its alright no one would believe it so ya
: You obviously DIDNT read all rules. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Well not the account sharing...
: I didnt know accountsharing is againts rules
Trust me if would know there was rules of account sharing is not allowed i wont share my account to my cousin i know it was stupid idea to share my account to him...
: 1) Account Sharing is against Riot policies. This alone may warrant a ban of the account in question. 2) You have lent this account to your cousin, being aware that he may do whatever he wants -> The possibilty of a ban was never out of question. 3) You might as well be this "cousin" :)
3) it was my cousin 1) didnt know about account sharing 2) Well didnt think about that before about sharing to my cousin caused me banned...
GLurch (EUW)
: Sorry, but account sharing isn't allowed. You giving your login credentials to your cousin and allowing him to play on your account is enough of a reason for Riot to ban you as well, so this ban will likely not be removed. Everything that happens with your account is your responsibility and as a note for the future, I'd never share any passwords or such with anyone, not my friends, not my parents, not my relatives, really, no one. Passwords and such are supposed to be secret, it's only in your best interest not to share them with anyone.
Well i didnt know about account sharing i read all rules but didnt know about account sharing
: I think your "cousin" plays on a lot of accounts.
He doesnt even have his own
Tallentkz (EUW)
: I got an idea, why don't you play now on his account. Problem Solved.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
thats the problem he doesnt have account..
: Accountsharing is against the terms of use, so you broke the rules and got banned for it. Makes sense to me.
I didnt know accountsharing is againts rules
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