: CPU vs GPU
What i5 exactly? Also its all fine you probably just have league with unlocked FPS and its not a GPU intensive game anyways..
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: riot stole my ideas but not for the right champs
Diana is one of those champs that should not be complained about bcs everyone can google diana oneshot and see 3000 videos of unbalanced creature running around without any counterplay since its all point and click BUT if you saying it as in general champions i agree even thought there are barely any of those champs left its just that there are some champs that dominate the meta way too hard.. Mordekaiser finnaly gets his VGU and would be playable again.. HOPEFULLY..if they dont overnerf him again and totally forget about it..
PRoxy oQ (EUNE)
: Can we make this game great again ? or good at least
if it comes to the community you can buy skins of a specific champion to get them buffed but personally asking Riot to change something that is so obviolsy broken like {{champion:92}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:55}} ETC Will not help since these champions have "COUNTERPLAY" Which is play a lanebully and act like lane is the only thing that exists and that the game is balanced.. But if you are an Riot emploYEE maybe?
Shamose (EUW)
: Well you get matched with other smurfs, so a actual new player will have a vastly different experience than you had.
Riot can barely match you with mediocore teamates once in a while lets not talk about smurfs and newbies...
: League Of Legends community
Its funny you cant say %%% but you can say to someone that you hope they burn in fire forever.. Hah. Riot are not good at their job..
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: Trolling and not banned, the usual
and he keeps going.. Good Job Riot {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
xGoldenSx (EUW)
: Permanently Banned By Accident?!?
Thats extremely hard to beilive.. Some screenshots would be nice..
: Premently banned
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnfxGrPRYr8 try this .. You should not be complaining about being banned you should be complaining that they are not being banned..
Prefo (EUW)
: Draven Passive procs on Champion clones
Its always been like this and it will always be like this i dont beilive its a bug and i really think that if he could always check if its a clone by using his Q is unfair.
Atlas (EUNE)
: Could we punish dodging more severely?
Im also up to nerfing the punishment of dogding i think its the simpliest way to make League ranked queue alot more satisfying and fun to play.
: Petition to remove the cat from the champion and just keep it as a magical book
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: What is the differnce between plat and gold?
Well gold has alot less players that bother winning the game when it comes to ranked since getting higher than gold is pointless if your ego is not as big as a plat player so what im saying is alot of people that get to plat ussually do it to satisfy themselfs and not that much bcs they are better than gold players.. So TLDR Plat players and gold players have very little diffrence in skills but alot in emotions which should explain why the elo is so toxic.
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: 25 hours? Like really? 30+ matches to get one champion? Do you wanna say that you get 100 BE per match on the average?
I would have actully loved for this to be a thing.. When IP was around you got a solid 90-100IP a long game if you win.
Riryz (EUW)
: If you think that champions now are expensive you havent been playing since IP was still a thing. Getting champions with Influence Points took a long long time. For a normal player that played only max 5 games a day it would take you like a week or more to unlock a champion. Not to forget Riot is trying to make games shorter now so aside from 20 min surrender the games could also easily last 50 min to over an hour. Not to forget the runes we needed to buy with IP to fill our rune pages which where mandatory once reaching lvl30. Seriously, if you went into ranked without a full rune page of tier 3 runes you would be flamed so hard that the toxicity you see nowadays seems like its nothing. Getting a 6300BE champion right now is leveling up 2-3 times. With some luck you even get the champion shard and can unlock it for even less. Unlocking champions is way easier nowadays. Besides, RP is still a thing. If you cant stand having to play to unlock champions then you can always pay for them.
I have played from about the middle of season 6 so i can remember a fair bit of the IP system and i really didnt ever buy those expensive tier 3 runes they were just too much i played with the cheap ones constantly it wasnt that big of a deal.. Also JUST 3 LEVELS to get a 6300BE champion thats ridiculous... I usually get about 900BE at max from a level unless it is one of those superior lv 40-50-60 capsules you get then it rises up a fair bit but only after we get throught those 10 levels(i beilive) that we get one of those.. Also IP weekends remember those ohh man do i miss them..400-500 IP a game.. lovely dreams..
Tarolock (EUNE)
: if you dont have the time/will to play to get the champs then whats the point of having them? seriously... what would change if you have all the champs? you suddenly have enough time to play? if yes then you have the time now to get them...
"What would change if you had all the champs" - Alright here i like that question. Ranked will change in a big way bcs you can always counterplay no matter what. Generally the chances are i wont get as bored as fast bcs i have a wide range of champions to pick and i wont be stuck to playing a group of champions that i have fun with and i would be able to experiment alot more and would experience alot more stuff getting knowledge of how they work and how to counter them.
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: i'd say make another account stay on the positive for about 3 months and then submit a ticket to show that you changed i think that may be a way to prove it however i don't know if they'll believe it
That sounds way too easy dont you think...
BT Ramiz (EUNE)
: Ranked games
Ohh well i guess it was just promo time again..
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: I wanna play mid but...
Basiclly nothing and theres is nothing Riot can do about that.. Who are you playing against ussualy doesn't depend on how bad you are it just depends on your elo and mmr.. So if you are not willing to go through the pain of learning midlane your safest bet is to start a smurf account.
Kingoforlyx (EUNE)
: My amumu buff
Yeah this is totally insane to the point where i am feeling wooooshed while writing this comment..
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PzyXo (EUW)
: Saying what's on my heart "nothing more"
Bcs most things i dont agree on i will just countdown the ones that i agree with. The players who insult the mother of someone because he know that she is dead The Balance team who never made something fun to do The zoe who get nerf every patch but still oneshoting people The nice champs riot make . all of them cost 6300 . and BE Hard to get The Akali which can 1v5 and leave with full hp yea i think thats all i agree on everything else sounds really stupid..
: Xerath is one of the most intense champions skillshotlandingwise to learn
: My Wukong Rework Concept | New Wukong Passiv and Abilities
I must say he sounds overloaded its like making another Akali and yes it woud be fun to play but really really annoying to play agaist his Q sounds like it will become a bushcamping ability with that range his W sounds fine as long as we dont think how much damage does illusions will do.. Both E and R kinda depend on what damage you put on them so i wont bother comment it.. Also the passive has some numbers that i dont seem to be fun to play agaist thought it depends on how much the bananas spawn.. Overwall i think this version of Wukong woud be always unbalanced..
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: So you are actually smurfing. > "explain how I almost never lose, when I pick him?" from stomping low elo players, on your multiple smurfs. In the end, it's only your own personal experience. It doesn't change the fact that he's still underperforming.
He is underperforming for the reason thst only an idiot will go and play him not bcs he is weak or hard..
AleckSandrs (EUNE)
: Aatrox Rework that I never asked for...
I read the whole thing and i regret it bcs i disagreewith almost everything... So first you said that Aatrox is "hard to learn" and this sounds stupid bcs he can basicly fix all of his mistakes by auto attacking and the new one will also be capable of doing it but slower... The whole team around Darkins is that they are brutal and a "war lovers" this is how Aatrox shoud have been. Hid gameplay is simple and boring there is nothing really great about and nothing intersting. So far Morde is the only forgotten champion left and he has his ult that is actully fun to use while Aatrox has another Yi ult.. The new aatrox is again nothing special and all of this is just to make him a littlr bit more popular and not another bi*** for toplane Aatrox was another bruiser toplane forgotten for being Yi copy in red and he doest matter.. Irelia will become another Yi copy that is as good as him so she will actully br worthet playing..
Modifi (EUW)
: I like how you say 'non serious players' play on friday saturday sunday. You mean people with actual lives school/work etc.. xD
I think he means peoples without any live that got school or work at Monday Tuesday Wendesday Thursday and Friday while in the weekend they still dont have any friends like the normal League player they go high and they play League like the normal League player..
: i need to poop
Being AFK in Ranked wont be punished so go on.
KatScript (EUNE)
: Υou dont understand too. I dont have any problem about the nerf. She is fine and her abillities, play style is so much fun. My problem as a Katarina one trick pony is that i want from riot to pay attention to Katarina, because she kind feels old. I know many champs look old and need an update and rework, but Katarina must be one of them too. If you take another look her basic skin is a bit old. Also many of her skins arent something special compair to the new reworked champs and skins. Its not only my opinion but many Katarina mains. I've also sent a msg to riot support and they answered me already 3 people, who agree with us. We just want a legendary skin or a visual update, because Katarina has the potentional to be so muuuuuch better and interesting! But... i won't be surprised at all if riot don't do anything of those two :3
I really need to be presice. So Katarina is one of those "old skined" champions as you said it but there are alot more champs that look and feel worse than her she ist the priority Riot shoud take they can probably make a Legendary skin for her like they did to Jax but she already have 2 Epic skins so it wont matter and right now they will have alot bigger problems to deal with like the whole meta any hotfixes when Aatrox comes to the live servers and probably they shoud take a look on the terrible client these and the whole servers will be heating up trought the summer with the amout of players coming to League. Then they will need to do even more reworks into Nunu,Morde,Akali and hopefully Pantheon bcs those are champs that really need some help to be balanced. And i cant really thing of a champ that just got a visual update Jax had a fast update to how his AA look but it was tiny and unexpected for a whole body you woud need to wait for a rework and talking about skins the 2 epic skins will be good enought i dont see any Soraka mains complaining how she looks or how she feels.
: The lord of the rings, the return of the king ?
In high elo yes for sure you will have a support with IQ over 40 for lower elo (plat and below) you will not be able to play to join in a game with being sure that you will get a support.. As the only Morde main to ever come to the boards i say that i want nerfs to aatrox.
: Ways of leveling up faster?
So the first thing is that as ive heard EUW is even worse than EUNE and i level up by simply playing Yi alot on PVP games so i can win the game in about 22 minutes and get about 180XP.
KatScript (EUNE)
: In my opinion Katarina is ok, but for those who know how to play her. For some one wants to learn her it would be difficult to master her.. Mordekaiser and mundo are untoched by riot and they havent recive and legendary or ultimate skin LIKE Katarina! When they tease God King skins most of the people believed and wanted to be Katarina vs Garen, because she has a relation to her lore with Garen, she hasnt get any legendary skin yet and Darius has already dunkmaster. So it maked me upset that riot choose darius and not Kat.. Indeed this is happening, but for a one trick pony isnt the same. I wont stop playing Kat, but im not satisfying any more of her outlook, emotes and the walking style. Her outfit its way more manly with dark colors. Also they could redesign some of her skins and make them more beatiful. Also i want to point that in project and death sworn skin they changed her voice, but whats the point to do that when she doesnt say anything special and new..
I trought i shoud comment again but you didnt understand it the first time so i wont repeat it.
: Goodbye trash game
"the game is as trash as it can get" Ohhh... Thats just the beggining..
: is that so hard to understand?
You can basicly flame until you dont say the wrong word its Riot they really wont do anything about it.. Just blame the person by disrespecting the way they talk..
Zefirez (EUW)
: There's early surrender vote at 15. So i reckon Riot expect everyone to be there at least until 15 mins mark. Also if you got 20 mins leaverbuster, and I speak from experience, you must do this quite often to the point it stacked up to 20 mins each game. So i can imagine at lost of ppl got pissed at your "early judgement" and reported you.
Its starts slow when you first time AFK they want you to type " I Agree " to some rules the second time they give you 5 mins the third 10 and the fourth 20 mins so it doest take alot but he shoud not AFK even if the game is going "krab*
guppý (EUW)
: Not recieving the Capsule after finishing the Tutorial.
I dont beilive that you shoud recieve a capsule for doing it...
KatScript (EUNE)
: Riot please see this : Complaints and thoughts about Katarina
Right now Katatina is good enought and if you can pull it off she becomes an AOE Yi that makes her way too powerfull.. She is a fine looking champ if you compare her with someone like Mordekaiser or Mundo also most of the champs arent simply getting a legendary or ultimate skin.. Also being "bored" in league is pretty common expirience so its not that amazing that your main champ has simply become outdated..
: What you're suggesting is utterly frivolous. Why should people get banned for performing badly in their games (without any ill-will towards their team)? > So what will happen if Riot add that * Well smaller flamers bcs there woud not be as much peoples to rage on * Alot more fair games bcs there woud not be these 2 premades that will go 0/3 in the first 2 minutes * As i see most polish players to be terrible and talk on their own langue they will not be as often seen * The Que time will be enought long so you can make popcorn * The good players woud actually want to play once again * Hopefully the stats woud not look like this https://gyazo.com/3eaf6a6683cba6dc85724b0fd8b17d2d Baseless conjectures.
To be fair 50% of the things you said are mish mash so here is the explanation : Its not just badly i mean terrible it was the most recent game so i put it as an example how not everyone wanna play even on the corners of not losing there are alot of peoples that just wanna lose play some games then answer it to me i wont count 1 game as something bcs 1 game of an day ist anything..
: As people said, everyone can have bad games. Hell, EVERYONE has horrible KDAs when they are new to League. You need like 1-2 months to not be an UNintentional feeder, because this game has no decent learning / tutorial technique whatsoever. The only thing I wish for that if players feed hard enough, they are not allowed to participate in the surrender vote for that particular game. It really, really infuriates me if someone ruins the game by going 1-12, then blocks the surrender vote because he "has still fun", or "we can still win".
the second part sounds good to me but i really dont know why do you think i will come on boards with the one idea i will come and complain for 1 game if i want to complain for 1 game i woud be permanently banned from league bcs i was doing bad things in discord something that happens again and again that ist alright like the christianity... You choose to be slave on your own mind to beilive in God and feed your ego bcs there are alot of peoples in this religion if i have to say something i woud say that right now the bigger your ego gets the worse you become aka Poland ist fine...
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Hey guys, I'm level 18 and I just played 6 urf games where I got a good champ, therefore I conclude that my teammates are bad and should be banned.
The worst part is you are still wrong... I dont complain about 1 game on 1 account i am complaining about hours of agony bcs of peoples that suck at sarcasm that bad that the only thing they can do is try to feed their own ego.. aka you..
Endellion (EUW)
: {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} No. Just...no. You haven't got even circumstantial evidence for what you think would become of it, **everyone** has bad games so you think the best solution is to ban the whole player base? That would be the end of league. I'm not even joking.
But those peoples who gain a bad game over and over and over ive litterily played with a person 4 times in a roll he was always too bad to be real like he never have been good but he was always free to troll another one till the time doest go too late and he fall to sleep and then the entire EUNE was out of peoples...
Rioter Comments
: Am I in ELO HELL?
i have to say there is no elo heaven league is about egoism and no one wanna take it like a normal person they dont know they coud got fun by being good so they wont be... here is an explaination what do i mean you are 17/0 nidalee but there is an person that you arent able to save so they blame you bcs you are the best and they want you to play like a scripter but they are just 0/7 that dont know anything.. And after all Riot says that its a team game where your team will troll you so you got nothing else to do... You have to take it and play another game... Last week i was focused playing only The Forest when i come back to league i still got terrible teamates but i can carry them even harder bcs my awarness has become better and i always keep an eye over everything, but there is still the common type of an player that just comes to ruin everything like a kid that will troll in account he has never been and will never be, he woud never listen he left you watching like he is the god but he is actully just 2/1...
Smerk (EUW)
: It's pretty much impossible to make system that will objectively measure how well any player did in this game
Bad things thats already done remember when you grinded for that lv 6 yasuo token with the S- if you got S- you lose 5 to 10 LP simple
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