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: The simple answer is this: Do not play ranked, play normals. It's players like you that create a living hell for anyone who is trying to climb the ladder. It's players that believe they can go into ranked after they just hit 30 that just make me want to rip out some ones eyes. But i commend you for admitting it. just go play normals till you are ready.
I've played this game for a while and not just jumped into ranked, i just don't get any better though :(.
: wow, i respect you for saying the truth and not just saying you lose because your team is bad. anyway your MMR will drop a lot if you keep losing. it takes a while to lose your way to bronze but it will happen. the more you lose the faster you end up in bronze. anyway, with that attitude you will climb your way right back to silver quick enough.
Thanks! I think this is obvious that Silver II is too high for me because i randomly got such a high rank. The problem is that my team loses the game because i play so badly and i feel sorry for them. There are many cases they deserved to win the game but it was my fault they lost.
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