: Climbing from honor level 0
i wanna talk about my account and my friends account my friend got banned in august last year 2017 (being eligible for prizes) getting his boarders skin wards and w/e he got more dunno he struggled till the end of 2017 to get lvl 1 honor (he unlocked the little locket very fast in 2-3-4 days don`t remember exactly how long he took to do that) at this time he is still lvl 1 honor after being able to play from august 14th, I on the other hand got banned in 13 oct right before the season ended my ban expire (14 day) like 27 or 1st of November (do not remember with precision ) well it december before christams i had lvl 3 honor already (currently still at lvl 3 honor) it is really interesting (he got banned for int and me for verbal abuse)
: I rather have this one - > [Link](https://imgur.com/a/nlMc4)
ONLY AHRI HAS ICON THERE N1 p.s. and yours don`t show runes and masteries
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Name a champion that's actually >fun< to play
Eambo (EUW)
: Clash Beta issues - 15 Dec
ok i like the idea have a question a 2-3 suggestions so i played with a group of randoms yestarday a friend who i wanted to start the team with is honor level 0 so i picked up who i could....alll went good we lost first game won the second...got 3rd place out of 4 the rewards where very small to say the leas i got a logo, 2x soraka, 3x3 win xp boost and some xp for the 3 tickets i put in that is one of my issues although u chose your team sometimes u can`t predict some of them being afk and having to get a nother one to play with witch can ruin your mood i my oponion the rewards are very low i know we got 3rd place only out 4th but that life maybe if we do better we get better rewards....and i have a question will my tickets return? to me? u can take away my prizez :D
: Hardstuck Honour Level 0
false reports pass as 2 i suggest playing aram or normal where the nr. of reports are less for ppl then in ranked or flex
SlyFoxxie (EUNE)
: Hi peeps! I am looking for a buddy or some buddies(2 more specific) to Power Level:)
Loonsteer (EUW)
what is the problem if u get in low leveled match put in game with a smurf i dont see what is the problem u learn maybe from them or maybe u have can be proud that u are doing so well that u are put in match vs a player that is a smurf ...so maybe u can lose maybe u can win that the game about the rank think when u get smurf that have low elo cos they just made the acount dota 2 has a good policy with phone numer had to confirm msg from steam to play rank so why not implement here? the same system? ah if u want to have more acounts sure do have more acounts but u can only play rank with one and can play pubs on all even this seem like a good idea a support the idea of them playing rank also its no big deal they can play rank also over a course of time they will get there original elo if they play serios and don`t troll
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: New Patch lower fps
riot new runes made fps go down even if u have a good pc for example i have pretty decent pc and play at 40 fps in team fights when in the start of the game i have over 200 so that pretty bad i think they are linked to runes i didn have this problem before new runes
: New level system in League
for lvl 38 u need 2880 xp a bit more the for the rest of the levels got 37 level and still nothing special from lvl 35 they offer 5 of the most cheapest champs
localbiatch (EUNE)
: fps problems
we all have fps problems with new runes i dont know why but its a problem i had 200+ fps and after runes my fps droped to 100 and has some phases where it drops to sub 50 and my sistem is better then yours p.s. i can play dota 2 on higher fps and lol its interesting riot should fix this cos the requests for dota 2 are much higher and the grafics are better in dota 2
: Honor capsules suck
this is better than to get a free ban like me cheers :)
YoniBony (EUNE)
: I'm 33 level and a half, but i'm playing only rankeds around 10 per day. If i play normal games, then i could be 35 lvl by now, maybe.
i`m level 34 already and u need 2688 xp to reach lvl 35 so its more xp then u need to get a level 30to 31 31 top 32 32 to 33 33 top 34 so for level 35 u need not 2496 xp but 2688 xp is this the first milestone?:))
: New level system in League
ranked xp and normal games xp are the same so if u would be play normal games u would be the same beside the difference between a lose a win in xp a very little 30 xp for a 30 min game 1xp per win i think. i anyone over 35? or hit 35? i almost hit 34 and wanna see how much xp for 36 is if it is more
Worlay (EUNE)
: The New Level System
there should be no reward bigger then for the player that plays more than the fact that he owns more champions and can get from be store some nice things for the fact that he played so much if u think xp should come retroactively back u are wrong the reward for older players is that have more ip and more runes and rune pages to get more be to get more stuff for be store say u are a veteran players since season one with over 300k ip u should be still able to spend that ip=turned into be in over a few seconds :D
Rioter Comments
: So i got banned for saying a word for like 14 day is that fair?
i made another thread for this ban where u can see clearly everything
Rioter Comments
: What happened to 1500 IP icons?
oh noes not the icons dunno why u care for such a small thing
: Honor System
well i ask u do you have facts to argue otherwise or are u just calling me salty for stating my own personal opinion? i lived this kind of thinks and not always threw me personal i had friends that would report people for verbal abuse over and over again nothing would happen with them for example a friend of mine would play a lot of rank games i am talking about 2k + ranked games not the 600 hundred per season u consider a lot ...on a lot of occasions he would report somebody for trolling his game and the next game get the same person or flaming him but get the same people next game when he played a normal game (not ranked of flex rank) and he decided to troll vs a pre-made group of 3 in his team he got banned 2 weeks for intentional feeding (with all the other consequences dropping honor to lvl 0 it being locked not being able to play for 2 weeks) but even in ranked when he gets players that because they are tilted they int on purpose he reports them he doesn`t or i when i solo report somebody dont obtain nothing but in his case he even get sometimes some of this people in his next ranked game. + i got chat restriction once for saying a "f... you" as an answer to a salty enemy team that would try to tilt me on purpose by harassing me in all chat and champing me...i reported all 3 for harassing and they reported me for that "f... you" and guess who got chat restrict ?? and who got away with their crime?? so please state me facts otherwise before calling me salty p.s. when i made the ticket to avoid my chat restrict (it was before the new honor system) the admin state to me that the more reports i get the bigger are the changes for me to get banned. if it would be permitted i would print the ticket with the translation of it for you to see how salty i am.
: 1 report is worth as much as 9 reports. This has been stated by riot ever since they introduced instant feedback system.
wrong again mate 1 report= 1 report 2 reports = 2 re... 3 reports = lets ban this guy without checking it out "he got 3 reports" :)) ah so they put in "fk off" in the reasoning why u got banned from the game where u got spammed hole game tilted by 2-3 enemies but get banned son ! where" the top lane Darius tells u 2 sit down after he killed u playing a Nassus and his premade jg camped in bush like 60-100 secs for that to happen....this is fact not fantasy HF
: No it didnt. As long as you dont use the chat you are a positive influence, even if you troll or int 50-100 games in a row without flaming riot will reward you with honor :) The old system worked the same way.
u can flame 2 but flame only 1 player make his life lving hell if u get only 1 report :") or play with premades and report the shit out of a poor sucker who plays solo for typing anything Crap system !!!!
: Hello, looking for people with a bronze account (that are silver or higher in reality) to duo q with
: Anyone else get Honor 4?
i am only level 3 but saw a lot of people getting lvl 4 and they got only 1 honor capsule i got 3 honor capsules :) and i am still lvl 3 what does that mean???


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