Aexie (EUW)
: ACCOUNT ban for chat without affecting “forbidden topics”
Normal passive aggressive but nothing ban worthy from what i read, i couldn't be bothered to read the whole thing, still i can't understand why are you even playing league if you are wasting that much time typing as i can tell you are not having fun. Its okay to say a word or two when someone messes up if you are that type of person, i do it myself every once in a while but when i see such a wall of text because of one game.. Also you need to realize that the rank you are is where you belong, if you actually spend the time you invest into typing and arguing into learning the game, you'll get higher rank and play with better players.
Ryµk (EUNE)
: Keyboard/game lags at 6-10 minutes everygame
I remember having this problem a year or so ago and i just noticed i've been having "lag" recently, now that you are saying this, i am completely sure this is happening to me again too..
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Yeah but we are talking about league here and as you said league is now considered a sport and professional players are athletes. That was only a case of pantsaredragon saying the n word, as long as you don't go that far you can say anything. Also take into consideration that that was because he was trying to go to the scouting grounds, as long as you don't plan to go pro you can even use the n word and you won't be punished as long as you don't call players that in chat. There are many streamers that are calling players monkey,trash on their stream and nothing will happen to them. They can be as toxic as they want as long as they don't use chat or tweet threats. They should actually check streams often and punish streamers so we don't see another tyler1. I actually enjoyed watching him after he was banned from league but so many players were influenced by him to be "cool" and run it down mid. Look at iwilldominate, he was permanently banned and now he is being sarcastic on his stream and is really toxic towards other players, you can see it in him that he looks down on them just because they are worse then him at league.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
How many of the professional league players have issues with toxicity? there's not too many but there's a good amount of them. Being "chill" has nothing to do with how good you are at the game. I can completely understand professional players when they play solo queue, when i level up a new account and need to reach my own elo, its really hard for me to not type in chat. I can be fine when i play with teammates who are on my skill level and i know that their mistakes could be similar to mine, when i play with lower ranked players then me i see what mistakes they make and i see it as trolling, once i check their rank i realize that i am not playing against players i usually do. Toxicity is only associated with chat, just stop chatting and you're good look at countless streamers clearly being toxic and saying how someone is trash on their stream but they just have to not type it and will never be punished.
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
Happy holidays and good luck to everyone on the summoners rift! Hopefully next year will be good and we will all improve and reach a higher rank.
CutyPuppy (EUW)
: Cyber bullied by contracted Cosplayer
I wasn't expecting a thread like this on boards, we all have bad moments in our lives, you just need to keep fighting until it gets better. You have the courage to stand up for yourself and even reported it to the authorities, hopefully riot will fire her and that employee that didn't listen to you even when you had proof, he shouldn't be allowed to work anymore. You shouldn't do this for riot but for yourself, you need to be able to feel safe and riot should be ashamed for allowing that cosplayer to keep doing that for so long as you have said that she has bullied a number of other people. Also ignore the childish kids that can't even show any sympathy to a fellow human being, we are all the same and should help eachother whenever possible. If you need any advice or any help that i can give, i am here for you. You can contact me and i'll try to help as much as i can. Just stay strong like you currently are by doing this and this terrible situation should be resolved soon by riot and police.
: There are people that get raped, beaten to near death by their husband to then divorce and so on and didn't turn suicidal I'm sorry for what is happening to you but there are people who have it harder and aren't near suicidal. So stop being edgy please. I'm diagnosed with depression and I don't react this badly to hard stuff in life
There are different circumstances, how can you even talk about someone else when you don't know them? People in such situations should be helped by anyone who can do so. Even if you can just talk to them online you should try to help them, not question their intentions and why they want to do it. I am honestly disgusted by your comment, just because you had issues and didn't have suicidal thoughts, you shouldn't compare situations as everyone is different and people have killed themselves for much less.
Zoom 9x (EUNE)
: I'm very sorry that I was a very toxic player and I apologize to Riot games and the LoL community.
Just look at popular streamers like Iwilldominate, he is being "sarcastic" while he is actually toxic on his streams, just doesn't type in chat often. Everyone can be in a bad mood when their teammate makes a really bad play. I just don't see a point of people who actually make racist comments towards them or tell them to "off themselves" , that is what i consider really immature. Even telling them that they played poorly usually ends in you losing once they give up, so its usually not good to use chat. Chat shouldn't exist in this game, maybe voice chat could be useful for communicating with your team but chat has no use except to put people down and argue. If you take your time to type in chat you are not playing the game to the best of your ability, you are not moving or you are not paying attention to minimap when you are typing, there is always something else to do that you can put your attention to instead of chat. I was really "toxic" at one point, but i realized that there's no point in typing to them, you're just wasting your time. The reason i put toxic in quotation marks is because i was never racist or childish, i just plainly explain what they played poorly, usually that ended up in arguments or them giving up and some games were lost because of that. No one can improve in one game no matter how much you type to them, even if they accept your advice, nothing can be done in the current game, on the other hand they may give up and you would lose the game even if you had the some chance to carry. (so either way you lose out if you use chat). From what i read, you have not really changed, you just considered that getting banned is not worth being toxic for. If you could be toxic with no consequences you would continue. It is obvious that you changing as a person is pretty much almost impossible if you get permanently banned. The whole "toxicity" is only considered when you use chat, there is no other way to be toxic except spam pings and emotes but that is seen as bm, toxic people's way to continue being toxic without punishments. So you just had to stop using chat, maybe move chat so that you can't see it when you are ingame and also bind enter to something else so that you can't type if you really have no self control.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=roughvan,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Y0TZAh6c,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-11-19T13:33:54.688+0000) > > CET timezone, which is used by riot to determine when to turn on the draft pick, its 12:00 PM CET. > > Here's the link to the post: Did u relog at noon?
Doesn't require a relog, but i did try that at 1:30 pm just to be sure as i thought that it was weird that it was taking that long and it may have been issue with my client. So i confirmed that it is not me, and everyone had it disabled until it was turned on at 1:50 pm or so.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Which time zone are you looking at?
CET timezone, which is used by riot to determine when to turn on the draft pick, its 12:00 PM CET. Here's the link to the post:
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DZerk (EUNE)
: Please don't disable draft at late hours [EUNE]
Riot should just give all 450 champions to new players and some 1350 and remove blind pick, like 10 champions is good enough (plus free rotation so they'll always have something to play), they could balance it by decreasing level up rewards for first 10 levels. I would find it overwhelming as a new player even with 10 champions. Blind pick is such a troll gamemode, people play anything they want to play in any role, You can see yasuo jungle/top/adc/support. Played with Ahri adc yesterday i think.. There's no team composition, there are rarely tanks, they just pick assassins and just chase for kills. There's so much toxicity in the champion select, editing the chat logs and pasting in the chat so that they said the lane they want to go first while everyone else sees it differently, yes there can be lag and they may feel that they said it first but there are times when they just edit chat after they instantlock. The whole system of saying your role first is flawed, who made these rules? obviously players, and there's no need to respect anyone's choice as with draft pick where players don't decide the roles and can only accept or dodge, maybe some unconventional pick but it is nowhere near as bad as blind pick. They mostly use blind pick because players without many champions can't play draft, its not that hard to change that by giving some champions to new players, the only gamemode that is required for everyone to play before draft pick is blind pick when they don't have champions, and there's basically no point to it as when they level up they'll play ranked in draft pick and they should start learning how the draft pick works early. The reason normal draft is disabled is because of flex, there's so many different game modes that are similar, what is different between normal draft, flex and ranked? only the LP they get in the ranked queues. Blind pick is also not that much different, just that there can be mirrior matchups and no bans, so some people always play blind pick just to get to play the most banned champions in draft. So 4 queue types are similar, and there's not enough players to split them. There's less players at late hours so they disable normal draft pick.
: So, it is just me that likes the new changes to the game?
You realize how hard it is to get IP/BE right now? by making runes free, you won't be able to get champions now, so it doesn't matter. There were players that played 13-14 games just to get 200 IP/BE because of their bad luck. Now that will feel good to grind for champions !{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Lets see how long it will take it for you to realize how frustrating it will feel to play all day to get 200 IP/BE, it will happen eventually, when your IP/BE gain is based on RNG. I understand that old rune system was really bad for new players and it took a while to get all you need, but you could just play with one ad and one ap page without many issues if you wanted to spend all your ip on champions. Theres currently like 134 champions in the game, and riot adds quite a few more every year. With the new IP/BE rewarding system, lets see you buy all champions. How many games would you need if you started a new account and only spent money on skins. I feel that skins are a good way to spend some money on game you enjoy but i don't want to spend any money on champions.
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FailBoB (EUW)
: How much Blue Essence did you get?
45 000 rune collector mission with 9 rune pages and all the runes i ever needed for my main role on my main account. Seems fine to me, i didn't expect they'd give me back that much. I probably spent much more on runes and pages but hey i don't expect anything free from riot (as they are a company and want to make money) so im quite happy. We used these runes for years so even if we didn't get anything we shouldn't complain.
: Didn't make it
Its good that you are trying to improve, you just figured out that you need to try even harder. By next season you can hit diamond if you really focus on it. The idea is that you don't become like other players that just spam games over and over. Sometimes watching streams can be worth much more but not just that also you need to pay attention to what you do every game, don't just do the same thing over and over. I've seen countless players stuck in silver/gold/plat with 1000 games or more in there. Which should not happen if you are actually trying to improve every game. Now i want to talk about your winrates and champions and try to give you some advice on them. You have 93 games on nami with good KDA and from what i can see you should've played it well because you have 57% win rate. I don't know much about nami and i won't look at your items, you should just open up challanger/master nami players and compare what they buy and their runes, but shouldn't just copy because some items are much more useful in their elo, same with runes. You should either practice morgana more or just stop playing her, 43% win rate in 23 games even though its only 23, you are doing something wrong if you have below 49-50% win rate. Same with thresh, thresh wasn't really suited for the ardent meta so if you were playing thresh you weren't actually trying your best to win. Also your win rate on him is also low. Same with amumu and jenna, you should play your best champion, if you only played nami im sure you would've reached gold. You played well with ahri and orianna but i can't really say how good it is based on 10 games. As the only support you are doing really well with compared to ohers is nami, you could try one-tricking her and only play her when you play ranked support, as for mid you should probably play orianna over ahri as you have more control with your ultimate over the outcome of the game as your secondary role. Because support is your primary role you will often get it as mid is really coveted role, so probably once in 20 games you'll get mid.
: > If you are diamond, you're probably smart enough not to listen to "canis Inferorum" as he's unranked aram player, i just had to check his after he said that sona jungle is op. Sorry if i was rude but you can't really give advice to diamond player saying that sona is op in the jungle like that.. my rank or game mode doesn't matter when it comes to "forcing" a dodge or not. and if you saw my comment i specifically typed "in my experience" not in the whole communities experience? dodging is still done by the persons own free will. thus he can't blame others for dodging said game. Edit: by the way. i'm unranked by choice. as i only play games for fun.
"in your experience" what can that experience be if you have never played ranked? Sona can't be played jungle, if it was top ranked players would abuse it, same way the meta changes and they play shaco jungle now its elise. You're giving him suggestions even though he said that he's diamond player and you play unranked and you want to give him ranked advice about playing sona jungle and how it is op? he'd just go 0/10 every game as it would be so easy to invade sona that can't probably even do the first clear. You're talking about dodging and how he can't blame other people for doing it? its their fault he has to dodge when they troll pick lee sin support, he's supposed to stay in the game and lose it? based on team compositions you should know the chances of you winning if you consider that you are all equal in skill. That's what is checked first in champion select. Once game starts loading, its good to go to and check your enemies and see who is tilted, who has lost games or who has low winrate on the champion or is offrole. But less about that, what i wanted to talk about is team compositions, just based on team compositions you can get a general idea of how the game will go. If you have lee sin support and teemo top, obviously its better to dodge and it is your team's fault that you have to dodge if you want to keep your MMR as for you to win games like that chances are really much lower. How am i supposed to blame myself for dodging when i get trolling teammates that take champion select hostage and say "mid or feed, if you don't give me mid i'll just int my ass off", if you don't give him mid, there's a good chance he'll actually do as he said and if he actually gets mid the guy that gave him mid will be tilted, so you're in a bad spot in the champion select. So its my fault i have to dodge at that point, if you are playing seriously on your main account you shouldn't care if you fall a division if you get to keep your MMR because you dodged. MMR is the most important and you'll just be wasting 30 minutes on a game that you'll probably lose and get tilted.
: forced to dodge again sona jungler and nunu disco in d4 , lost almost one division by dodging ......
> [{quoted}](name=SpinalNerf,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=dJXJGn05,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-22T23:24:07.777+0000) > > forced to dodge again sona jungler and nunu disco in d4 , lost almost one division by dodging ...... Better to dodge and lose a stupid "badge" and keep your mmr. If you play the game and lose, your mmr goes down too. If there is a chance of like 70-80% that you'll lose because of champions your team picked, you should dodge. If you are in diamond, you're probably smart enough not to listen to "canis Inferorum" as he's unranked aram player, i just had to check his after he said that sona jungle is op. Sorry if i was rude but you can't really give advice to diamond player saying that sona is op in the jungle like that.. Its just match better to dodge, remember when rank was decided by elo rating and it was visible? players complained that losing a few elo points and dropping a rank was bad. So they made "imaginary" badges and divisions. For example players with low mmr that lose like 25 lp after a loss and win like 15 and are in diamond will just fall down to plat and your diamond badge means nothing at that point. It just exists to satisfy players the players that care too much about their rank when MMR is all that matters in this game.
: I don't know, doesn't this just seem like a band-aid fix to you? People flame because they get excessively mad and have a hard time controling their emotions, of course restricting their access to the chat would stop them from flaming, but it wouldn't solve the underlying issue... These players are still salty af. They will still want to blame their teammates for everything, and will continue to believe that they're better than others. I believe that this attitude is just very harmful. ---- Even if they don't flame, their emotions will still dictate their actions ingame. They might steal your buffs, refuse to help you, or completely ignore you. Or even worse, ragequit, and/or feed intentionally. --- My worry is that if you give toxic players the choice to either mute themselves permanently, or try to reform, they're gonna choose the easy way and just not use the chat. _It's like putting a muzzle on a dog instead of training him to behave properly._ ######This analogy isn't meant to be degrading in any way, just pointing out that reform is better than restriction.
Most flamers are like that and always blame team and can't improve, but i have a problem when my team is actually trolling/feeding in my promos and such. I am really harsh on myself but because of that i am harsh on others too. I always blame myself the most for not being able to carry a feeding teammate but im still pissed he ended up feeding in my promos and if they argue with me, i end up arguing with them. I don't really see the point of disabling chat, they can just move it below the screen so they can't see it. But maybe a way to disable it permanently would be fine, maybe to toggle it in options could be useful to some players. So what if they are salty? they'll be salty either way. There are many players that are salty but not toxic or flaming people after a bad beat. The idea behind it is that players won't get flamed by them and that is the most important, they won't get hurt or tilted because someone flamed them. I feel that toxicity should be punished but if some players just really don't have control over their emotions and want to disable chat, give them the option to do so. Its really bad to be on the receiving end of such toxicity. I understand that i can be sometimes a bit toxic but at most i'll just argue with them over the game an their poor game decisions, i never wished diseases or was racist towards anybody, that just seems childish. I also understand that me arguing with them is pointless as i probably won't meet them in game again but it just happens sometimes when im already tilted from losing few previous games or something happened in real life, you never know. I have the control to stop myself from typing in chat but i don't as i feel that they should listen to my complaints if they decide to troll the game or play drunk, its just that i don't blame a player that had a bad game, but the one that made really poor decisions. There are times when your score will be 0/10 no matter what you do unless you go afk, sometimes you may get camped by the enemy jungler. But if you can you should play as safe as possible. Problem is most players are on autopilot as they play like 5+ games a day, you can't stay concentrated 100% every game if you play like 10 games that day. Most players just want to be the "hero" of the game and go 20/0 and make great plays, they just don't play safe because they want to get kills and snowball and its normal in a competitive game like this that such a thing happens. Most of them just don't want to play safe and hug the tower when they already gave like 2 kills to enemy top laner and try to play safe and farm up, push when they roam. That's where i get tilted when they don't even try to seriously win. Well this was quite a long post, i should probably stop here as i can just keep going for as much as i want..
Tarolock (EUW)
: then you are doing it wrong, first of all they cant be in invis/stealth forever so a few wards on the good spots can counter their stealth/invis, and that should give you enough time to react or play zilean and watch them burn all their cds and laugh when the adc gets up
You need to realize that solo/queue is not coordinated at all. Players just do their own little thing every game autopilot players, they never do anything different. You can't expect for them to play really safe and win against assassins that way, usually its only one guy feeding and that is surely enough for assassin like talon to get like 3-4 early kills on him and snowball really hard. You can't control 4 players in your game and how they play, that is why lethality is busted.
: > Wait... am I bragging? After reading my own comment 10 times over, I still can't see any bragging. Please point me to the part where i brag about something. You are. You are defining things with your own opinions, making them look quite stiffed and forced. You are bragging indirectly by being convinced enough to write things which aren't true and have prejudice on those same things. > > You seem to have anger management issues judging by how you reacted to my harmless comment. Because you are my private psychiatrist, right? How about you don't mistake speaking with confidence with having "anger issues" how you described it? There's a huge difference, you know. > > I'm not putting you down. All i meant was that big goals lead to big disappointments and that is why you should aim for little steps at a time and not big leaps like that. Otherwise this happens I don't really want an insight of your deep and meaningful intentions. I can only judge by what i read, and what you wrote was definitely a prejudice of me having my goals set up "way too high", like it's your business what my goals are and how will i reach them, right? Why even write this, it's of no use to tell someone this. I don't recall asking you to tell me whether my goals are "high enough" or "way too high". The sentence is obviously written to portray the negativeness, regardless of its intentions, or whether it was intentional or not. Or, at best, it was written in a neutral way to, once again, portray your opinion about my goals in a neutral way. Either way, totally out of line, it doesn't even have anything to do with what i wrote. Why even reply to my comment? Considering i replied to the OP, not a random stranger just so i could hear his "professional" opinion about my goal that is of no use at all. > > All i did was give a friendly advice that helps save you from a lot of frustrations. Maybe the community seems getting worse to you because you are a salty person yourself? there is something to think about. B&*ch, putting someone else down by your unwanted opinions isn't defined as "advice", learn a difference, you've got lots of free English dictionaries and grammar lessons.
The whole point of setting your goals high is so that you try your best to reach them and that it takes time. Yeah small goals like reaching p4 from p5 are fine too but if you really want to improve at league you should set your goals really high and put time into learning everything about the game. How do you think challanger players are where they are right now? some of them said how they got gold in the season they started playing league and next season challanger. Just how much effort you put in that much you are rewarded with skill and knowledge of the game, most people just don't try hard enough and also alot of them can't reach that level but diamond is possible for almost everyone if they really want to improve. To me goals are really important as i that really help me to actually focus on tedious learning and trying to improve. As it is always fun to reach goals you set for yourself. Gold 1 player having diamond as his goal will probably help him improve if he is serious about it and plays at least 3-4 hours a day seriously focused on improving.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Meh, maybe it would be nice to see it once, but since they are always doing the same and you can expect them to do the same amount of damage every game, it will become super boring and predictable.
Yeah after like 10 games it won't really be worth seeing minion stats and i don't think it will be fun to have it take space in the end game screen or graphs.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Can't we all just get along? :/
When it really is an easy game i say "gg wp" but when it was hard and i played really well and i may have been annoyed by one enemy player, i could say "ez" just because he/she may have tilted me a bit.. I really dislike easy games as they are not fun to me at all when i stomp really hard. Its okay if you are winning but if enemy team doesn't have any chance it isn't fun anymore. Also this is a competitive game, so no we can't all get along, that's the sad truth.
: Warmog on ww?
doesn't work well with him as the lower on hp he is the more he heals so pure stats should be better? obviously some hp from other items you usually buy on him is good enough.
: Im doing well now with twitch. But there is games where I can not team to work together. (doesnt matter do they feed or not, twitch can turn around teamfight upside down) I dont know how to make them listen.
Its not about them, you need to focus on yourself. There will always be bad teammates. You just get tilted by them. Most players just want to carry games, if they can't they feed and want to ff.
: D5 hardstuck needs advice.
You can't win every game and it is normal, if it is as you said you did your best in these games. Sometimes you may even have a loss streak. What i want to ask is how long have you been diamond 5? you probably just need a better decision making to climb.
: Important Question!
Gotta do what we gotta do. I often do it i guess. No point in holding it in until i finish showering as it usually takes me like 30 minutes to get out as i shave and do everything i need to there. If it counts i try to hit the shower trap if i got the name right.
: Didn't know you could set macros on League, thought it was illegal, well that I don't mind Thanks a bunch! :D
I think that as long as it doesn't influence the game outcome or give you any advantage over other players its okay. You should probably ask around more about this, but its just a simple macro to type mute command so it shouldn't be a big deal.
Hakan00x (EUW)
: judging by my match history what rank will i probably be?
If you check your games, most players are bronze which is where you should be currently. Would be possible for you to start from silver if you win most of your placement games if not all. Its up to you if you want to play ranked. Usually you should be able to improve more in ranked as you are playing with players no your level and also people are more serious. Normals can put bronze/unranked vs diamond or higher from time to time and its not really suitable for improving when most players aren't taking it really that serious, they play new champions and such. Im not saying that you can't imrpove if you play normal games, just that it will be much harder. I used to watch streams and play only normal games for quite a time when i started playing and when i started ranked i was gold, i had to climb from silver 4 from placements if i remember correctly. There are some things you can do like picking one champion to play and master him/ be one trick that way you'll climb faster. Most players don't do this though.
: No point? You defend favouritism? Because they are stronger than another champions. It is a point. Because one of them has very little counterpick. It is a point.
Doesn't matter, as i said before some other champions will be strong if they get replaced. Im not defending syndra/orianna as champions as i don't play them. I know that this game changes so much but i enjoy when strong picks don't get changed often as i adapt to their buffs and can play pretty well against them. You expect riot to just buff champions for no reason just so they can change the meta picks? most champions are balanced well but there will always be stronger champions as their counters are weaker and not picked. Once syndra and orianna get nerfed other champions even without buffs will be viable and possibly even strong. You expect meta picks for every lane and jungle to change every month? i'd prefer if it was every season as we get more time to learn them and play against them. No point in learning elise/orianna/syndra if they'll get nerfed in a month and not be picked anymore or even considered strong picks. What's going to give you incentive to learn a champion you have not played before if you know that nerfs will be out next month?
: You can't play any mid lane champion against Syndra. I said reasons. Syndra has less counterpick numbers. Ekko, Fizz, Vladimir. Otherwise she will dominate you. Because her ult broken and she is very oppressive on lane. Also Riot shouldn't allow some champion longer times. Because that means favouritism. Why should I play non-meta champions? All pro players prefer meta champions. Because meta champions are stronger than another champions.
No point in champions switching between months, how will any new player pick a champion to see that in a month he'll have to learn a new one? Also for any other player who doesn't play that lane will have to adapt to the buff champion received and learn the damage he deals.
: There will always be strong picks in the game if you nerf orianna and syndra some other picks will be much more viable Absolutely. However I don't want to see same champions in meta every time. I feel Riot likes their main players. Because they were strong 15-20 patches. They stay in meta longer times. Some champions stay in meta 2-3 patches. Some champions stay 15-20 patches. It isn't fair. I want equal meta time for every champion. More fair.
Lol so they should buff and make champions strong just so you can switch it up and play something else? You can play aatrox and climb to master if you are good enough. You can play any champion you want. Yes Syndra and Orianna are strong and you will have higher chances of winning if you play them but i don't want to see strong picks change every month, i don't play mid and i've gotten used to play against syndra and orianna, its good for me. Ranked is supposed to be serious, most of us play league because we enjoy but i've played 4 junglers in ranked and i'd really find it much more enjoyable if some new jungler became strong but im not playing ranked to enjoy new meta picks but to win. Some of my favorite junglers are bad right now and i don't play them.
: Syndra and Orianna were strong meta champions for a long time.
That's the point of syndra, You have to watch so she doesn't oneshot you. Orianna doesn't need nerf but i agree that azir and viktor need buffs. Yasuo is good where he is right now, zed is a bit bad could get a small buff, about vayne i don't want her buffed as when she is, she'll just be another twitch where in late game she'll just win every game. There will always be strong picks in the game if you nerf orianna and syndra some other picks will be much more viable as orianna and syndra countered them. You need to understand that most champions become "meta" when another champion is nerfed that was a counter. There will always be strong picks, you just can't nerf all champions and make them perfect and equal as every champion has different kit and they are just too different, it will never be a perfect balance between all champions and it is basically impossible for that to happen.
Capn Evan (EUW)
: Vote to remake during champion select
It can be abused because of currently strong picks and team comps. If you get a really good team comp in diamond, other team will just do that without any punishment. Good team comps shouldn't be punished same with strong picks in the current meta. They see Zac and lucian and decide to "remake" in champion select with no punishment, it would be so bad.
: That would depend on the amount of games you play everyday. I play a lot (Not recently) of games per day and it can get quite fking straight annoying to type it ever single time (I have friends with over 3k games, obviously they ain't typing it). Besides, if by being lazy only about typing mute all in chat so I don't hear rage from other people, if that's the only laziness everyone would ever have, then you couldn't even call it lazy, it would only be a quality of life choice
Just make a macro with autohotkey. It will automatically type and you can set it to "+" as you don't use that key for anything else when you play the game if you are that lazy. You will just need to press that key for it to mute everyone, can you be that lazy that you don't want to press one key on your keyboard?
Tiasmoon (EUW)
: Lee Sin has always been one of the top picks for jungle, and always will be. Even if there are ones better, he's still at the top.
Doesn't matter, that's actualy good as i have higher chances of winning against lee sin players. He is playable but isn't at the top, around A tier, the ones i mentioned are the best and S tier currently. If you are evently matched in skill if your enemy picks meta/strong champions currently they should win. That just gives you higher chance of winning the game and no point in playing anything else if you just want to climb.
sit kid (EUW)
: > I agree with everything except that lee sin is good, lee sin sucks. I think it has more to do with people sucking at Lee. In the right hands, a Lee Sin is probably one of the most lethal junglers. Even as of right now
Doesn't matter how good you are, i wasn't talking about skill required to play him, just that better choices of champions are there for junglers. There's basically no point in playing him when you can play elise/rek'sai/warwick. Elise is a must pick in higher elo because dodging tower shot with repel is just too strong with her kit and once you take over the early game its pretty much done. You can pick lee sin if you don't want to play this game seriously and want to lower your chances of winning. Yeah he can be a really fun champion because it requires you to really learn to play him well but there is no point in doing that.
: does that do it for every single game?
No, but you shouldn't be so lazy that you can't type that every game. Yeah it can be annoying but its better option instead of pressing tab and having to click on ping mute and chat mute for every player.
: Even better: An option to start all games with everyone muted, pings also optional, every game, without having to type anything in game or having to click those buttons in the scoreboard or whatever the TAB button shows. I'm lazy, and I don't want to do it every game, make it in the settings menu! And if possible another setting disabling chat all together but leaving the good information there (Like in WoW where you could have a single chat window displaying damage and effects, etc... but here showing shutdowns and etc...)
jus type "/fullmute all" if i remember that is the correct command to mute pings and chat.
: Azir rework is coming next patch
How long did we have to wait for that rework? how long was azir so bad? what's the point of saying that azir rework is coming out next patch? Only the most extreme azir mains waited that long and still play him in ranked. Most others probably just gave up and picked other champions. Also his kit will be changed, im not saying that this is bad as he needs a nerf to his long range so he can be buffed, and most players that play him like his long range/he'll be like a different champion to them after rework.
: Bots, the new titanic of League of Legends. New players can't learn the game.
I agree that ai games really suck, she should play normal games against against players. But don't duo with her as if you do it there will obviously be stronger players and maybe even smurfs in it if you use your main account. Don't make a new account and think that it is good to duo with her as you'll win games you shouldn't and the system will think that she's a smurf and put her against them. I know how it feels and you obviously want to play games with your gf, you should let her understand the game first and at least get to 30 before you duo with her otherwise you'll just put her off the game. When i started i was playing with a friend and i started to hate the game as i was always getting stomped because he was level 30 and i was just starting out.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: You dont learn or improve through winning. You improve on losing. So playing against smurfs is most beneficial for new players.
Playing against smurf when you are below level 30 is the worst. I've been such a big noob when i started playing, i didn't know anything about the game. Even silver smurf could stomp these games even though i say that silver is pretty much bad to me right now, when i started i obviously couldn't beat silver players. Lets not even talk about it if it turns out that smurf is plat or diamond.. Diamond player will just go 20/0 against below lvl 30 player, heck sure he can go 20/0 against silver/gold too depending on the champion obviously. What can a new player learn when he's getting stomped so hard? nothing, no one likes losing and losing so hard will make you tilt and you will not be able to learn anything, and its not just because of tilt its just that his skills are much higher you won't be able to understand anything that he is doing. As a new player you'll be sure that he's using a broken champion and that it isn't fair, once you try out that champion and see that it is not op champion you'll be so confused. That's how new players are, you want to put smurf against them when they are not even level 30 and you think they can learn something?
Endusal (EUW)
: Hot Streaks & "punishing players for being good"
It already works like that, if you are on a win streak your mmr will just increase so fast and you'll get more lp...
Solicitude (EUNE)
: >Balance = Chess Not even chess is 100% balanced, since someone gets the first move.
Cannot really compare chess to league in any way. In chess you have the exact same figures that can do exact same thing, league every champion is different and there are so many team comps you can have also only in blind you can have the same champions.
: Champion lock in
Riot changed it, now you have to be careful and not do that again. I dodged 4 times on the day it was changed.
: I thought i would have never saw anyone defending AFKfarming, but apparently i was wrong.
AFK farming? don't talk about jungle when you don't understand it. You don't even see how much exp we get from jungle once you clear it you better gank before camps spawn or you waste time. Spawning times for camps are so messed up. EXP sucks, all you can rely on is getting your team ahead in the early game. What are we going to do with champions that scale in the jungle? now you can only play a few champions i liked when we had more options. Now if you don't play zac/elise/reksai/warwick or nunu you're just lowering your chances of winning the game.
sit kid (EUW)
: Jungle has never been this bad
I agree with everything except that lee sin is good, lee sin sucks. Zac/elise are much better options that do the same thing he does just better. Maybe less chance of securing drake/baron as lee sin q is pretty much going to secure it but in general he can't compare to others. I really dislike the way jungle is now. I liked farm junglers, now my team flames me when i farm a bit and if elise is on enemy team and i am playing a jungler that needs 6 to be really useful im pretty much screwed. No point on playing anything besides early game junglers. The lead you can get by ganking early as you can't get farm in jungle really sets you off for the win. You can farm in the jungle but elise will take top turret and top laner will roam mid and game is lost.
Izevel (EUW)
: Tribunal is coming back they said...
Tribunal? Will come out in 2020 or so, you know how it goes. How long did it take for there to be any news about azir rework? I feel bad for all azir mains, would hate if it happened to champions i play.
: Tell it to the Zed mid with 19cs 2/7/6 stats for over 25mins. Or 2/12/5 and 1/10/8 bot lane with 60cs in 15mins while rest of us were 4/1/2, 2/1/3 and 6/4/4 and 2x more farm. Or maybe one of those lvl6-7 champs with 1/9/8 stats vs not even a counter. Or maybe when your enemy hard counters you on lane or enemy's jungler camps you, you still can get fed af and carry your team that feeds on other, you can do this...if you are 1tier above your enemies i guess...but that is opposite of what you wrote. :/ Maybe you shouldve write that "everyone got bad games and he had bad luck to play with more teammates who have a bad game". It would be much correct.
It doesn't matter what your team does, eventually you'll get where you belong. If you are only a bit higher in skill it will be slower but how do you explain my win rate? if i can do it why can't you? this is actually not my first account and i didn't even play my best. Yes some games you cannot win, but you will win most of them if for example you have a skill level of a plat player but you are playing on a bronze account. You should be able to have at least 60% win rate.
Bíbs (EUW)
: "it's your fault you're in your elo"
Completely agree with what shamshamm said, its your fault you are there. They have the same skill level as you, do you ever wonder how people that smurf climb easily to their elo? its because they are better. If you were better you'd be able to climb to "your" elo too, currently you are where you belong.
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