: You get lucky and unlucky streaks all the time, Its just important to remember that , there will be better times too. Ofc you shouldnt buy accounts for exactly that reason , most of them get banned in a couple of weeks/months because they got botted to lvl 30
Sadly, it's huge pain in the ass to level up new account. The game is full of brain lacking players, that it's not even fun to level up. Legit i'd rather buy new account and play 2 weeks and get banned, then buy another one, than playing with the 10 year olds. Ooh... and so, I can make new account, but I have to buy all the champs I want to play with RP, because guess what.. you get absolutely shit champs every time you level up, not to mention, that when you leveled it up to 30th level, you will have somewhat the amount of 18-19k blue essence, you are gonna spend 5k BE for the 450 ip champs, and you need 9 more to play ranked. And you barely can buy anything good.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: I got some Issues with your statement , I am a support player myself , in low dia (d5-d4). I do agree that most people you play with seem like idiots (even in 'higher' elos) but I dont think its that hard to climb. I had my Account permabanned 1 week ago , It took me 4 days to get from Silver 2 to Plat 4 (As a support). If you are good , you can climb no matter the role you play , I think its harder as a support compared to other roles , but its doable nevertheless , what doesnt help is blame (or in my case) start flaming your teammates , they'll play worse and you lose the rest chances you had for a victory. Something that helps many people I talked to is to focus on improving rather than elo (I feel like thats easier said than done) but it does put it dampens the frustration over losses slightly. There are always games where you go 8/0 botlane and your top is 0/10 or your jungler is avoiding your lane as if you have lepra. Look at what you could have done to edge out more advantages regardless if they would have lead to a win or not.
Well I got my acc to gold 5 from silver 5 for 2 days, but i got banned for scripts, cuz i bought it online, now i made new one "clean", lost 3 games, won 7, placed in silver 2, cant escape 2 weeks ???
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: > League toxicity is provoked purely by trolling players Source? Because that's an argument in the line of the chicken and the egg. What came first? Toxic people claim they're toxic due to trolls. Trolls claim they troll due to toxic people. Both are unwanted by the majority of the community, so both are punished. Your actions aren't justified.
Both are punished? You don't know how much players I have reported in my entire league history, none of them ever get banned for feeding, but guess what I got suspended for verbally accusing my teammates for feeding, how does that makes sense, when you don't get suspended for going 1/15, no matter how hard you try you can't barely win a game with a 1/15 teemo on top lane, while the enemy team has fed vayne, foolish statement.
: No. I would rather lose a game that is played in a good spirit than win one that is shrouded in toxicity. It is only a game. If you lose NOTHING HAPPENS! If someone is raging at me or just creating a bad atmosphere then that is ruining my leisure time; I don't want that. Personally, I mute all at the beginning of every game now, but that doesn't excuse the toxic behaviour, or be seen as accepting it as inevitable. But I know that lots of people think that climbing a virtual ladder in a video game is more important than behaving like a decent human being, so I am probably a minority in this view.
You don't play ranked to be 0/15, you play for the win and to climb. I can mute someone if he is toxic, because no one is toxic, you get in that mindset, when your "friendly teammates" give tons of kills to the enemy team with the words "Oh I'm sorry i want full jihad in the baron 15 times in a row :) <3"... I can't press a button and make someone who is 0/15 turn to 15/0 carry, but if you are offended, just because someone said in the chat "please report "you" for feed, then you clearly are bronze or below.


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