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: first that u should not test bloodrazor and botrk against dummy because they have 10k hp and this items dmg scale based on hp. after it conqueror is a trash rune it kick in after 4 second and if ornn cc u whole of duration will be wasted. after it there are a lot of tank items that counter yi , like Thornmail , or u can build sterak on bruisers. overall yi is not that op , and i dont think anyone pick conqueror on him if know whats doing. there are a lot of champs like yi. test katarina on dummy it deal 9000dmg just by QEWRE also khazix , jax, gangplank, blue kayn, zed , fizz .... there are a lot of champions that do the same thing as yi , khazix kill u and u cant even attack him or jax do more dmg than yi even (trinity every 2sec with his W proc + sterak base ad increase and rageblade double trinity dmg ). if yi is so easy to win with why u dont try him urself ? i watched ur match history and u lost a lot of games with yi in eune normal games lol
Why I didn't win? Cause I didn't put my time and effort into learning and getting him better. Unless we're talking about damage. See, the thing here is that, there aren't any tank items that counter Yi. He has conqueror, while yes it does take time to activate, but it's likely you'll be going into a fight with it being ready to activate, just needing that 1 auto attack. After that, %%%% your armor, and %%%% your health, since that true damage he deals, well, nothing survives against that. Thornmail can reflect some damage back, but who the %%%% cares about that, when you are shred to bits before you even know it, and the damage you scratched him with using thornmail is healed back with simply a triumph proc. As for other items like Frozen heart, ok it gives armor and it slows attack speed, fine.... Oh wait, his attack speed can't be slowed, and armor doesn't matter to him, cause he has true damage, coming from 3 different sources of damage. Now ain't that fun?
PepijndM (EUW)
: So a full build Yi does damage? Not really a surprise. In fact, I think any random Vayne does more damage. As mentioned in other comments, Yi scales hard, AKA without those items any Sejuani can steal his camps.
Yes a full build Yi does damage, but the true damage, that's a whole new level of %%%%ed up. You can't just stack armor against him. As for vayne, yes she can deal more damage, but unlike Yi she is more vulnerable to CC than that of Yi.
: dont nerf Y ,im silver and i admit, im as garbo as i can be , we cant deal with mster Y and yasuuo ,because our brains are small and knees are weak {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
While yes, Silver and ranks like that (where i am unfortunately) people don't know how to deal with him, it's just not okay, if you look at the math side of things. He does way too much true damage, shredding through tanks, adc-s and assassins alike.
: ... What have you given birth to.
What have I given birth to? It's all Riot Games, the company we all love and trust for our balance issues, which are by the way not directed against competetive play.
DutchPro1 (EUW)
: Yeah but around 50% of the champions have a cc that can ruin yi's wet dream. Just a sej bump is enough to make him die since 5 people can focus him. I did have a few games where we didn't have too much cc, and my cc was a skillshot so often dodged by his Q. I remember when yi was OP a while back and old taric was still in the game. I would always pick taric into yi, cant dodge that stun boi!!
That CAN ruin his wet dream. Yeah well, his Alpha strike resets are a big problem honey.
: Vi into him, bait the Q, then Q him, E Auto, E, Ult, dead.
If Yi is fed enough, you won't even have time to do that. But Vi-s ult sure might help.
: Ah, the good old **"Champion X got --*list kit of champion X*-- ! SO OPPPP!!!!!!"** threads. Feel like home! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Okay, fair enough, but my point still stands: Master Yi needs to deal less true damage.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: {{champion:31}} still cant kill mah 10k hp
Cutdown, Lord Dominiks, Conqueror proc, red buff, E, Rageblade w/ jungler item; you're already gone baby.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: If you allow Yi to exist then yeah he's gonna be a nightmare but the trade off is if you CC him once, he dies lol He used alpha strike? Sejuani R, he's dead 0 HP high >SUSTAIN< high damage That's the trade off Yeah it's a bit insane when you look at raw stats but when you look at his actual usefullness as a champion it's really not worth mentioning Galio W can shut him down quite easily lol
QSS and the frequency at which he uses this aforementioned Alpha strike make him basically impossible to shut down. When you look at his usefulness as a champion, he can be untargetable, while he is being targeted by everything, he deals too much damage, while building bruiser. Like seriously, is conqueror meant to be a tank shredding thing (which it already is, and too much) or just a "let me do more damage cause i'm melee" keystone?
: This morello was back, then there wouldn't be so much true damage Yi is kinda stupid with rageblade, build him like a bruiser and cc doesn't work but he still does so much damage with conq and his e and rageblade
Botrk, jungler item and rageblade and you'll be an unbalanced thing (cause it's not even a champion anymore), you don't even need zerk boots, cause you can just take merc treads or tabis instead to just survive, and the build HP and GA ontop of that, and boom, try to die.
Aseraan (EUW)
: The thing is what else should we say to you as yi mains to kill us? Im impressed that every time the topic comes up ppl brag about the "cc him" yes its a cliche but it sry but when i dive into fight i take the risk of dying whithout getting anything out of it CUZ IM FKING MEELE im sry if ur halfass trash supp/tank cant land the cc on me if i manage to avoid it 1 i deserv the reward for the riks i took 2 u deserv to die for missing the key cc to stop me 3 u legit deserv to die for poor positioning 4 legit deserv to die again for going alone on the map when a yi fking around 5 legit 1 out of 10 time get a yi in the enemy team whos actualy worth a bag of jacks So yea i feel, sorry for you cuz i legit get %%%%ed every time when the enemy team have more than 1 cc, so sorry if this ended kinda rude.
I'm not implying that I'm getting cucked by him every game, I'm implying he is just %%%%ing stupid, and someone who doesn't own a halfass brain, and someone who has played yi like 10+ games, he can do the following: 1 - Buy QSS and Rageblade, go into a fight auto attacking and Alpha striking. After getting rageblade stacks (by which point you might've been CC-ed once, you use your QSS) you can proceed to alpha strike every %%%%ing second. Risk - eliminated 2 - Your Alpha strike can basically dodge every-%%%%ing-thing, including the CC the tank/support throws at you. CC? > Alpha strike before it. 3 - You can run into a fight, stack some rageblade stacks, Alpha strike the CC, and since they have nothing left, you can just hit a tank until you have your Alpha strike once more, after which you proceed to Alpha strike the backline. Poor positioning? - Oh wait, a wild Master Yi just Alpha striked into my face. 4 - Being equally fed as a Yi in that situation means, you're still gonna get %%%%ed by him and that just shows how unbalanced he is. Ok - you basically won this argument 5 - That's coming from a Master Yi main, but 7/10 times that Yi is actually still being the above mentioned "kill everything with true damage" machine that requires very few games, and basic knowledge of him. They might not be as good as you, but they sure as hell are doing their job of being a %%%%ing lump of cancer. Bag of jacks? - just cause you're better than everyone else, doesn't mean they're so horrible of players, Dopa.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: step 1: ward his camps. step 2: kill him early step 3: end the game before he scales back because you should be fed as fck step 4: profit
You forgot the wild factors of your jungler failing an invade and giving him kills, your laners not looking at the map and pushing in (cause it's still probably a silver game you're in) and letting themselves being ganked and giving away gold to master yi.
Arzurag (EUW)
: Then it´s a player´s issue and not the champion´s fault. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Well, you can't coach every single Silver, Bronze and Gold player out there to not do these shitty mistakes of picking a bad comp or to focus him in a fight. If you somehow did manage that, many of them would be %%%%%%s who didn't understand anything or just people who don't remember these things.
: Yi main here CC him and he dies,thats it lol,you missing skillshots cc's doesnt mean the champ is broken.
Yeah, and if you don't have that cc (cause even with some minor cc like nasus W, it won't even cut his attack speed), then you can go into that game knowing you're gonna %%%%ing lose, or dodge. And CC-ing him after an alpha strike isn't always an option, especially when he throws one out every second and you're confused as %%%% in a fight trying to find him. Not to mention, if you do finally find him, he has (probably) had alot of time wreaking havoc to whoever he wishes to attack. I'm pretty sure even Rammus can't counter him anymore.
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: To the best of my knowledge, they have done so because Ninja Tabi were too strong compared to other boots.
Well now they're so useless to the point where just buying attack speed/crit/raw ad out powers tabis.
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: is it a full black screen? then try reloading it by switching to another tab and then back again. Otherwise contact riot support
It's not a black screen. I see my chests and stuff, but i can't see the champion shards (as in what champions they're for but i can "make" them or disenchant)
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: Had a Rengar QQ at me when I played Soraka because I could outheal his burst (if i was lightning fast) and ahead. Didn't think to aim for me or buy grevious wounds. Shows any braindead can play one shot assassins.
Yeah, you don't need to be very intelligent on Rengar, if you simply know how to use your Q reset. All he can do early game is stack his dark harvest and maybe get some ganks off, until he has 150+ stacks and then just oneshots everyone with his R
Râÿth X (EUW)
: Real ELO Hell
Play carry champions that either win early or scale hard late. For example ADC-s. But because you're in bronze, you'll likely have filled supports alot, so if they are stupid and feed, that's just unfortunate. Champions like zed and rengar are also a problem (honestly wtf is up with these rengar buffs when you just 1 shotted people without those buffs). Metaslaving is probably also a good idea to get out of bronze, or if you main a certain champion, watch guides or something, improve your play and die less. CS more.
: New ideas for Practice tool
Yeah well, the free or not owned champions are debatable, but mostly, these points are agreeable to.
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: > Does the elo system not apply in normals? Yes, it does. > I don't wanna demolish or be demolished just because there is a diamond in the game If there was no elo system you'd still have some players better than other players, so you may very well go up against diamond players and get wrecked but you'd have nothing to point to to say it was the problem
If the elo system applies in normals, how the %%%% does a silver 4 player get matched with a diamond 5 player? It's surprising enough I won that game but the first 15 minutes was a headache.
GLurch (EUW)
: Normals also use the same system ranked does when matching players, just that it doesn't carry over to specific queue types. Every queue uses MMR though when matching people together. Basically, the system matches you with people of the same MMR as you, in ranked as well. When you win, your MMR rises and when you lose, your MMR drops. In ranked, your MMR also determines the amount of LP you get. If your MMR is higher than the MMR for your elo, you gain more/lose less LP and if your MMR is lower, you lose more/gain less LP. Also, websites like will show you your MMR. Since they're just 3rd party websites and don't have the formula used by Riot, their MMR is just an estimate and doesn't have to be true. In fact, it could be entirely wrong.
According to my mmr is high bronze, for a silver player that is bad yes, but it sure isn't %%%%ing diamond or plat. Now a factor in the game I played could've been the time, but still, it's bs af.
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reticxE (EUW)
: you can block it but its like fizz' fish, you rather block the first part of the cc, or the second one once you get drowsy, the cleanse will free you from the slow, but you will fall asleep. if you use cleanse once you are asleep you gucci
but it's not like gangplanks W, it must be activated beforehand. It prevents cc from happening in the first place but nothing after. TL;DR it's impossible to block falling asleep as sivir, unless you have qss or mercurial
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xGunna1 (EUW)
: it works but aery deals 20 dmg at lvl 1 but not true dmg
idk about aeries cooldown, but i do know that with some quick math you can see that aery deals more damage. The average mr these days is about 40, which is around 20% magic damage reduction, so 20x0.2 = 16 damage.
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. It's based on showing signs of reform. Once you display that you've significantly improved your behaviour, you'll gain levels again. How fast that goes is individual.
welp, i better start doing mute all again every game, because i am definitely not-not toxic
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: Off-meta wanted! (Again.)
i tried nasus and ryze jungle, didn't work so well.
: Hey guys! We've been working on improving the transfer service during its downtime - unfortunately we ran into issues meaning we will most likely **not** be able to bring things back online tomorrow. We don't have an updated ETA I'm afraid - once we have something solid we'll be sure to provide more information, but just wanted to jump in as it looks pretty unlikely it'll be today/tomorrow :-(
Completely unrelated to the problem of the current discussion but i heard that you can manually fix peoples icons on boards, and mine doesn't seem to sync up, it has never been in sync with my ingame one. Pls halp or pepe memes will invade.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: >My icon isn't sync with my ingame one. Server delay. It requires a certain amount of CPU power to sweep all player submitted changes, and so it does it only at set intervals (which is from a few hours to a day or so). However, if your icon has never changed, ever, then that is a bug and someone with Board admin access will have to press a button to manually update it
well can you do a private message to a boards admin? and if so then who is one?
Ophion (EUW)
: When are we going to get variety in the bottom position?
duo with some jackass in ranked games, by going completely off meta by playing something out of this world on bot. Even better, make a 3 or 4 man premade, and then have your adc be a tank and let the midlaner do all the damage. You can shape the meta how you like, if you're high enough rank and popular enough.
: My Thoughts on ''Lethal Tempo''
yeah everyone thought it was gonna be the op-st shit in the game, until they played it and realized that using it effectively requires you to lose out on alot of damage. And that's why press the attack is better. Although there are some exception *cough cough* xin zhao *cough cough*.
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sahber14 (EUNE)
: Reaching gold
Aight thanks for the info. Better climb to not lose too much it seems.
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: My experience playing in Bronze
it's not only bronze. silver 5 is about the same. good that i got into silver 4 lmao.
Zantonny (EUW)
: I feel like Trynd ult should be his passive, and permanent. It'd make Trynd much more fun as you can stomp every game. He'd be a really strong champion in the meta as he'd be able to fight everyone.
and that would make him unbalanced.... just because you're a trynda main and you feel like he is weak sometimes doesn't mean he was to be buffed.
prololmatek (EUNE)
: Riot pls
like someone said to me once "the same terrible players are on the opposite team". You're probably not the only one experiencing these problems.
: Meanwhile, others have the opposite problem of too many keys and not enough chests and you also had an honor capsule unlike many people so I don't see the problem here. Also, if I'm correct, this event allows tickets to be exchanged for key fragments so you have that.
exactly. although i am one with the "too many chests" people. at one point i even had like 9 chests lel.
Treycos (EUW)
: The last bugsplat i got was 3 years ago And you didn't even try to reconnect to the game, it would have taken 2 minutes, you can only blame yourself on that one
i tried reconnecting, but i can reconnect only once everyone has loaded in, so after 3 tries i was like "screw it, i'll watch a bit of a video" and then i forgot. if the bugsplats wouldn't happen, i wouldn't have forgotten.
Treycos (EUW)
: Yeah, it MUST be the client... right Personnaly, I lost my promos to D4 because of the moon's phases
what planet do you live on? have you NEVER had a bugsplat when you go to the loading screen of the game? i know it's partially my fault, but goddamn it is frustrating as hell to get those bugsplats.
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: I'd love having a champion that requires micro skills and controlling other units, but honestly straight up copying Meepo wouldn't make it any special just because it's on the rift instead of DotA. PS: I've played DotA for 6 years before league I miss it, but I gotta hit plat {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Well no, not a straight up copy. If I remember correctly then Meepo could have unlimited copies of him, and also his base abilities were something I can't remember. On league you could make new base abilities and change his ult, for example all items work on all (insert champion name)s. Idk, but it doesn't have to be a copy, but rather a very similar champion to meepo, just like ashe and drow ranger, or corki and the helicopter guy. Althought their kits are completely different i think.
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