: Items purchased with RP not showing up in the inventory
Ok finally i have my 2 skins that i purchased,whatever you did it worked,thank you for helping me with this matter. Have a good day
Riot tmx (EUNE)
: Could you guys try to log out and log in once again? We have some reports that re-logging will display your newly purchased content. Could you confirm?
The 2 skins are still missing from my collection,and ive tryed to log out and log in.
AlCaniZ (EUNE)
I had the same problem this morning,i hope they will solve it quick
Riot tmx (EUW)
: Hi, thanks for reporting this issue. We're investigating the problem and I should have more news soon. Most importantly though, all your transactions are safe and your RP won't be lost. Purchase will be either completed or RP will be re-credited to your account.
Im truly grateful for your help.I hope this problem will be solved as soon as possible because i really enjoy playing League of Legends!
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