: My NA account getting perma'd from games that had little to no toxicity
Thanks to Riot for really banning toxic players :)
: The community loves skins
Ohh bro, it would be cool if riot made skins forgotten champions xd (like elise maybe?... OwQ)
: PSA: Premades
That's so cool to hate premades like all ;)
KastoreJ (EUW)
: Ryze of toxicity / troll / flame
Omg yes!! Just mute this annoying words like "ez", that's really toxic
: akali why is she still not reworked or nerfed into the ground ????
Lol she's not so strong as you think. As a usual another assassins her ez counter by some Ryze, Fizz, Qiyana and etc. (actually Akali'll get nerf for next patch bruh)
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Nørth (EUNE)
: Make surrender vote anonymous
Omg i can hear your pain xd But actually true, rito pls{{champion:32}}
THRanger (EUNE)
: you can actually ban him that`s the best counter.
> [{quoted}](name=THRanger,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=I1MXo2ju,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-04T20:25:43.483+0000) > > you can actually ban him that`s the best counter. Well i ban him all time but it's little bit annoying xd
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