TTekkers (EUW)
: {{champion:57}} Good for dog-duty, doesn't hard-lose many matchups since you scale of hp & res anyway. Really easy to set up ganks and is great at TP ganks & teamfighting in general. But tanks suck atm, so whatever :P
I used to main maokai but tanks cant carry in silver and they suck sooo bad now
: In this order: {{champion:86}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}}
darius isnt fun so is chogath.. I sometiems taek garen but im too bored of that shit lel.. thought of urgot tho but I dont know if he is strong right now to climb
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: Nami cuz Lulu gets banned more often.
not ban-wise, cuz not even once I saw Lulu get banned. xD
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Pyrosen (EUW)
: Oh my bad I didn't see the ranged part I don't know BE prices again but for ranged champions uhh Xerath, Lux or Ziggs if any of those are fitting Xerath can be pretty difficult if you can't hit those skillshots though, Lux has that one shot combo everyone hates lol
so xerath is kinda cool I have to admit and I thought about him.. he doesnt have mobility but has cc to get away. Lux is braindead as %%% but kinda cool.. although I dont really like that playstyle of standing at california and pressing R to kill someone from north africa. ziggs is shit. XD
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Not going by BE prices but by who's good; Orianna Veigar (Infinitely stacking AP from Passive) Zoe (Heavy nerfs inbound so careful around her) Taliyah Fizz Katarina Cassaipoia or whatever Velkoz
Thanks! but price of BE wise, vel'koz , talyiah and zoe arent an option. Orianna is too hard and doesnt fit my playstyle due to no mobility and not u fighting, but a ball. fizz is awesome but not ranged. I have kata, she is cool but again.. not ranged. cassi isnt fun at all.. at all. veigar braindead. sounds like I just deleted ur whole list but 5 out of 8 arent an option
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: > [{quoted}](name=skinTDM,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=TZes6bgf,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-18T12:56:19.442+0000) > > is there any other tank that is good and fun that u recommend? > or zac is good? {{champion:57}} is broken.
I already have him
: If u intend to carry, id pick {{champion:141}}, zac is too much team reliant because if u build him tanky he deals next to no dmg, while kayn can be both.
I dont want to carry, I want to have fun while playing and win games.. zac is a good tank but kayn is a tank and an assasin.. its hard..
Potchikir (EUW)
: Go zac for a tank u already have a half tank and a assassin Kayn is also a half tank so i would not recomend him
is there any other tank that is good and fun that u recommend? or zac is good?
: {{champion:141}} is more versatile, need a tank? - go Rhaast, need an assassin? - go Kayn. Though {{champion:154}} is ap, not sure how he fares in damage dealing
lets say I go shyv and khazix right now to jungle.. both of them are ad.. should I buy kayn for the tankiness and if not tank then assasin? or go Zac, and be a tank? I main top lane and jungle secondary.. top lane I go riven if we have supp and jungle tank or support is REALLY TANKY. if supp is half tank or not tank I go tank top. jungle is different.. I want to give my team kills and assists and win the game not only by killing, but through getting assists and kills.. so I will make my team fed and strong.. and I want someone fun.. like khazix and shyvana.. just entering and beating the crap out of em.. kayn is like that but zac can do it and ult them back to your team.. that is why I can't decide..
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: {{champion:15}} the queen of shitty adcs. Stupidly high mana costs, short af range, a meh ult (find me one team that can utilize it well and is not playing in lcs), her waveclear is nothing special and her lategame is not nearly rewarding enough for how awful her early is/was. Just...pick vayne/twitch something that doesn't scale like ass.
ya know, the team that can use her ult good is hecarim, zilean, sivir, kled and another one that gives movement speed. they all focus it on heca and u know what happens..
: dont tell me "sona jg" -Zilean jg :3 srsly got no idea... But wanted to reply to this so baddd...... :P
ya know, zilean jg is amazing.. I tried it
: Initially I was like wut? Shen? <.< but then I remembered the nerf he got this patch. But they buffed Sunfire cape which he can rush and often does. I think he'll be fine.
I was main shen :) he is fun but when u start inting(when u play shen) it isnt any fun anymore.. he is weak.. he didnt deserve that nerf.
: shes a support... shes adc/support in that order riot declared her as support
ohh sry.. never thought of her as supp
: ashe support, cause your mate will int and troll hard... its impossible to win more then 10% of the games cause your mate xDD
is ashe supposed to be a support? no.. I asked someone who was ment for that lane.
TTekkers (EUW)
: So you want a champ in their "meta" lane, but is completely non-viable. Interesting question, since that would have required the balance team to have completely screwed up more than usual.
: > [{quoted}](name=skinTDM,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KEdbbrBU,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-12-09T13:21:21.300+0000) > > mate ur shaco main right? > > can u add me on LOL? > > ign: skinTDM wow r u saying shaco is bad :(
no xD shaco is amazing.. I wanted to buy him but didnt know if I should.. u r main shaco so I might add u and spectate and understand how to be good with shaco
: sona jungle. {{champion:37}} {{item:3073}}
mate ur shaco main right? can u add me on LOL? ign: skinTDM
: does that matter? he sucks on mid/bot/top/jng
ok.. any other champs u recommend? I just wanna main somone that is bad xD
Rismosch (EUW)
: {{champion:82}}
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: cho is fun, since you cannot die, which is never boring haha, but yeah nothing flashy, if that's what your asking Eve is very op, super fast jungle clear and safe as well, late game, yes a bit but at late game, let's be honest we all just press every button on the keyboard and whatever happens - happens :D :D :D
I dont like Cho cuz he isnt interesting.. U cant really do a play, besides, what I like at maokai is that its fun just seing a whole team unable to move for 10 seconds, and then u win. I like talon cuz everything is just fat, flashy and that, and Riven cuz same. Cho is nothing, he is a noob champ. I think ill buy jarvan IV for tank and evelynn for ap.AND shaco just for fun.
: Tank - Cho, Maokai, Sej (they are all AP btw) AP - Eve
Cho is no fun.. seriously.. maokai is fun but I have him already xD Evelynn seems not much fun and I think her late game is bad. Am I wrong?
: Zac takes a lot of skill imm and if u suck with Sej, u will def suck with Zac. Lee Sin also takes practice, but is more of an engage jungler. Does it have to be one of the two? (There are much better and easier options)
I bought Lee Sin, he is REALLY syrong and fun. Now I want a tank and an AP jungler. Who will u recommend?
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: kayn boring?thats odd,but hey its your preference :D maybe try a lee sin if u are good his camping potential is huge and ultra annoying if u are against him
should I buy Zac or Lee Sin?
: jarvan is the easiest champ in your list and very op imo but i recommend warwick and xin if u are a beginner and kayn as a harder pick the fact that u can pick playstyle in the middle of the game is just gr8 if your enemy has tanks then take rhaast i was in a game where i had 3 op enemy tanks that dealt op dmg but as rhaast i just couldnt die if u have squishy enemies go with assassin and one shot while drinking a glass full of their tears,kayn can also gank very easily due to the fact that he IGNORES walls :D
Yeah kayn was on my wish list.. but I did 3 games with him on PBE and he got boring really fast Oh and im not a starter, I am kinda good
Renold (EUNE)
: {{champion:19}}easy to play nice dmg tank healing..
I said someone that requires skills, has lots of options and doesnt get boring fast.. WW is the exact opposite
: {{champion:154}} {{champion:56}}
u think Zac will be better than those I mentioned above?
: play Nunu :D or unusual jungler like Ekko, Bard etc :) for me to play a champ out of his sweetest spot is both fun and requires some skills and knowledge to play it good in more than few games
I want someone that is supposed to be a jg
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Altiverse (EUNE)
: I find her pretty fun, but you might need to invest some time into actually learning her before she becomes fun. I'd agree that at her skill floor, she's pretty straight-forward. But when you learn to effectively use animation canceling and proper passive management she becomes much more fun (and rewarding).
I dont like champs that repeat themselves. I like champs like Riven that everytime smth new happens. Fiora seems like just dash and aa./ look what I replied to T4underbolt
: Well if you have fun outrading every champ in lane by default, being immortal while melting both squishies and tanks then you wont be bored for sure.
I mean, I dont like champs that repeat themselves. I like champs like Riven that everytime smth new happens. Fiora seems like just dash and aa. right now only champ I found that is fun for me is Riven. I also like Khazix but less than riven. Talon is fine but gets boring really fast
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skinTDM (EUNE)
: thanks
I have Khazix for jg and for top lane I have talon gragas and maokai.. who should I buy 1st? gangplank or kayn?
Potchikir (EUW)
: Ofc Ornn Jayce Maokai And yes gabkplank is alot of fun riven is just braindead and too easy
Potchikir (EUW)
: Gqnkplank is much better than riven wi th rune changes he can get kleptomancy then keep on poking and get rich Kayn clears are much faster than shaco and his ganks are also better
is there any other top laner u recommend? or is gangplank that strong right now? and is he fun?
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Gocthor (EUW)
: Be like me and play Maokai :D
I have maokai, I am super good with him but I want more champs cuz I wnana have fun and not be a one trick. I will go for jayce and then buy Riven for fun and train
: Riven is all about how you handle her; she can be very strong if you are very good with her or very bad if you barely have an idea what you are doing. I will have to warn you you will feed your *** off at the start when trying to learn her. Likewise Jayce can be very strong too, but has a far easier fallback pattern as he can always farm safely from range. For a start, I'd recommend Jayce of the two.
lets say it is between Jayce camille and Riven. who would be the best combo with Ahri mid
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