: Well, 2 seasons + few matches later, seems like what you're describing still exists. https://youtu.be/WotDRp7SBhM
They had to break it again since they have fixed it long time ago. Spaghetti code I guess {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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: Yet again a new patch and another huge FPS drop
Yep, I suffer from it too, maybe it is not that tragic (i have 70-100 fps), but it dropped from 200. I have RX 570 8GB vRAM OC version GPU with G4600 CPU. It dropped drasticly, I heard that game is unplayable for others. Rito pls fix.
: Hi there, Nothing like this has been announced/discussed anywhere publicly so we don't know, however _in my personal opinion_ probably its a no since the game engine is Riot's and it would have to be completely redesigned from scratch which is insane and I wouldn't imagine them doing it.
Sounds like Rito since it's inlogical: -Vulkan API is much less bottlenecking than DX or openGL. Result? Much better performance even for low-end computers. -Vulkan API would work on MacOS and Windows, but also on Linux distros by making it easy to port. Gaming on linux is a thing now and a lot of people switches for many distros just to escape from microsoft. I was suprised when I installed steam on my linux desktop and instead of 3 games to install, I saw 35 including *cough*dota 2*cough* (Dota 2 also has vulkan support atm). -Multibilion company could afford changes in their engine just to get more players. It would pay off. Well, we could have next Teemo skin instead :D
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