: Yeah, let's have thousands of live admins to manually review hundreds of thousands of games every day. Manual reviews that, considering we don't want false positives, will take a long while each time, meaning the game will need to be interrupted for 15 minutes at least each time. That's totally not a waste of time and money. In no way could having your games constantly interrupted cause some dipshit falsely called for a manual review be annoying at all. I can't see any drawbacks or possibilities of abuse when games where someone goes afk 30 minutes in when the game is already long since decided anyway would be terminated without any LP losses/gains. This idea is absolutely brilliant and I can't possibly think of any reason why riot hasn't implemented it yet.
clearly u don't play the game
Then what we do? Because it's happening for so many years and nothing changed. I swar. I got so many accounts perma banned because i get angry and trash talk at this kind of players. We need to do something. I don't talk about trying to make a play and fail or having a bad day. I talk about people going to death intentionatly just to %%%% up your game.
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