: which of these 2 junglers are more fun in your opinions?
Hecarim is goofy plus he isn't played every other game like Kayn. Kayn probably has the more flexible kit but %%%% that guy. Shitty annoying voice shitty obnoxious character. To me Kayn is the Yasuo of the jungle. %%%% him.
PentaOrsula (EUNE)
: Struggling ranking up
Take breaks. Remind yourself it's a game and don't take it too seriously. Accept the fact that there are 9 other people in the game that will influence the outcome. Rewatch your own games sometimes look for mistakes. If you do these you'll stay calm and naturally focused. If you are frustrated and it doesn't wear off take a long break. A week maybe a month. Try what it's like to live without League. It's pretty fun actually.
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: authenticator service down?
Me too. Thought i'd have to reinstall this buggy ass client another time.
: Just doge the skillshot?? omg it isnt that hard
elin990 (EUW)
: You can remove 3 champs permanently from LOL, who?
{{champion:157}} Annoying kit annoying character annoying players {{champion:105}} Annoying kit annoying character annoying players {{champion:64}} Annoying kit annoying character annoying players
: >Denying a better system from others out of envy or simply being obnoxiously butthurt goes against any kind of progress. Give me a reason of why would I want others to have it easier than I did ? Am I their parents ? It's a game, not human rights. I don't want others to have free shit while I worked for it. Am I selfish? Maybe.
Why would they have to grind just like you? Because you feel like it is justified? Because you feel left out? It's a game, not human rights. Right? Being an ignorant asshole is not a valid argument for anything my friend
: Aery is the best rune in the game
grate sumowner naem
: >you had to grind in a system that was shit Yeah, so who gives a shit about what we did if it's best for the new kids. I love people thinking like you not.
If they could have a system that works better why should they be stripped from it? Imagine parents saying: "Yeah our kid yould have a cell phone and that would make communication much easier but we won't let him have it because we didn't have it as kids." Where is the logic in this kind of thinking? Where did i say i don't give a shit about what we did? It was just as important as the current system will be for the next system that follows. It's how develpoment works. All systems have it's flaws that the next could learn from and that's why all systems are equally important. Denying a better system from others out of envy or simply being obnoxiously butthurt goes against any kind of progress.
: Fairly dissapointed
> I find it insulting that we have to buy a skin for a champ that most don't play with 150k BE that you can get from what, 1000 matches ? You don't have to buy it. It's an option. What do you expect to get rewarded for? Playing the game for a long time? The game is it's own reward. Play it if you like it, if not, then do not play it. It's not a job where you get rewarded for doing something you don't want to do. The game is already free by the way and you were the one that chose to play it for so many hours. Should you be rewarded for playing a free game that was so well made that it was fun for you for 5 %%%%ing years? > Speaking of new players, they have all the runes from level 1, that's even more insulting for the ones that worked so hard to buy them and level up. So the new players shouldn't have the ability to learn the use of runes because you didn't have it back in your time of being a newbie. I just %%%%ing love people that think like this. Just because you had to grind in a system that was shit other players should all be forced to do the same. Bravo The new system has many many flaws especially gameplaywise but if you write ignorant shit like this you won't be taken seriously
: Ambient wind in the client
It's the rune editor's sound Going back into the rnes screen opening a rune and then closing it solves the problem for me. This usually occurs if i play around with a rune setup but don't actually close the rune before goinh to the homepage
: I Still Don't Get How To Play Against Vlad In Lane...
He can't push for free. His only ability that is kind of decent for waveclear is his e and that has a pretty long cooldown. It also costs 8% of his current health. If he chooses to use his e to push He loses a ton of trading power as his q does little damage uless he has crimson rush. So if he has his e on cooldown you will pretty much win every trade. If he chooses to disengage with his w he loses an additional 20% of his hp as spell cost. Also Vlad is really vulnerable to ganks if he pushes the lane in. CC always comes handy against Vlad. If you can avoid getting hit by a crimson rush q he doesn't have that much damage either. Grievous wounds is great. As a Vlad main i feel like ignite can also %%%% me up pretty hard as it applies grievous wounds plus if i am already low and get ignited i can't use pool because the 20%hp cost will surely be enough for the summoner spell to finish me. There are chamions that never win against Vlad without ganks and there are chamions that Vlad never wins against without ganks. If played skillfully champions that can shield themselves on command can give me a hard time tradiing with them, or killing them because the shiled durations are usually enough to cover a full rotation of my basic spells. Champions that can engage easily will be fantastic at punishing mistakes. Putting w on cooldown when not necessary is one of them. If i have crimson rush active/coming up i will aggressively look for opportuniies to trade / fight. If you can bait Vlad into a fight while he has crimson rush but can avoid his damage and wait until it goes down you will have much better opportunities.
: The capsule you get from honor is...so underwhelming.
: Top 3 jungles bronze ?
{{champion:32}} {{champion:5}} These 2 champs sould do the trick
Loonstaa (EUW)
: you can play flex queue for fun (if you want to get triggered)
Flex queue is Hell on Earth if you'd actually like to win.
: Do you think I deserve the permanent ban ? (Chat logs submitted in the thread )
You don't deserve a permanent ban from playing but you deserve a permanent chat restriction for sure. If you really trolled or fed intentionally then you deserve an altogether permanent ban as well in my opinion. Seeing the chat logs though i think if you only got chat restricted you'd find another way to mess with your teammates. Anyway good riddance
Manivalde (EUW)
: Randomness in Silver
Silver is Hell on Earth
whyrawr (EUW)
: Yasuo changes. About Rito announsed rework.
: ***
You tried your best dude. Can't win every battle
jim17062003 (EUNE)
: #SaveTheUrgot
Oldschool shitpost
: How tf am i not supoused to flame ?
You seem to be somebody terrible to have on a team
ZippiQ (EUW)
: Not sure what is wrong,please help if possible
: https://image.prntscr.com/image/c5b132b596b54017978c759b5568422b.png
: who plays {{champion:64}} ? :) he's R from 800 damage got nerfed to 600 and now 450. he's W got insane CD now ( season 3 was perfect ) , this champion is death a long time......
How hard is it to understand the post?
: Ranked Flex Silver/Gold
Ramyskie (EUW)
: When you are doing well with a champion and MMR(On OPGG) rockets, why horrible ppl follows
This is intentional. It %%%in sucks. I don't get why this is the way to balance games. I hate getting bad teammates for being on a win streak. i hate it with a passion and hate Riot's incompetence to come up with anything else to balance matchmaking.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mr Kalózúr,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EvXFAKWm,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2017-03-28T15:07:51.981+0000) > > {{champion:105}} The only assassin that's fun to play against? He was never any fun to play against and never has been. He revolves around tilting people. He's the only champ that has to comit or escape, I enjoy playin vs him, he's even gankable
Kassadin has to commit pretty hard as well or escape until his ult is level 2. Especially since he does half the damage with his combo as Fizz with his own. Apart from him i see your point. Yet i think Fizz is one of the most annoying champions in the game. I'd rather play against a bullshit burst Talon or a pre rework LeBlanc than Fizz. Even if you manage to beat him in lane he can easily get kills from your botlane if they push up just a little bit. His ult is basicall a death sentence for anyone. And i hate that in him. 1 ult + basic combo while ganking bot and that's enough to set him into a crazy snowballing nightmare. And ping or ss re usually useless. Never played a game where bt wasn't easily murdered by a roaming Fizz. Mostly nder their own tower.
: It still doesn't make any sense to me.
Don't you worry LeBlanc ult is using a copy of one of her own abilities. The ability that OP described lets the champion use An ability of an enemy player
: Why are your new champs so overloaded
{{champion:105}} The only assassin that's fun to play against? He was never any fun to play against and never has been. He revolves around tilting people.
: http://i.imgur.com/I61FuiJ.jpg
Read the original post again
: Is something wrong with platinum division?
I run into plats every game in Silver 1. They are usually even more trash than your average Silver 3 player
Rytia (EUW)
: This is always so lovely to see
I don't see it enough
: FPS drops, High Ping spikes and frequent DC's
Yeah i have the fps problem as well lately.
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giirish (EUW)
: Should I buy Fizz or Malzahar? (4800 IP)
Should i get aids or cancer? Should i buy Malz or Fizz? Which question is worse?
: My creation about jhin (animation)
PepijndM (EUW)
: Guess I'm just bad at this game, but I really get no chests at all.
Sometimes i am having a hard time staying calm after reading a post like this. First of all you can get an S even if you are losing the game. 11/7/15 on Ziggs is nowhere near an S though. S goes for an excellent score. Like a 14/2/10 Cassiopeia with 200 farm under 23 minutes. That's an S+ right there probably. Secondly if you have friends and queue up with them their S grades will get you chests too. Finally you basically state that free loot is not free enough. You should be glad that riot decided to add hextech crafting for it's playerbase in the first place. It rewards good players with chests and rewards frequent players with key fragments. If you can't get a single S rating in 2 months with the champions that you actually own and know how to play then you shouldn't be blaming Riot.
abraklaas (EUW)
: Whats the best to drink when playing lol?
http://gaia.adage.com/images/bin/image/x-large/Clorox_bleach.jpg First thing that came to mind
: Expected argument'c'.
My brother had the same problem. What i did was i went into the game folder and deleted the new client (LeagueClient) After that launched lol.launcher.admin and the game repatched itself back into a functioning state.
AstralDream (EUNE)
: You spelled Normal Draft wrong in the title of the thread.
: I realise this game is becoming great, amazing even. Sorry to be rude but, what's the point in these threads? If you dislike the game leave, we don't need a story for your reason of leaving.
The Boards are for sharing your thoughts and discussing them.
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Bandrás (EUNE)
: Why not haveing normal-drat mode sucks?
Just play Flex like Normal Draft.
Pandour (EUNE)
: Flex queue will be my normal draft training gamemode
I just can't take it seriously anymore
: > I'm a little concerned/confused. Have Riot gotten rid of the normal draft queue?. No, it's just the annual "People blame the new season for everything" phenomenon we encounter every year. Some people claim that flex queue is basically the new normal mode since people take it less seriously than the new solo-Q. In addition in EUNE the normal draft pick was deactivated since the EUNE community is too small to keep so many different game modes running. But since you are playin on EUW this needn't concern you. Normal draft pick still exists and it's the same as before.
it is important to be able to separate the general QQ from real issues. Flex on EUNE is currently between a normal and a ranked experience which makes it quite awkward. Many of us are unsure about it's direction.
: Post title of the week :)
Tiichu (EUW)
: Some tips for lower elos trying to climb higher!
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: Discussing Yasuo
He doesn't need a nerf because he is too strong. He needs a nerf so i can have a game without him being picked
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