: Need help with Yummi. (replays)
In the case of yuumi it's not about what you do but what other ppl do. In soloQ therefore she's close to useless. If you're playing with a batshit dumb team it's literally over. Your mid yasuo is int feeding. Jungle rengar can't even spell itemization (double {{item:3031}} , really???). You're playing at an elo where people are mechanically garbage, and have no clue how to play their lane in general other then running into the enemy & hope for the best. Untill you reach about D3 this is what you'll be supporting as Yuumi.
: Tahm Kench: Suggestions
make keep it as it is but lower his base armor & armor/lvl to balance it out. Wich'll make him reliant on the ability rather then having it as a added bonus.
Esintas (EUW)
: Skillshots hitboxes are sometimes a bit off recently or is it just me ?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H19TCjh3Pxo This should explain your issue.
Snic (EUW)
: Kalista Muramana Bug
wouldn't surprize me since kalista has been bugged since release. I'm pretty sure riot gave up on her
: Also seems interesting to me indeed! do you think it would be more worth than Nimbus Cloak + Celecrity?
I'd even debate that grasp + taste of blood would be the optimal if you're facing a tank. Simply hitting someone with a grasp proc on regarge literally negates all the dmg from minions you take. Although this does force you to go the frozen mallet route wich works great for vayne top anyways. Something like {{item:3006}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3026}} And you can pretty much shit on anyone in toplane.
: Vayne Top runes
fleet + taste of blood for more sustain maybe? That and alternate between press the attack depending on the matchup
: When did Nocturne become a literal tank?
He's an ad assassin? His fear & shield does give him really great tools for 1v1ing though.
: What is the right thing to do in this situation?
First would be to stop playing Yuumi wrong. Second would be to stop playing Yuumi at all. Since you're pretty much useless on your own & extremely dependant on the adc (at least for the laning phase). Play carry supports like Karma,vel koz, Zyra,... Although technically they'd be more secondary AP carries then actual supports. If the Adc goes trolling you still have the means neccesary to finish & actually win. The actual to the core supports that require competant interaction from adc's are simply garbage in soloQ up untill diamond. And in all seriousness go to probuilds.net or something for runes & some info on champions. If i have an electrocute zyra as a support, i'll be raising serious questions. The general "plan" would be to forfeit your turret as quickly as possible & freeze the lane under the second. Although in silver you can get away with 2v1 in botlane a lot of times though. I literally stopped playing my preffered champions in toplane on EUNE server because of garbage like this. It's perfect to actually learn the ropes on a fiora/riven & 1v9 my way to gold & higher. It's pretty annoying at first, but i guess it's a learning experiance all together.
: Mages in teamfights
The only mage that even resembles an adc would be cassiopeia, and maybe azir to a certain degree. Orianna on the other hand is more control & utility. She's extremely flexible in builds & runes (grasp, aery & unsealed mainly) and becomes whatever the team needs to be. Lots of options for mid & each has it's own preferred playstyle. Although Orianna would be the most flexible out of them.
: I'm considering leaving LoL forever because of Toxicity and Harassment
Can't say i blame you. EUNE is a whole lot worse then EUW is, it literally starts at champ select & then the biggest whiners turn out to be the greatest feeders.


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