Etherim (EUW)
: Don't flame.
Let me guess, that vayne was losing lane too? If vayne was 5/0 I can guarantee you she wouldn't give a shit about what's going on mid. It's the typical solo queue mentality, they get mad when they are not winning their lane and try to blame other laners for losing. 50% of the players don't care about teamwork, they only care about solo carrying the game, if they fail they will flame.
: Why do so many players give up so easily?
Everyone has experienced this, the most annoying is when they give up in champion select "our team comp sucks sur20" and then they flame all game if something goes wrong "gg I told you". Why do they even bother playing in the first place, you are part of the team, try to contribute instead of flaming or just leave in champion select. The reason this happens too often in bronze - gold is because kids today are not taught to be optimistic by their parents and they are afraid of failure. 15 years ago when I spent thousands of hours in internet cafes with friends playing cs 1.6, I don't remember anyone flaming EVER. We always had fun and laughed a lot when a bad play happened, nobody cared about winning.
Lonuge (EUNE)
: Add all already existing languages to all regions!
Yeah they should have done this a long time ago, it's so easy to do this. We don't care about the voice acting, it can stay in english, but everything else should be translated in many languages (client, ui in game).
: You play jungle. Why aren't you helping them?
Ganking bot in bronze - gold is pointless tbh, even if your bot gets fed they will get one shot mid - late game by the enemy mid, top laner. It's better to ignore bot and camp top, mid in s7.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Secret to winning the game in one sentence
Rioter Comments
Latinnus (EUW)
: ... because starting a game with 6 bans doesn't take long enough :D
Couldn't agree more, what's more frustrating is when someone dodges at the last second and you have to wait 5min again in queue and then hope someone doesn't dodge again so you can finally get in game. Plus the chance getting a good game now is less than 50%, you need 2 hours minimum to play 2 - 3 games of league hoping one of them will be fun. Riot is also planning to add a report system during champion select which will make things worse. They should seriously consider reducing the timers in champion select so getting in game would be faster, instead of having to browse the internet during champion select because it takes too long.
: Was there really a legit reason to buff Lux Ult?
She still sucks, that's why high elo players don't play her. The highest ranked lux mains are D2. Her kit is very outdated for a mid lane champion, that's why she is mostly played support now. She has high cooldowns, her w is garbage since you have to land a skillshot on your allies (wtf rito). I doubt we will ever see her in competitve since she is very unreliable.
: its common to have players now that dont care about winning and just int.. we dont even call it trolling anymore because its common. people get reported.. you check their match history they are still inting and trolling all day in ranked. so yeah
They do care about winning, what they don't care about is climbing. If you check most of these players accounts, you will realize that they are platinum or lower players that just enjoy stomping kids in bronze or silver with their favorite champions. Yesterday I had a katarina in one game and a fizz in a different game that 'hard carried' the game. When I checked their accounts on opgg they had 90% + winrate on 2 or 3 champions in 50 + games and very low winrates on everything else. They basically int when they play other champions so they don't climb to their actual elo. These accounts should be permanently banned obviously since int feed is reportable and they ruin the game of 9 people.
: Can you see runes and masteries of players in competitive game ?
You can check their solo queue accounts on opgg, it's pretty much the same. You can check runes, masteries, skill order in match history if you press the down arrow. Here is faker's account:
: Currently the ammount of protection ADCs get via Shields and items seems a bit much.
I'm ok with riot making shields strong, it's something adcs needed to become strong again. I'm even ok with {{item:3107}} being added to the game even if it was one of the worst things to happen to this game, in my opinion. If you told someone 2 years ago that everyone would get a soraka ult in season 7 they would probably laugh at you and call you stupid. But {{item:3107}} has been a good addition to competitive LOL since teamfights last longer and one mistake doesn't mean the game is over. What I'm not ok with, is supports like {{champion:40}} or {{champion:117}} that give free stats to champions (ad, attack speed). At least with {{champion:40}} it's easy to tell when someone has bonus ad because you can see the shield, plus the bonus ad only lasts with the shield. With lulu you can't tell most of the time that the champion has 80% bonus attack speed when she builds {{item:3504}}.
Four Star (EUW)
: Should I just become a vel'koz main already?
Here you can check the highest ranked velkoz mains in korea: Press the down arrow in the match history to check runes, masteries, skill order etc...
: Playing League does not feel like "playing"
Comebacks in low elo games are like a coin toss. If your team doesn't flame and stays focused, then it's easy to comeback because the enemy will make a lot of mistakes. If your team gives up (afk, refusing to group, flame) then it's impossible to comeback since the games become 1vs9. If you watch some challenger streamers you will see that they always roam if their team is losing hard, because they know that staying in lane will accomplish nothing. Winning lane and never roaming is one of the biggest mistakes most players make. If you are top/mid and your jungler camps your lane to get you ahead, there is a high chance one of your lanes will lose hard because of the enemy jungler. Try to use your advantage in lane to carry other lanes that didn't get help or just lost lane...
Infernape (EUW)
: >Please riot just nerf this thing already It's funny he only just became meta again after being trash for so long.
He wasn't trash to be honest, he just didn't fit in the meta because he had no utility like varus, jhin, ashe. Now that botrk is broken on adcs and most adcs pick fervor since botrk gives too much sustain anyway, lucian became no1 contested pick in competitive again because he does too much damage and melts tanks. His late game is even stronger now because his animations are now smoother since patch 7.5. It's very hard to kill him in a 2vs2 when he gets 2 items because botrk + black cleaver give him 15% life steal + 400 hp which makes him tankier than most adcs and make up for his low range...
Chayrun (EUW)
: i never said that im perfect and that i play good every game. but the people are get are just inting or going 0/5 at 6 minutes
It happens, we all get these games, you can't win every game. Stop caring about other players and start focusing on yourself, aim for 55% win rate.
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Chayrun (EUW)
: feel like im stuck in silver
I'm surprised you made it to silver with your farming. 100cs on renekton at 24min in a lane you won is just bronze level farming, should be 200+. If you don't take full advantage of your resources in a solo lane you have no right to blame your team.
Ârzo (EUW)
: I'm just lost, pls give me advice, looking for a main champion
There is no point climbing with one champion if you don't have fun. Find champions that you enjoy to play, there is a reason {{champion:236}} has always been the most played adc even when he sucked, his mechanics are addicting and so satisfying to play. I play 1 - 2 champions on each role, I can't even main one lane without getting bored. Try {{champion:268}} , even if you suck at first you will realize later how addicting he is when his soldiers auto attack and when using his eq combo.
meroboth (EUNE)
: teemo builds
I prefer max penetration to tilt anyone that buys mr. {{item:3020}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3115}} 9 x magic pen marks
SBZ Ivan (EUW)
: Kennen AD or AP
AD kennen is currently pick or banned in LCK so I'm guessing that answers your question.
muffinspree (EUNE)
: Tanks not being tanks?
It's because riot added % damage into the game, it doesn't matter how much hp you have anymore. That's why {{champion:236}} with {{item:3153}} and {{item:3071}} is so broken... The most broken champion that deals % damage is obviously {{champion:96}} .
cryroo (EUW)
: What the worst champ in your opinion
{{champion:98}} He is one of those champions that riot can't balance for solo queue and competitive. He is 100% pick or ban in competitive but completely useless in solo queue because teamwork doesn't exist and nobody takes advantage of 2 teleports unless it's d1+ .
cryroo (EUW)
: What have been the Worst meta??
The mid lane meta since s4, it's always the same boring champions that can output the most magic damage in a 5 - 10 sec teamfight (cassiopeia, ryze, viktor). The meta changes at the start of the season and we sometimes see assassins mid but riot will always nerf everything and the last lcs splits and world championship is always the same mid meta since s4.
: Wich Suport Do You Think Its The Best Choose??
I'm surprised nobody mentioned kayle, she is very strong if you duo with a good adc. {{item:2301}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3116}} masteries: intelligence + windseaker runes: 9 x attack speed marks, 3 x ap quints skill order: max w first then e
Gojiraw (EUW)
: I think that Karthus needs a rework more than a buff. His kit feels weird and outdated.
I agree, I can't think of a scenario in pro play that karthus can get close to carries in the current meta to do damage with his e. He needs a gap closer, something like ryze's ult or tahm kench ult, that would be really cool on him rising from the ground.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: About the Cheating companies
Cheaters get banned in ban waves, meaning their accounts can be marked to be permanently banned sometime in the future. The reason for this is so the programmers that make these scripts don't get instant feedback from the cheat detection algorithms of riot and try to make the scripts better to avoid detection.
: Naut 60% winrate
Just need to reduce the stun duration from his passive because it's the most broken part of his kit. Give him some ad or revert the damage on his e to compensate, since he can't trade with any champion if he has no cc.
: Kog has one of the highest win rates in the game at the moment, that alone should tell you his condition. When a lategame hypercarry, that is extremely dependent on support starts to beat all other ADC, you know there is an issue.
There isn't an issue, he is simply the strongest late game adc. The only reason he is op in solo queue is because there is no communication and the team comps are horrible, which make games last longer than 30min in most bronze - plat games. Any hypercarry can 1vs5 your team late game if your team has no cc or gap closers... Riot very rarely nerfs champions based on solo queue performance, which is the right thing to do. I only remember ap master yi and ap tryndramere.
: Are Riot aware of Kog'maw's state right now?
How is kog broken? He is not even picked in competitive because he offers nothing to the team other than damage. The only full damage adcs that are currently being picked are lucian and ezreal. The changes to {{item:3153}} combined with {{item:3071}} and fervor make lucian broken early game and he can get max black cleaver stacks on tanks really fast since his animations are faster now...
: If you go for sustained damage wouldn't it make sense to build tankier so you actually have the survivability to make it worth? I also think Thunderlord is still better or you an take colossus to absorb more damage when engaging.
This is an auto attack based build so fervor is always best. The problem is you always struggle against teams with cc or in 5vs5 teamfights so it's always best to split push. In teamfights I try to focus the closest target to get some stacks on rageblade + fervor and then I burst the next target.
: What to do with Diana??
I have more success with attack speed diana than full ap because it makes good use of her passive. Here is my build: {{item:3006}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3135}} Last item {{item:3116}} OR {{item:3146}} runes: mark 9 x attack speed seal 9 x scaling health glyph 9 x scaling ap OR 9x magic resist quints 3 x ability power masteries: 18/12/0 or 18/0/12 Piercing thoughts + Fervor of battle
Rioter Comments
CizzCool (EUW)
: Why am I hard stuck gold v?
Never buy guinsoo's or botrk on vayne if you are low elo, that build is only good on someone that mastered vayne and kiting. If you are behind it makes it even harder to come back because you are never able to auto attack a lot an enemy that is fed and your auto attacks will do no damage. Vayne already has tons of free ad from her ult so survivability is always what you want, pick warlord's instead of fervor. In my opinion you should start with bf >> berserker's >> pickaxe for easy last hitting since your farming is bad and infinity + statick + phantom should always be your core starting items. Last 2 items can be anything you want but I would recommend Bloodthirster + GA.
: Fizz is unfun to play to against
I always pick cleanse vs fizz, it has low cd and removes the slow. I know this is not the best option but it forces fizz to use her e to cover distance to get in q range instead of using it to deal damage and one shot you. If you are full hp you will always survive and get a kill if you are under tower. In high elo fizz will e flash to one shot you.
Yuuteru (EUW)
: What's happening to the game ?
1) The image you provided says nothing about average mmr of the teams which I'm sure was close, tiers don't mean anything. The matchmaking is fine, it's bad but it's what everyone asked for which is lower queue times. Back in s3 challenger streamers had to wait 40min + to find a game which sucked both for streamers and the viewers. 3) There is nothing riot can do about boosting or account buying / selling. We already have tier restrictions for premades which you can read about here: The only way to counter this would be to restrict access to your account to one IP address or one computer which would suck for everyone and most people don't have static IP. 4) The report system is good and it's much better than the tribunal system. It punishes most toxic players but not all of them, nothing is perfect. 5) A high elo player doesn't make a good game designer. Riot already has a team of high elo players testing the game that probably share ideas with the balancing team. The idea behind the current matchmaking system is not bad but as many have said it doesn't work for all elos. For example it is good for d1 + players because they don't have to wait 40min to find a game, because getting in game already takes too much time. But it doesn't work for low elos and 90% of the playerbase is gold or lower, which means they don't even need it because queue times would be low anyway.
Rioter Comments
ILiRixx9 (EUNE)
: On Mundo who uses health for abilities I'd say you would need {{item:3083}}
Warmog's is a bad item even on mundo. The passive is useless, it's like garen's passive and mundo already has very high regen from his passive. Spirit visage + runic armor mastery = 33% improved healing and regen which makes spirit visage the best choice for him and you should always buy it as a second item on mundo.
: I don't really see the point of building AP plus rylai's is useless, mundo's Q is the strongest slow (40%) and slows for 2 seconds, completely negating the passive of rylai's, You could build a warmogs instead, for the hp, hp regen, CDR and passive.
Rylai's and liandry's work really well with his w which is your main source of damage with this build. The ap damage scaling on his w is bad but it all adds up with cinderhulk, w damage and liandry's passive. If you don't get focused you will melt the enemy team, try it for yourself. It's not the best build for him but it's really fun, you have to use ghost to get in w range and slow the enemy with rylai's. If you land a cleaver you can kill a squishy target in 2 sec if nobody is supporting him.
Rioter Comments
: read again. i did not suggest to take anything away from him. after the proposed change he would still be able exactly what he does now. I just want an indicator visible TO HIS FOES that shows what has he already dashed through. Just basic information
My point is that giving an indicator would remove all form of counterplay since you will know how to position yourself based on this. Most platinum and lower yasuo players don't even keep track of the minions themselves, they just keep spamming e on minions.
: Quality of life change to make playing against Yasuo less frustrating
Horrible idea in my opinion since it's his only way of making plays. Imagine how useless yasuo would be if he couldn't dash through minions. He is already in a tough spot and you ask to remove any form of counterplay he can make in lane. You can keep track of the minions he dashed through...
pmmf PT (EUW)
: Items Variants
We need more items in LOL but it will require a lot of testing and this is possible only during pre season. Most items we have right now have been tested for many years. Since items costs depend on the stats they give and the unique passives or actives, adding more items doesn't sound bad at first. But giving access to every core item in a 'cost effective' way against your laner would create a ton of problems.
: Best times of the day to play?
I play this game for 5 years. From personal experience, the best time to play is after 2am. That ofc doesn't mean you will get a better team since a lot of people are drunk but the games are more chill. Queue times are very long too.
: LoL Client causes permanent computer freeze
The old lol client used to randomly freeze my computer aswell, it stopped when I switched to the new client. I tried everything posted online but nothing helped. I play a ton of games and never had this issue before. All my drivers were up to date and I checked my disk for errors, reinstalled lol, verified files, nothing helped. My only guess is that it was a client error that happened on laptops with two graphics cards but I'm not an expert. windows 7 sp1 Intel Core i5 4210m intel hd 4600 + gtx 870m 8gb ddr3
Arsene (EUNE)
: Champ select makes me want to tear my hair out
You are allowed to ban anything you want because the enemy team can first pick the most op meta champion. This would be a huge problem for high elo games. Let's say for example teemo is the most op champion ;) and your team wants to last pick it and you are not allowed to ban it, the enemy team will pick it and you will most likely lose the game...
Eyriga (EUW)
: Thank you for your fast reply I understand that setting goals is easy, but the problem is that if we only use reports, we will always have this problem, because you have to play a game with the kid, then ban him. And from the last few games I played, I have always reported at least one player, that is one of the biggest problem, I am only losing, and it is mainly from those trolls or just flaming players. I haven't thought about a solution, I wrote this while I was losing and I admit I was raging, but I did not flamed. When I play and I see someone flaming, I try to make him understand it is not worth, it will only lead to a lose, but they need to lose again, and again to understand it. I hope we can think about a solution together, and keep this TEAM game mind, because this is one reason why LoL is a good game.
There is no solution, anything that becomes too popular turns to shit because of people. The only way you can enjoy the games right now is by joining a group that play normals and don't flame, or mute everyone every game...
: Could We Please Buff Lissandra?
The problem with lissandra is the current meta. Her kit is horrible against the current meta with shields and heals. She can't do anything against champions like zyra, malzahar support or maokai, nautilus top. If she gets stunned she is dead late game. She can't build qss because then she will have no damage. She is forced to start with roa which makes her early game weak. The nerf at patch 6.18 was really bad for her because she lost 160hp at lvl 18. In my opinion we will never see lissandra again in competitive unless we see a change in the meta or riot buffs her.
: I have been requesting this for 3 years already. They dont care for some strange reason. I guess trolling in lobby is okay by rito standards.
Riot said on reddit reporting in champion select is planned but they didn't say when it's going to be implemented...
Leptyx (EUW)
: Some people can't see the declared picks. If you are OTP, you must write "Don't ban <champion>".
Everyone is browsing during champion select, we need a warning before banning a teammates champion. One time I banned aatrox because there was 1sec left and I didn't check my team champions. Turns out our jungler had selected it and was an aatrox otp lol. He trolled the game obviously.
: Vladimir
He is very hard to master. When he was reworked he was 100% pick or ban in competitive but had 40% win rate in solo queue. He is like azir, completely broken in the right hands. Everyone wants azir buffs but he started being picked again in competitive... If you watch some challenger vlad players you will see that they carry games 1vs5 because he is very hard to kill.
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