Hansiman (EUNE)
: But if the ISP is the cause of the problem, how is Riot to fix that? It's like complaining to a store because there's road work block you from getting there. Is that the stores fault?
I think you don't understand me at all , i said is Riot's problems , atleast riot can send us a message about this problem
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > And how come it seems only the balkans have issues? Because there's a regional issue caused by ISP's in that area that is interrupting the connection towards Frankfurt. This is out of Riot's control.
And you think i give a damn about ISP , is Riot's Problem to resolve this. They forgot about EUNE so bad.
lubo151 (EUNE)
: i have the same problem for 4 dayse now and i am soo mad because rito havent fix it this problem appeared only in the balkans
yeah i know.. i hate , they forgot about EUNE so badd
V3nomBull (EUNE)
: yea riot should fix it as soon as possible
It's eune dude , it's the last thing they care
V3nomBull (EUNE)
: same problem my profile,store,loot and more lags
And i can't even enter a match
: same problem fkin honor update
... i know.
: I got the same problem.
And still don't know what to do , i want actually do to my daily mission , but i can't , and i got an restriction because i can't enter the champion select.
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