: "my team were full of unranked players who fed the enemy really hard. i only lost once my lane. so it makes really hard to get better rank than last season bcz u cant win when ur team is feedin like crazy." Rank reset, not MMR, you should still get put with similar level players. For you saying you "won" your lane and your team fed, this is a mentality you cant have. It's a team game, if you're winning then roam and help. Granted everyone has bad games but this isn't Fortnite, you need to work as a team to win.
my mmr is silver 4 there were some ppl who were silver but mostly ppl who didnt play last season. And 4 of the games where i lost my teammates were going in alone and trying to 1v4 all the time and they didnt want to play as a team even when i tried to shotcall as much i can. and in those 4 games enemy team were fed rly early in game so i cant rly do much in early game to help my teammates lane when i need to focus on winning my lane first.
: If you want to be matched more fairy in rank you wait like 3-4 weeks or more after season start so some players rise some players drop and you are matched with players your skill.
Yeah maybe should have done that but then again there werent any ppl who were higher rank than me on last season. They were mostly ppl who didnt play last season.
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