: If you've had chat restrictions previously, as you've indicated, and continue to break the rules, a 14-day ban is the next step. It progresses like this, as if you are still disregarding the rules after chat restrictions, another isn't likely to curb your behaviour, so it needs to be stepped up. I would recommend removing the R word you used from your vocabulary, as it is a slur that most of society deem unacceptable these days, and doesn't have a place in League.
I will be more careful and If I tilt I will just mute everyone
: Yeah, it's chat restriction then 14d then perma. It always keep stacking so what's in the past is not forgotten.
Yes thank you for the info I will be careful when am playing next
: You **DO** get banned for that. Don't just think that calling others idiot is just a chat restriction so you can keep doing it without a problem. What you need to know is that everything you do on your account is registered and keep stacking. So after doing that a certain amount of times, it's gonna turn into a ban. Using idiot the first time is very different than the 50th time. And now since you reached the 14d ban, next time is permaban (and that can't be canceled or revoked), so watch out if you don't want to lose your account with everything in it.
Oh thanks good to know. It's not that am mad about the ban its just that am wondering either ways thanks for letting me know And it is the first time I got a ban on this account aside from a single chat restriction
: I wonder if permaban caused stress or relief to him.
It wasn't perma and it was my first time getting banned on this account
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