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Eambo (EUW)
: The loss of a great community member
Is it wierd if I cried for a person I didn't know :(
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hey The Hextech Chest does reset every year. When a new season starts, you can earn chests again on all champions.
That is nice, Didn't know that Thanks =)
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: Did the enemy team destroy the turret while you were disconnected? It used to be a visual bug for people who were disconnected while a turret was destroyed. While for everyone else the turret was shown broken down, for the guy disconnected while it was being destroyed it would still show "alive".
When it happend, I disconnected with the hope of fixing it xD
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Aedre (EUW)
: Luck matters alot in ranked. You had a bad luck and you lost. Hope you have better luck next time : )
huckasex (EUW)
: you lost LP cause you lost the game hope i could clear up your confusion
I wasn't confused in the first place, but 2v5 thats just unfair
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: well if you have 3 toplaners its no wonder 1 of them starts trolling
: People! Lets talk about the real issue here!! Its not trolls or bad matchmaking ... its ... windows xp!
Windows Xp does more than windows 7 for me =D
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Coxis (EUNE)
: Well then, you should send a ticket to [support]( They should be able to help you. I advise you to fill in as many fields as you can in the form. Even if you can't remember all, it's better to say something than just leave it empty. :)
Thank you for the help =)
Coxis (EUNE)
: You actually got a PBE account and you never played on it since 2 years? That's blasphemy!
Yes I haven't played on since then because my PC was on windows XP and League didn't work anymore for my PC, thats why I stopped, now im not Windows 7 and it works, but can't recover my Username or Password.
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